2nd Anniversary 2nd Event First Half Ranks

2nd Anniversary 2nd Event First Half Ranks

I don’t typically bother to comment on where or how ranks close during events, but this most recent event is exceptional, to match the equally exceptional ranking reward, Sola.

So what I have done is a simple run through of the final first half rank scores, and converted the score to an SE expenditure. I assume: no helpers present, and 240 SE : 20736 points (4.10 ratio). The total item expenditure would vary on each individual player’s level (hence the size of SE bar) and team (use of XP farming daemons allow for faster level ups), so will not be considered.


First Half Ranks and Score


Rank Score SE Expenditure (no event point helper) Number of runs on 4.10 (rounded down)
1 25,565,831 295,900 1232
100 (for fame) 4,539,622 52,542 218
400 (2 copies) 4,429,708 51,270 213
1000 (1 copy) 1,524,974 17,650 73
2500 (1 copy) 1,370,138 15,858 66


Points to note from this outcome:


  1. Ranks are a form of auction. The players willing to spend more SE will ‘win’ the daemon on auction. The quality of the ranking daemon, whether you consider the event, or the in-game utility and power, or the art all contribute towards the value players place on the daemon.
  2. The score between the final cut off for the rank where additional copies of Sola are available are very close. A mere 5-6 runs on 4.10 separate the top 100 from top 400. 7-8 runs separate the top 1000 from the top 2500.
  3. Because the rank scores inflated so quickly in the first few days, players generally had a large sunk cost invested in this rank. Very few are likely to drop out half way.
  4. The 2500 FH cut off is comparable to a top 400 FH/SH or top 300 TR cut off on typical towers. 
  5. There is a physical limit to the speed at which one can acquire points: Approximately 2 minutes a run on 4.10; maximum 30 runs in an hour; maximum 622,800 points gained within an hour.This would be more if point helper is widely available.
  6. The ranking cut off for the top 400 cut off rose around 400k within the last hour. The 2500 cut off rose around 200k within the last hour. 


How second half and total ranks turn out next Friday, I hesitate to predict. On one hand a huge amount of items were spent by most of the typically competitive players on the first half – there would be a portion who have very few items left. On the other hand, the event helpers will finally be available for trading, and if the points helper is acquired, each item would be worth that much more points.


Based on previous cut off patterns

  1. The final figure for the TR 5k typically end up equal or greater than the FH 2.5k
  2. The FH and SH 2.5K rank figures are usually similar, the SH is typically higher.
  3. The FH and SH 400 rank figures are usually similar, the SH is typically higher.
  4. TR 1K approximates to either:
    1. 1k (either half) x2 OR
    2. 2.5K (either half) + 400 (the other half) total score.
  5. TR 300 approximates to 1.5-2.5x a FH 400 score.


Is Sola worth orbing? Based on the amount of SE it costs to get a copy of her vs the cost to acquire a limit break orb, definitely yes. But as mentioned before, that first copy… priceless.


Artwork Credit: Lady Ashla

18 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary 2nd Event First Half Ranks”

  • Just have to say, I love smirking smug Sola art, that is great. I missed this when it was first posted. Excellent write up as always! I luckily managed to squeak in one overall copy at the buzzer.

  • I started playing otogi a year ago and had saved up a decent amount of stamina potions (200 P-UP, 50 ST and 40 SD) I was around lvl50 and started grinding 3-10 during the second half of the event as it started. I was also lucky enough to summon Okita Soji who I think boosted my event points…good times


    Using your brain i.e planning how to rank is a skill, that even you clearly dont have that.

    Go back and play candy crush kiddo.

      • Otogi is not for kid like you who lazy to use brain. I dont skip half year of event. Thats stupid of you. All you need is a careful planning in handling your stocked potions. I always aim for MLB copy of ranking daemon.

        If I ranked in a tower events, I will skip/casually play next two event, and then restart the same pattern.

        Anyway i’m a f2p, I got both MLB Hibiki and MLB Sola. Stay pressed or finish your school and try not to flunked out.

  • From a game play point of view, assist daemon is a good improvement (my opinion) because it allows for more varied team building. However because the daemon will never be used in active game play there isn’t a Chibi model. I don’t think they put in assists as a mechanic simply to save on a few Chibis.

    As for the voice acting… it’s a shame. Especially for anniversary event.

    • Yes I agree that assist daemons are a nice addition and they’re useful for seasoned players when they come as helpers in events. For the voices maybe they will fix it but since they never fixed the ones missing from the story it would not be that surprising if they dont. I still love the game and your blog is very helpful and its always a pleasure to read your reviews.

  • I feel like part of the inflated ranks is due to the fact that sola is almost useless unless you own her card. Using a friends card does not give any benefit other than giving you a healer that buffs your attacks.

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