Limited Jewel Summon Review – Nautilus[TypeS], Athena, Chaos

Limited Jewel Summon Review – Nautilus[TypeS], Athena, Chaos


Nautilus [TypeS]

5 ★ Assist Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 12,800 / 15,274

Max/MLB HP: 8,600 / 10,262

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Skill DMG

Twenty-Thousand Miles (lvl 75): Increases all allies Crit DMG by 18% [only one effect in team (excluding helper daemon)]


This is a very, very nice assist daemon. All assist so far have only affected the daemon they are attached to with the exception of Ninetails who gives a time benefit to the team – and Ninetails is the best one released so far in my opinion. If you want to think of it as “well I only care about critical damage from my 2 damage dealers” then this is Saigyo but split across 2 daemon, while also giving a buff to other team members on top.

Really I would look at this as just being free damage which is always ridiculous. Nautilus works in the same fashion as Ninetails in that you can attach it to a reserve daemon and still get the ability – and these two are the only assist daemon so far who can do this…and there’s only 2 reserve slots. Nautilus is just doubling the power of one of your reserve slots almost, so more and more damage for everyone!

With the ability unlocking at 75 as well this is even nicer. One copy for 200 Mochi and another either from a summon or an orb use. I know orbs are super precious but for just one to unlock this damage boost this seems a pretty good and efficient deal.

Emilio’s Rating: 9.2 / 10 (Super good)



5 ★ Healer Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 9,000 / 10,739

Max/MLB HP: 10,000 / 11,933


Goddess Blessing (MAX): Heals 6,002 / 7,159 to the ally with the lowest percentage of HP. Target receives 60 / 72% less DMG for a limited time.

12  Gods of the Olympian (lvl 60): Increases ATK speed by 50%

Talented Goddess (lvl 85): Increases all allies DMG by 10%


Let’s just dive straight into a comparison table for this one:


Athena Siren Cinderella Edo Castle

Odawara Casella

Auto Heal


1,389 1,105 1,243


Skill Heal


3,138 3,625 1,034


Skill Shield %


54% 47% 72%


Nr of Targets


All 3 All




11,336 14,149 10,143


Team Abilities / Other

10% Ally DMG

15% Phantom DMG / Wave 55% Skill DMG 2 Highest ATK (Final wave) 5% Melee DMG Red’n & 10% Range Skill DMG

8% Melee DMG Red’n & Highest ATK Enemy 15% less DMG

So if we look at all these healers one by one what do we see. Siren and Cinderella provide the best damage boosts to the team whilst still providing a very solid heal to 3 or all targets with a solid damage reduction as well. Around 3-3.5k will heal approximately 30-35% of a units health, and pretty much all of it if it lands a critical heal (with some critical damage), whilst the ~50% damage reduction afterwards allows auto heals to make up the rest while these units take significantly less damage.

Edo Castle is the most defensive option of the lot and is the only one to protect against a large damage all target attack (although there has not been a reason to need this as of yet). The heal is a lot smaller but the damage reduction is the highest of this set and applies to everyone so is best for mitigating large hits that you know are coming.

Odawara has good defensive passives and will reduces a bosses damage but her skill is more focused to keeping one tank alive. One skill use is likely to be a full heal and provides a big damage reduction – but this only applies to the one target unlike the others. I view her as the weakest of the set here.

Athena….well, her positives are thanks to her attack speed and damage boost to herself she has the best auto heals by quite a distance. This means units are likely to stay healthier throughout a fight.

Side Note/Rant: This (and all the other stats now) does take into account that attack speed is actually half the value that is stated. I thank the person who contacted to point this out (and I do apologise for not testing it myself fully) but to other people I cannot understand why – if you read these and spot something you know is wrong – would you not aid the community (which is all I’m trying to do by writing these) by pointing it out so it’s corrected but instead moan in chats that I cannot see **sigh**. As a further side note to this – RIP Charles D’artagnan.

Her skill heal is super high, in fact almost too high. This is going to full heal anyone practically all of the time and then provides a very high damage reduction on top. In a similar fashion to Odawara however – when is this actually useful? Or more importantly I assume, when is this more useful than the 3 or more target options who can heal such a significant proportion of multiple units health instead of 1 and have a good enough damage reduction and also provide significantly better damage passives.

The two places I can see this are firstly in competitive PvP where values are halved anyway. In this instance her skill is more likely to be a saving grace for a unit although I don’t know how this would fare versus the damage onslaughts currently available. I don’t believe defensive type defences (odd to say I know) have worked for a while and it’s more a case of who can kill who first.

