3rd Anniversary Event – Daemon Review


3* Divina Melee

Stats: 4,800 / 5,200

MLB Stats: 6,107 / 6,616

Skill: Deals 2,417 / 3,074 DMG to the current target with a moderate chance of inflicting stun.

Ability 1 (lvl 64): Increases the number of soulstones received by 25%

A basic 3* single targeter with a farming passive. High end players won’t need more soulstones, but if you are a beginner this is a decent daemon to help build some. Apart from 2 5* daemon in the summon pool in Sinbad and Marsha L. Shrine (60% and 50% respectively) 25% is the highest soulstone farming passive.

Rating: 3.6 / 10

Meito Kotetsu [3rd Anniversary]

4* Anima Melee

Stats: 7,600 / 7,100

MLB Stats: 9,317 / 8,704

Skill: Deals 2,225 / 2,729 DMG to 3 enemies (ranged priority)

Ability 1 (lvl 64): Reduces 10% of DMG taken and increases DMG dealt by 20% at the same time.

A good 4* wave clearer, boasting better damage than most of the others, and with his reverse melee stats being tankier than the rest of them as well. Still weaker than pretty much all the 5* wave clearers however…including the bad ones.

Rating: 5.0 / 10

Pipe Fox [3rd Anniversary]

4* Phantom Ranged

Stats: 8,500 / 6,400

MLB Stats: 10,421 / 7,846

Skill: Increases all allies DEF by 633 / 772 for a limited time

Ability 1 (lvl 73): Decreases the ATK speed of all enemies by 15%

Pretty much a straight upgrade of his original 3* version only. Better defense buff, an additional defensive passive that slows enemies hits, and of course much better stats. Still there isn’t really a use for such a daemon in any event type.

Rating: 5.3 / 10

Cao Cao [3rd Anniversary]

5* Phantom Melee

Stats: 10,000 / 11,000

MLB Stats: 11,933 / 13,126

Skill: Deals 3,001 / 3,579 DMG to 2 enemies with the Highest ATK. Targets deal 60% less DMG for a limited time.

Ability 1 (lvl 66): Increases the Crit DMG of 2 Phantasma allies by 25% at the start of each wave

Ability 2 (lvl 77): Increases 20% of DMG dealt by Phantasma team members at the start of the final wave

This version of Cao Cao ends up being similar in a sense to Taira no Kiyomori [Initiated]. They have absolutely identical skills, and 2 team boosting passives. While Taira’s bring a balance of offense and defense, Cao Cao solely focuses on boosting Phantasma allies. The first passive affecting 2 allies at random can be a slight issue, locking your team to having only 2 Phantasma allies to maximise it’s effect, and considering Cao Cao is Phantasma himself this could limit him to a reserve slot option. Still 25% to 2 targets per wave is a great buff, and 20% damage on his second passive isn’t bad either. Given that he unlocks both at only LB2, and you get one copy for clearing chapter 4, it’s possible for relatively weaker players to obtain him as a solid reserve slot (or potentially even to be used in their team). Veteran’s could find space for him in conquest events or endless in reserve, but as an actual main team daemon his 2 target ability makes him not ideal.

Rating: 7.5 / 10 (same as Taira by the way).

Tsuchimikado Mikado

5* Divina Ranged

Stats: 13,000 / 9,000

MLB Stats: 15,512 / 10,739

Skill: Increases the DMG of 2 allies with the highest ATK by 105 / 126% for a limited time

Ability 1 (lvl 71): Increases Crit DMG of the 2 highest ATK allies by 25% at the start of each wave

Ability 2 (lvl 90): Increases Skill DMG of all allies by 35% when this daemon is Team Leader

Now this daemon on the other hand is ridiculous, what a rank reward this is. Great stats: Check, a ridiculous buff: Check, 2 Fantastic passives: Check. What else do you want? Mikado’s most direct comparison is Alice who is the standard 2 target buffer for high tier players since her release so let’s compare the two:

Auto ATK1,9001,886
2 Target DMG Buff105 / 126%75 / 90%
Skill DMG Buff35% to Team (Leader)15% to Divina
2nd Passive25% Crit DMG to 2 Highest / WaveEnemies take 20% more DMG on Final Wave

