2nd Anniversary – Second Event & LJS

2nd Anniversary – Second Event & LJS

Event Daemons


Pipe Fox [Training]

3 ★ Ranged Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 6,000 / 7,634

Max/MLB HP: 4,500 / 5,725


Tombstone Pile Driver (MAX): Deals 1,628 / 2,070 DMG to the enemy with the most HP. Target takes 30 / 38% more DMG for a limited time.

Espionage Ability (lvl 40): Increases Skill DMG by 30%


Pipe Fox has begun his training but sadly remains a lowly 3 star. His training however is paying off somewhat as he is a really good 3 star! Whilst his skill damage is not the highest amongst his class there is only one other 3* daemon who provides increased damage taken with their skill and that is Brutus, and his damage output is about 35% lower (and his debuff is only 27 / 35%). Pipe should be ideal for PvP farming so if you are not in a group keep him if you want to be (this is subject to testing and his str value of course).


Emilio’s Rating: 4.4 / 10 (Above average 3*)


Qtphi21: Lovely 3 star, and fantastic art.


Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

4 ★ Healer Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 7,400 / 9,072

Max/MLB HP: 6,100 / 7,478


Execution Adjudgement (MAX): Deals 2,393 / 2,935 DMG to 2 random enemies, with a high chance of inflicting weak poison

Honorable Determination (lvl 43): Immune to Poison


An odd daemon overall. A healer with stats skewed like a ranged daemon and an offensive skill. This type of daemon isn’t one I particularly like. Healers shouldn’t really be doing the damage but boosting the real attackers whilst keeping them alive at the same time. The damage on her skill isn’t bad, but it’s also an odd two target ability, which never really sees any use. Her passive is also a niche which doesn’t give her a noticeable addition to her overall package


Emilio’s Rating: 4.5 / 10 (Below average 4*)


Qtphi21: Purge!


Lady Yodo

Lady Yodo

4 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7,500 / 9,195

Max/MLB HP: 6,300 / 7,723


Word of Power “Anger” (MAX): Deals 4,509 / 5,531 DMG to an enemy (Healer Priority), with a high chance of inflicting silence

Mistress of the Conqueror (lvl 66): Increases EXP gained from battle by 15%


This is more like it. Lady Yodo might look simple but this is a nice daemon for everyone’s collection. Her attack and HP stats aren’t spectacular for her class, in fact her attack is rather on the low side, however her skill damage and her passive are what makes her great. Her effective skill damage of 7,792 is pretty high for a 4*, and comes with an very high silence chance at MLB. Her EXP passive is also the second highest value behind Orpheus at 20%. This means she can slot in nicely to your tower team providing a high EXP boost and if in the main team a way to prevent high damage boss skills without sacrificing damage – which now with the new update may allow you to stay above 70% HP easier (I’m already using her by the way and it works perfectly fine!)


Qtphi21: She is a ‘healer’ priority though, so may not target the boss unless you clear the surrounding brutes first. Otherwise a great EXP farming daemon. Equivalent EXP boost to Dead Sea Scrolls (who also has a 20% Soulstone boost).



Taisho Daigongen

Tosho Daigongen

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 11,800 / 14,080

Max/MLB HP: 8,500 / 10,143


Final Judgement (MAX): Deals 1,466 / 1,748 DMG to all enemies. Targets deal 15 / 18% less DMG for a limited time

Divine Vessel (lvl 75): Increases Divina allies skill damage by 15%

Peaceful Reign (lvl 86): Skill attacks increase targets damage taken by 10%


The final chapter reward sadly, just like part 1 of this event, is pretty disappointing. Tosho is nothing special and can sort of  be considered as a weaker version of Huanglong the Guild Conquest reward. Let’s compare the two together:


Tosho Daigongen Huanglong
Attack Damage 1,725 2,118
Skill Damage 2,944 3,163
Skill Effects Reduces DMG Dealt 18%

Increases DMG Received 10%

Reduces DMG Dealt 19%
Team Boost Divina 15% Skill DMG Divina 15% DMG (Leader)


So as you can see Huanglong wins out in almost all categories. Better autos, better skill damage, a better team ability (although no card will ever be a leader again thanks to the next review) and 1 extra percent on the debuff. The only thing Tosho has above Huanglong is the additional damage taken debuff on his skill – but this is only 10% and you really want your AoE daemon to just wipe the wave with its skill use anyway and not have to auto attack afterwards – and Tosho’s skill damage is just too low to manage that consistently.