The second would be a survival scenario (another side note – this might actually be coming soon, get ready!) but one where the enemies damage is focused to one tank. You could have all HP and Damage reduction (Ptolemy?) on said tank and Athena might be best at keeping him alive.

I’m still not convinced by this daemon however and I don’t think there’s a need for such a high single target heal in PvE anywhere. It’s okay overall but I can’t really bring myself to suggest spending 200 Mochi for it.

Emilio’s Rating: 7.7 / 10 (Above Average 5*)


4 ★ Assist Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 7,500 / 9,195

Max/MLB HP: 7,000 / 8,582

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases HP

Point of Origin (lvl 67): Increases Skill DMG by 20%


Chaos is an okay assist daemon but nothing to write home about. 20% skill damage is almost equivalent to 3 normal 5* ranged bonds, but I still think there have been 3 better damage based alternatives already in Saigyo, Gungnir and Tee-Rex (yes, I would rather have the crit rate along with a skill damage base effect). If you are crit counting (which basically happens constantly now – if Amanojaku/other nuker does not crit enough you restart the game) then having a critical damage assist of a high value provides more damage than skill damage of a lower percentage (I should really say “generally” does because this assumes you have some even level of critical damage and skill damage buffs already which most teams will do. If on the other hand you have no skill damage buffs e.g no Amor, no Cinderella etc. and have some critical damage sources, then Chaos will give you a much bigger damage boost. Similarly if you are absolutely stacked with skill damage boosts but have no critical damage sources then Saigyo/Gungnir will give a much bigger boost).

On top of this I don’t particularly like having HP as a base bond instead of further damage – however this does give Chaos the ability to push someone above a HP threshold requirement to survive an attack (say a world boss nuke) whilst not sacrificing too much damage. Still overall just a middle ground assist. Certainly better than Paganini and Emperor Shi but as a LJS would require two 4* to unlock (without some ridiculous summon luck) which I don’t think is really worth the price.

Emilio’s Rating: 6.7 / 10

18 thoughts on “Limited Jewel Summon Review – Nautilus[TypeS], Athena, Chaos”

    • You saw nothing. It was only an illusion. Just your imagination…I definitely didn’t misread or anything like that…

  • I only said :
    Amanojaku lv90 bonded with other cards with same type and Category for example : Medusa and Ifrit .
    Then Add. Chaos
    You get 35% plus of Skill and if you put in reserve : Siren or Cinderella
    Amanojaku give 50% Skill with Siren and 90% Skill with Cinderella.

    So in my opinion Skill DMG is more safe Kill that’s problematic Boss than Crit. However I respect your opinion.

    • Boosting Skill DMG gets a better outcome when you fail to crit.
      Noting that the base crit multiplier is 2x, addition to crit damage provides a greater boost to damage output especially once you make use of a crit RATE booster like Grail or Yoritomo, and your daemons crit at a higher rate.

  • I think Chaos can be quite effective on active healer cards. If you have a healer in your team, that can be 20% increased group healing instead of 5% – 7.5%. That’s a sizable boost there.

    • I agree with this. I’ve been rushed recently so I perhaps I haven’t considered things in full as I should and hence didn’t consider this. This is probably his intended use, but I would still slightly prefer to have Tee-Rex on a healer then to give basically double the critical auto heals and chance for a crit heal on the skill which is likely to full heal X targets, so overall I say the review is still correct.

    • Fox over Nautilus if you are thinking of orbing. Time > Crit Damage boost because with more time you can do more damage regular and crit. Just my humble opinion.

      • I have lb3 fox already on my helper but I’m wondering if Nautilus might be better because the meta focuses on burst damage.

    • I agree with Soviet. To add my 2 cents, you might have a significant amount of critical damage boost already. Sola + Saigyo + own Nautilus = 98% for Amanojaku or Yoshitsune. Grail, Morin, or others being around and it goes significantly higher. There are diminishing returns when you stack so high.

      Odds are you’re only going to have 0-20% extra time.

    • Personally I like fox so much I bond her to 3 of 5 daemons on my world boss active team. But of course that’s a personal preference .

  • I have many daemons to orb and ~200 mochis, would I truly regret not buying Nautilus? And what is the problem with speed exactly? Any specifications?
    Tyvm for all your work it helps a lot.

    • It really depends on which daemons you have. Nautilus is definitely the type of daemon you use to squeeze an extra 5% from World Boss or Conquest. If you’re totally lacking some key team member such as crit buffer, damage buffer, debuffer, or AoE, or if you don’t have 2 strong reserves such as Cinderella, Amor, Restless Ghost, I personally don’t think Nautilus would be a high priority for me.

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