Mikado basically wins out everywhere. Better self damage slightly is neither here nor there but can help with wave clearing in conquest. Same EHP. The actual skill buff difference is immense with Mikado’s being 40% greater. Over double the skill damage boost, without the Divina only restriction but with a team leader restriction instead. and arguably a better second passive too. Crit DMG is super easy to stack nowadays but giving a proper targeted buff at a high percent to your 2 damage dealers (unlike the random 2 Phantasma from Cao Cao above) is fantastic anyway. If you can live without Sola’s level bonus in world boss then it’s quite possible to replace Sola with Mikado to aim for even more damage, but even if you can’t then replacing Alice with Mikado (who would now have an even more ridiculous 141% damage buff with Sola…) will likely give even greater damage anyway. Fantastic for World Boss, fantastic for conquest, fantastic if you want to use her in tower (although as usual recommend using full farming teams), and even useful in Endless as a reserve. Definitely a top tier daemon.

Rating: 9.8 / 10

Now, I know people might ask “so why is Sola rated higher still” and the answer is simply flexibility/the additional defensive capabilities. Those 15 levels to all allies are simply crucial for most players to survive in world boss and it’s difficult to get by without her. I personally prefer Mikado and with Taira no Kiyomori that I use in reserve I am going to aim for a Sola-less World Boss team (I also want to try one with Ibaraki just for fun but gut feeling is it will be bad xD). Still if I want to be objective, I think Sola still just about wins out, but hey 0.2 rating difference is super close anyway right 😉

Best of Luck with Ranking everone!

14 thoughts on “3rd Anniversary Event – Daemon Review”

  • Tbh, if we have any similiar roles healer like Sola (don’t need to have lv 15+ boost). I can change my current team with stronger daemon. But, Sola roles as healer is truly important. I can’t change it. Despite having all these new meta rn.

  • Caocao is under rated. He is a yoshitsune tier reserve for Phantasm WB. If the team only has shuten 3rd anniversary + Amanostrife as Phantasma assuming sola yori mikado on team. Caocao works perfectly as a free yoshitsune reserve there if 1 ranks for this event. He is more op than sarayashiki. The implication of shuten ljs being Phantasma and caocao being Phantasma boost shouldn’t be overlook. Because cinder+amor < cinder+caocao for WB auto atks while still able crit.

    • The only reason we are using sola now is because of +15levels. There are better leaders like okita 10%>crit dmg, 15% skill dmg more, there are better buffers like mikado as well. If one day there are alternatives to 15levels boost and maybe different roles like healer with whole team crit rate, sola isn’t necessarily that important

    • About 156%, but the reason you shouldn’t is because you would get a lot more damage with a different assist that boosts your damage dealers output (things like Leo, Minamoto, Raishodo, Bach etc. These would provide much more damage than the additional 15% boost from Perseus.

    • Yes but at 15% I think the boss still does 1 or 2 double nukes. 20% is enough to stop it completely if i remember Qtphi’s testing ages ago correctly (they used Nephilia Clavata to test vs Philosopher, and then both combined which saw hardly any difference in nukes compared to just 20%).

      • Thx. Fwiw, with Philo’s 20%, I still get smashed by the occasional double nukes for this boss and the previous one.

        Also tested double Philo for the 1st wb long ago (lv 20) and there was no difference from single Philo. I wonder if anyone else has more up-to-date comprehensive results.

        • Note that Philo’s slow stacks since it applies on every attack (up to 80% slow at regular speed), meaning that the slows provided by Pipe Fox is negligible. Amano 3.0 is practically a double Philo since she slows for double the amount (up to 160% slow). Slows should scale similarly to Atk speed increase, meaning that above a certain amount the difference is too minuscule to make any change in the WB’s attack pattern.

      • (trying again because I think links prevents it from posting successfully)

        20% slow is far from enough slows to prevent the double nukes. Nephilia, Philo and Amano 3.0 slows on attack, meaning that they stack to 60%, 80% and 160% respectively. It is especially clear during this WB (Kanoto) as when Amano slows once (40%), gets paralyzed and is unable to stack her slows further, the attack pattern changes.

        See the attack pattern here (with paralysis): youtu.be/Pk1CwC5LaxU?t=55
        and compare it with the regular pattern: youtu.be/6ecjEofoEPU?t=48

        • Of course I forgot about that like an idiot. It’s probably a cap on reduction the same way there’s a 100% cap on buff, meaning past anything more than that makes no difference to the attack pattern at all. 15% probably knocks a few nukes off, but it’s definitely not enough to survive.

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