Emilio’s Rating: 7.3 / 10 (Average 5*)


Qtphi21: Meh…



Sola [Sun Idol]

5 ★ Healer Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 9,000 / 10,739

Max/MLB HP: 9,500 / 11,336


Divine Form (MAX): Heal all allies for 525 / 626. Targets deal 45 / 54% more DMG for a limited time.

Way of the Occult (lvl 66): Increases all allies Crit DMG by 40% when this daemon is Team Leader

Fairy-Tale Book (lvl 85): Increases all allies level by 15 when this daemon is Team Leader


Wow. Just wow. This daemon is, without a doubt, bat s*** crazy. I love this daemon – the idol of the entire game takes her place as Queen. It was said when Cherry Blossom was in the auction house that people had a feeling she was about to be outclassed and this is it. Cherry was the game’s best healer for well over a year. Only recently has she been pushed out by more passive buffers such as Morin, Siren and Cinderella, as the meta became maximum focus on two damage dealers and an all team buff became out of favour. Sola however may just reverse that. Let’s take a look and see just how good she is:


Sola [Sun Idol] Cherry Blossom Front
Auto Heals 1,691 (with Passive 2) 1,316
Skill Heal 1,011 0
Skill Buff 54% (61% – see below) 52%
EHP 12,704 (with Passive 2) 10,023
Passive 1 40% Crit DMG All (Leader) 20% Crit DMG Phantom
Passive 2 15 Levels All (Leader) None


Sola is literally Cherry evolved, Cherry 2.0, Cherry fully ascended, whatever you want to call it. She wins at everything. Better auto healing, a better damage buff to all, some extra skill heal added on, tankier, and a passive package that is probably ~5x stronger than Cherry’s. It’s incredible.

Sola somehow manages to provide team variety and take away team variety at the same time. Both her passives have no team composition restriction and so allow for any daemon to be buffed unlike Cherry’s Phantom only passive. At the same time however both her passives require the leader slot, and since both are incredibly powerful – she is definitely going to be the leader. This means other cards whose main strength is a leader passive are now more redundant (George Washington, Titania New Year etc).

Speaking of the passives let’s look at them closer to see just why she is so strong. Her first passive is 40% Crit DMG to ALL ALLIES. Previous best critical damage passives have only been 20% when affecting the entire team, or 30% but only affecting 2 targets but Sola simply smashes these out of the water by having a much higher percentage and applying it to everyone. Critical damage is probably the hardest and most desirable thing to stack. It is what makes Grail such a good daemon (being able to stack 120% critical damage on one main damage dealer), and why double Morin is also a fantastic start to a team. It should be clear that this first passive is already incredible and provides a fantastic damage boost for the entire team, however I’m willing to go as far as to say that the second passive is even better and here’s why:

15 Levels might sound innocuous but this is a rarely seen effect (only a few pairing daemon have it currently: Okita [Restoration] x Kondo [Restoration] and Shuten Doji [Groom] x Dojigiri Yatsusuna [Bride]) and when you are applying it to the whole team for free it’s very powerful. Adding levels means adding to a daemons base stats. Effectively 15 levels on an already MLB daemon is increasing it’s base auto attack damage, skill damage, and HP by approximately 12% (for an LB0 daemon it is approximately 14.5%). This is already fantastic right? 12% damage and health for free? Sure I’ll take it! But why do I keep saying base? The reason is because the level boost ends up buffing other daemon’s buffs as well and it does so in 2 ways.

By increasing a daemon’s base stats this means that any buff being applied to it is being applied on a bigger number – which means even more damage! For example if I take Hibiki from the last event, his skill attack is 6,061 at MLB. If I applied Gjallerhorn’s MLB buff to this it is now 11,455 – a 5,394 damage increase. However with Sola as leader Hibiki is now essentially level 105 and his base skill damage has risen to 6,796. Gjallerhorn’s 89% buff now adds 6,048 damage – an additional 654 damage.

Even further to this is the second way the passive adds. If you increase a daemon’s level you also increase the percentages on it’s active skills (Note: passives are always fixed values and are unaffected). So sticking with the Hibiki example, Gjallerhorn’s buff will no longer be 89% since that is his buff at level 90. At level 105 his buff is now 100% so he will actually add 6,796 damage! So as you can see Sola’s presence has overall affected Gjallerhorn’s skill use by adding an additional 26% damage! The level buff is also the reason why in the table above Sola’s buff percentage is actually 61% damage to all allies – because she should buff herself by 15 levels as well – and by now it should be clear just how immense this passive is.

For the event itself I think the way Sola’s abilities are set out is probably the best outcome. For an anniversary event with the games mascot as a ranking reward – ranking is guaranteed to be bloody (and of course even more so with a ridiculously powerful daemon up for grabs). With her Crit DMG passive unlocking with only 1 copy this allows non big spenders to attempt to obtain essentially what is still equivalent to MLB cherry by just obtaining rank 5000 in total or 2,500 in either half.

Overall I’m glad Anima finally got their all allies buffer – even if it took 2 years, I’m glad it’s not a phantom only card (and that there’s another ridiculous non Phantom card coming up below…), and I’m glad Sola has arrived to rule them all!


Emilio’s Rating: 10 /10 – The best daemon there is (demoting Amanojaku to 9.8 / 10 and all other daemon by 0.1)


Qtphi21: Get ready for Irrational Rankings (or maybe reflect on Irrational Rankings after they’ve occurred by the time this piece is released). But when something so meta defining is released, one really cannot compare the cost of an orb to copy/copies of Sola. She might just be worth any price.



Limited Jewel Summons

Nereid: Karatia

Nereid: Karatia

3 ★ Assist Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 5,900 / 6,476

Max/MLB HP: 4,500 / 5,725


Base Bond: 3% ATK DMG

Assist Bond: 5% DMG (lvl 50)


There isn’t really much to say about this one. The first 3* assist and it’s ability follows suit by being weaker than all previous assist daemon. For new players pulling this from your daily summon is great as your first assist daemon, but for others this has no use.


Emilio’s Rating: 3.5 / 10


Qtphi21: I can’t even say she’s a ‘standard 3 star’ because there are no 3 star assist daemons before her.




4 ★ Assist Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7,500 / 9,195

Max/MLB HP: 7,000 / 8,582


Base Bond: 4% Skill DMG

Assist Bond: 30% Crit DMG (lvl 58)


Quite simply an Anima version of Saigyo but with 5% less critical damage. This makes it a very strong assist card, but if you already have Saigyo I would say he is still preferable even on non Anima cards – 5% critical damage is likely to be preferable to getting the additional 2% skill damage from a same type bonus provided by Gungnir.


Emilio’s Rating: 7.5 / 10


Qtphi21: Good assist daemon, despite the lower critical damage – especially because Saigyo’s ability was locked at LB3. For Gungnir her boost is available from the first copy so you don’t need multiple copies or 4 star orbs to unlock it. I drew 1 copy of Saigyo and swapped another, and added 2 4 star orbs, and then sealed him. But because of the limitation of sealing I have only 2 copies of Saigyo that I can use as bond. So Gungnir gives my team construction a bit more flexibility, and I don’t have to keep fiddling with my daemon bonds so much.


Emperor Shi

Emperor Shi

4 ★ Assist Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7,500 / 9,195

Max/MLB HP: 7,000 / 8,582


Base Bond: 4% HP

Assist Bond: 12% Crit Rate (lvl 69)


Not a particularly strong assist in my opinion. Niccolo Paganini provided the same base buff of HP, but had 10% crit rate so naturally Emperor Shi is better than him but only marginally – and Paganini wasn’t particularly strong anyway. The much better option for crit rate is Tee – Rex with a skill damage base buff instead of HP and a much better crit buff at 20%, and she was fairly readily available through guild conquest. I still prefer most of the other assist daemon with different abilities that have been released so far, although I must say having Tee-Rex on my AoE for tower is proving very nice indeed.


Emilio’s Rating: 5.8 / 10


Qtphi21: Paganini’s ability was locked at lb1, Emperor Shi’s at lb2. So naturally his is slightly superior. But then T-Rex simply eats them both up.


9tails Fox

Ninetails Fox

5 ★ Assist Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 12,800 / 15,274

Max/MLB HP: 8,300 / 9,904


Base Bond: 5% Skill DMG

Assist Bond: 50% Attack Speed (lvl 70)

Assist Bond 2: 10% Battle Time (lvl 85)


Well then this is a nice assist isn’t it. It is a bit of a slap in the face to Ono-no-Komachi who was released a few events back, also through LJS with 20% speed and a minor secondary assist (5% stun chance on auto), but hey we all know that destroying a recently released LJS daemon with a much better LJS version is basically to be expected. Thankfully the 50% IAS comes at level 70 so this can already be obtained with 200 mochi via exchange.

50% increased speed is very, very useful. In most cases this assist is going to be on your healer, providing your team with 50% more heals, and making world bosses much easier to survive as well as possibly allowing people who are struggling and having to use two healers be able to live with just one. It can also possibly be used to start the auto attack meta by putting a copy on each damage dealer (finallyyyyyyy although I think I’m going to have to win a 50/50 summon to get 3 copies to try :D).

On top of this is the 10% time assist. Note that as per the in game news (incase you didn’t read it) this only applies once – having multiple Ninetails bonds in your team will not give you 20/30/40/50% time. It does however work if you have one on your own team and one linked to the helper daemon you choose, giving you 20% time in total. Even so just having this makes this an incredible assist bond. Time is incredibly coveted in conquest especially where getting extra skills off can mean an extra 10% damage or more. Old Clock Chronos used to be the staple in every team as a reserve for his 10% time passive – but eventually as more and more powerful reserve options came about he fell off as burst damage became maximised. Now however you can simply get it for free without wasting a team or reserve slot, and even get it twice!


Emilio’s Rating: 9 / 10 (the best assist card so far)

Qtphi21: It’s been a very long time since the last time booster – Gyobu Tanuki – was released. Finally we have a time booster who would not take up a precious reserve slot, and when bonded to your healer boosts your survival as well. Personally, I like this 5 star better than the next one, even if he is extremely good – simply because 9 tails does something markedly different from almost everything else.


Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Minamoto no Yoshitsune

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 13,600 / 16,228

Max/MLB HP: 8,300 / 9,665


Sword Dance of the Divine (MAX): Deals 6,002 / 7,159 DMG to the enemy with the Highest HP. Target takes 45 / 54% more DMG for a limited time

God of Destruction (lvl 75): Increases DMG dealt of the 2 allies with the Highest ATK by 20%

Favor of the Judge (lvl 85): Increases Critical DMG of the 2 allies with the Highest ATK by 20%


Oh boy. What on earth is this? Is this…is this a Divina version of Amanojaku? A rival to the daemon which has plagued us for 6 months by being the sole target for everything? Let’s see just how the two compare and find out if the ultimate damage dealer is about to be dethroned!


Minamoto no Yoshitsune
(Passives targeting self)
Amanojaku [Valentine]

Normal / Final wave

Attack Damage 2,561 1,783 / 2,497
Skill Damage 13,839 9,449 / 13,229
Skill Effects Increases DMG Received 54% Increases DMG Received 72%
Team Boost 20% DMG 2 Highest ATK

20% Crit DMG 2 Highest ATK

Others None Reduces DMG taken 20%
EHP 8,991 11,864


Well this is certainly interesting with lots of ups and downs but let’s break it down like this:


  • Minamoto has a better and more consistent damage output

Assuming his passives will target himself (with 13,600 base attack it’s currently impossible not to without using melee bonds) his auto attack damage and skill damage are better than Amanojaku’s, even on the final wave, by 2-4%. This is marginal but every little bit of damage counts, and in wave clearing in conquest for example not having his damage boost limited to final wave gives him a bigger advantage throughout (although most of the damage here is done through an AoE wave clearer).


  • Amanojaku has a much better debuff

54% increased damage taken isn’t exactly shabby but it is 18% less than Amanojaku and that is quite substantial. If you use each of their skills twice this is now 36% lower of a damage taken debuff, and 3 times is 54% lower – equivalent to an additional skill use for Minamoto. Still given Minamoto’s large damage output already having a 54% debuff on top is immense, and in any case the difference is counteracted by the next point


  • Minamoto has a very strong team ability while Amanojaku has nothing

20% Damage and Crit Damage to the two damage dealers in the team. Let that sink in. This is a significant buff, affecting both auto attacks and skill damage, is non wave dependent and has the magical critical damage buff which I said earlier is fantastic to stack on. Now of course just above I assumed Minamoto himself is one of the targets and this is why his damage is better than Amanojaku’s, but even assuming this you will still be applying his passive buff to assumedly a single target nuker as well. The vast majority of your damage will be through the two units being buffed and so this counteracts the fact that you lose 18% debuff per skill use by giving you approximately 29% more damage on your other damage dealer.


  • Amanojaku is significantly tankier

Thanks to her passive providing her with 20% damage reduction Amanojaku is much more survivable. You might say “well, but we are looking at damage dealers right? So who cares?” but for world boss this could be crucial. Coming in at a fraction under 9k EHP means Minamoto can be 1 shot by a boss nuke which could end up frustrating. There are ways around it although not many are preferred, e.g: using a defensive assist daemon, using a defensive shield active skill, or having Sola Lead for the extra HP (yes please!).


So overall is Minamoto the one to finally break Amanojaku’s hold on the game? I think Sola has a better chance of doing this by bring a more rounded team back into meta, although Minamoto is a fantastic daemon in his own right. He is certainly just as strong as Amanojaku, and in fact I will put him as marginally above her, but he does have one other downside that Amanojaku did not – cost. Being LJS means only one trade is available, and with Ninetails in the guaranteed summon as well getting Minamoto to MLB may well prove to be rather difficult unless you have multiple orbs at the ready.


Emilio’s rating: 9.9 / 10 (God Tier)


Qtphi21: While Yoshitsune has a higher damage output and more aggressive team wide passives, with the new game client update increasing the damage taken by ranged daemons, Amanojaku’s damage reduction ability could become particularly critical. While no longer as tanky as she used to be before the update, she’s still much tankier than most other ranged, Yoshitsune among them. I think Yoshitsune would have a really tough time surviving really heavy focused fire without a shield (Cindy / Siren) or hp recovery skill (Grail / Shosoin / Chochin) to help him out. Do also consider the possibility of Amanojaku + Yoshitsune on the same team. That would be immensely broken.

51 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary – Second Event & LJS”

  • I have MLB Amanojaku . I have 1000 mochi. Should I spend the mochi on Yoshitsune? Do you see the meta shifting to using both nukers on the same team?

    • If you have resources to spare, then it’s your choice to go for it for future proofing. Personally I think the current situation where buffing a single daemon (so far Amanojaku) is wasting the second unit buff from Cindy, Horn, Amor etc. But the movement to a double damage dealer meta requires the movement away from use of Grail – the stacking of significant crit damage and rate on skill is just too strong. If Mitama releases a 5 star version of a crit rate + damage booster for 2 targets, you might see the meta shift. Basically a 5 star version of Naphula with crit damage on skill on top of crit rate.

  • doesn’t damage taken caps at %72 or something like that ? i attack with my hibiki after increase damage taken with yoshitsune then i do that after attacking twice with yoshitsune and damage difference is so insignificant. definitely not %50 more

  • Hopefully anyone can confirm whether 2nd ability in Sola can unlock other daemon’s ability by increasing levels, for example with Yoshi lb0 with Sola he will be lv 85, and consequently has his abilities unlocked. If yes, this would be godly

    • It does not. I repeat:

      I can conclusively answer that Sola’s +15 levels do NOT unlock her team mates’s level locked abilities.

      I tested 85 Sola with 80 Ono no Takamura on the team. Takamura has an ability locked at level 84 – a final wave damage boost. When the stage was run, Takamura’s skill damage was constant on all the stages. The final wave damage boost was NOT activated despite Sola’s presence as leader.

  • crit dmg Is acumulative or limit Is 100%? For example if i have on deamon whith specisl bond 35% crit dmg AND Morín reserve in the8 wave crit dmg Will be 115% or 100% like limit?


    • Crit damage is cumulative. As far as I know we have not found a limit to crit damage yet. If there is, it is very high. 2x activation of Holy Grail stacks a 120% crit damage boost, and if there are other crit damage boosters like Saigyo (bonded), Sola, Katsushika Houkusai, Restless Ghost [X’mas 2] or Philosopher’s stone on the team the damage numbers increase further.

      The law of diminishing returns still applies, subsequent crit damage boosting create a diminishing boost to the outcome. But it will still increase the damage output.

  • I got MLB Valmano already and 2k mochi, so I’M kinda wondering what should I get for sure, I guess 1 copy of ninetails and minamoto at the very least right? Btw should I get max’D okita? That would technically make my tonics worth x2 in second half. I don’t actually remember if I can get multiples of the helpers tho lol, but even a single copy would help I guess.

    • 9 tails and Yoshitsune – acquire only if you are able or plan to invest orbs into unlocking their full abilities. 9 tails, while the ‘best’ assist card, is only best when she has her time extension ability unlocked. Otherwise a simple speed boost isn’t that powerful and T=Rex or Saigyo would likely still be prefered on your damage dealers.

      Likewise, Yoshitsune WITHOUT his 75 and 85 abilities is NOT better than an MLB Amanojaku. If you do MLB him, he serves a very similar purpose to Amanojaku, perhaps with slightly higher overall damage output.

      Whether you want to MLB Okita depends on whether you plan to rank on second half and total ranks, where you think the cut off will end up, and how much you are willing to spend in terms of items and time. You will be able to acquire 5 copies of each helper, so MLB Okita is possible.

  • I didn’t quite get it, sorry, but is it worth it to have Amanojaku and Yoshitsune on one team?
    I have Amano LB0 and about 500 mochi, so I’m trying to figure out whether to get Ninetails fox and Yoshi, or only one of them and lb Aurum elf for the rest

    • It is much better to have 1 really good daemon with passive and ability fully unlocked than multiple daemons at lb0 but all the powerful abilities locked.
      Amanojaku LB0 vs Yoshitsune LB0 – would prefer Amanojaku for the higher debuff percentage. LB0 9 tails is also sort of meh, just a speed boost to a single unit without the team wide time extension ability. You need to consider how you will budget your mochi and orbs such that you maximize the daemons that you do collect, rather than collect everything but not make the most of what you have .

    • On this aspect we don’t know.
      No one actually has Sola yet so it’s all speculation.
      However, I’ve seen screenshots from other players asking the customer service this question and apparently the answer is ‘no’. But we all know that the CS is frequently wrong or misunderstand the question, so it’s inconclusive.

    • I can conclusively answer that Sola’s +15 levels do NOT unlock her team mates’s level locked abilities.

      I tested 85 Sola with 80 Ono no Takamura on the team. Takamura has an ability locked at level 84 – a final wave damage boost. When the stage was run, Takamura’s skill damage was constant on all the stages. The final wave damage boost was NOT activated despite Sola’s presence as leader.

  • I only have 220 mochis so far. Just started and guess I should’ve start this game earlier. should I exchange it for minamoto or save more mochis to exchg 3 elf aurum? Or maybe just exchg minamoto and save for one elf aurum? They both have high ratings and since I don’t have any of the daemons you compare them with.

    • I think both options are good investment for new player. However personally I believe having your own nuker/debuffer is more important than acquiring a multi target. You can of course purchase one and borrow the other from a friend or guild mate quite easily, they at both commonly offered as allies. But for difficult stages a debuffer is always needed in team. The AoE might not always be used (example, in World Boss – you’ll want to borrow a healer instead).

      Do consider that the elf will be available for a longer time than Yoshitsune, you might be able to get them both if you are good at acquiring Mochi. But if you want Yoshi you’ll need to get him before the event ends.

      • Do note that you’ll eventually want to orb Yoshi to unlock his ability and full potential. So that means committing to acquiring challenge points. Whereas for elf, you can get her unlocked entirely with Mochi only (you’ll need lb3 or 450 Mochi).

        • Thanks for replying. Guess I will exchange Yoshi during the last day of the event and try my luck on jewel summoning him.
          So much mochis needed and so little time T^T
          Would love to have the elf since her ability at lvl 78 is very good. Is she good for challenge? If I can earn challenge points to exchange for orb for lb then maybe I should get a copy before she is unavailable.
          Any tips for challenge team? Is AoE good for challenge?

          • While AoE is great for competitive challenge, many players farm for challenge points. This involves attacking with very low strength teams. This team consists of a single 3-4 star ranged daemon whose skill targets a single opponent. Some examples are 3* Tokarev Pistol, 3* Lightning, 4* AMR, and probably the event daemon 3* Pipe Fox (requires 3 copies, level 60, to participate in PvP).

            Feel free to join my guild (gensokyo) to get a head start on PvP since many of our members are set up for PvP farming. No need to stay forever if you don’t want but we can help you begin the game if you like =)

          • Thank you. Will join your guild after i reactivate my pvp. Was so afraid that I would lose soulstones with my def team that I deactivated it. ^^” My names 雲 in game.

  • Awesome reviews as always, thanks. Though one tiny nit to pick. You said there is only one other 3* that has increased dmg taken skill, there’s also Magic Mirror.

  • so buy the 5* and git sola lol this going to be bloody i cant even keep myself in the top 1000 and so far so good 50 tonik were lost to move from 1600 to 1200 lol this is going to be hard

    • Not really. at LB2 Amano has both her passives unlocked whilst at LB0 Yoshitsune has nothing unlocked. Even if you were sitting on 2 orbs it would probably be better to just MLB Amano than get LB2 Yoshitsune

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