3rd Anniversary – LJS Daemon Review

Shuten Doji [3rd Anniversary]

5* Phantom Range

ATK / HP: 14,000 / 8,200

MLB Stats: 16,706 / 9,785

Skill: Deals 6,309 / 7,526 DMG to the enemy with the highest ATK. Target receives 75 / 90% more DMG for a limited time

Ability 1 (lvl 73): Increases the skill DMG of the 2 highest ATK allies by 25%

Ability 2 (lvl 90): Increases Phantasma allies DMG by 10% at the start of each wave

Well this one is pretty simple. Shuten Doji is the best single target nuker in the game – full stop. He beats out the holy quartet of Amanojaku, Yoshitsune, Tokarev and Titanium Elf [Furisode] overall by having whats good about them all in one. The only “weakness” he might have is that on the first wave (e.g World Boss) he has weaker auto attacks than the others since his second passive only gives him 10%, but honestly even then they’re not that much weaker, and his massive skill damage more than makes up for it. Let’s have a comparison table vs Yoshitsune and a (boosted with another elf) Titanium to see just how he compares:

Shuten (Wave 4)Shuten (Wave 1)YoshistuneT.E [Furisode]
ATK DMG2,8652,2512,5612,848
Skill DMG19,03814,95813,83914,341
Debuff %90%90%53%92%
Team Buff 125% Skill DMG (1 ally) 25% Skill DMG (1 ally) 20% DMG (1 ally)28% DMG (1 ally)
Team Buff 240% DMG (Phantasma allies)10% DMG (Phantasma allies)20% Crit DMG (1 ally)None

This should make it pretty clear already. On the 1st wave you could argue that his boosts to allies is roughly similar but still slightly better than the others (skill damage being slightly preferable and he has a higher percentage at 25%), but his skill damage is already 8% higher than Yoshitsune. On longer stages (conquest) he’s simply way ahead. His auto’s hit as hard as T.E with another elf, his skill damage is now boosted even further ahead thanks to his second passive and is now 38% higher than Yoshitsune, and all the time his debuff percent is the highest of everyone (well, okay 2% less than T.E…)

A MLB Shuten Doji is simply the damage dealer of choice in all events. Oh how I wish i farmed more invokers previously!

Rating: 9.8 / 10

Senji Ryakketsu

5* Anima Healer

ATK / HP: 12,000 / 12,000

MLB Stats: 14,319 / 14,319

Skill: Heals the ally with the highest ATK by 1,977 / 2,358 HP. Target deals 90 / 107% more DMG for a limited time

Ability 1 (lvl 66): Reduces DMG taken of all allies by 10%. Increases ATK speed of all allies by 15% at the start of the final wave

Ability 2 (lvl 83): Increases skill target’s Crit Rate by 30% and Crit DMG by 100%

I think Senji is a great daemon, and very well created for all levels of players. For a new player getting just 1 copy unlocks the first passive. With 12,0000 ATK and HP she can survive and heal well in World Bosses, and her passive provides solid survivability and a damage boost for weaker teams. For veterans the potential to combine her with a daemon like Bach can make her the most efficient buffer in the game. With Bach (MLB…again wish I had so many more invokers aha) attached one orb can provide 107% DMG, 50% Crit Rate, and 135% Crit DMG in total – whilst you are also getting her 15% speed boost passively. She basically gives every buff you want in one go, what else can you ask for? Combined with Shuten Doji above, plus Cao Cao from this event in reserve, I think we could be looking at 10SE level 200 conquest runs…which is just ridiculous when you think about it, 1 SE for 700,000 DMG, I remember the days when 18 SE could only do 1 mil!

In World Boss however since she only buffs one target she ends up in more of a A tier team set ups (rather than S tier, everyone’s dream team). With the damage caps in place and with the strength of buffs available having and buffing 2 damage dealers (especially with daemon like Mikado now flying around) is going to be better in World Boss for a while. Not to say that Senji teams can’t deal damage, an optimal set up can reach 30 mil and you have the benefit of her passive making boss hit a little less and the fact that her big stats and speed boost gives her the best auto attack healing in the game, but it’s simply just going to be less than an optimised dual damage dealing team hitting those 999,999’s more often.

A super strong daemon who’s best use is in conquest but can still be used everywhere. An additional bonus is her extra thicc stats mean she’s amazing for Guild Conquest too!

Rating: 9.2 / 10

Ame-no-Uzume [3rd Anniversary]

4* Assist

Base Bond: ATK DMG

Ability (lvl 70): Increases Exp by 10% and drop rate by 10% (takes effect once)

A nice farming assist to replace a copy of Voyager I imagine in most peoples teams. More drop rate is always nice for Towers and daily dungeon farming. At lvl 70 requires a trade plus 2 4* orbs. A decent price, there’s not many high tier 4* to use orbs on anyway, but you may want to think about if you need some if you are waiting to summon Book of 5 rings or something of the sort.

Rating: 7.5 / 10

19 thoughts on “3rd Anniversary – LJS Daemon Review”

  • If I use these (all MLB):
    – Shuten Doji [3rd]
    – Sola
    – Senji
    – Cao Cao ([3rd] / Sun Wokong [Lunar]
    – Extra for another hitter

    – Morin Khur
    – Cao-Cao [3rd] / Others

    Is it good ?

    • Shuten is a single target nuker, good for WB, lvl 200 boss
      Sola is best team leader / healer due to skills and role
      Senji is a nice team buffer (buff everything on nuker)
      Cao Cao is crit buffer and 20% final wave boost is quite good, but 2-nukers are bad in general
      Sun Wukong is All nuker with skill boost / wave and synergises well with Shuten, Cao Cao.

      Personally, its a great team. But if you managed to get Mikado, I’d suggest trading Mikado with either of the nukers for better dmg (126% boost is no joke) when needed. The one traded out can go in the reserve!

  • Was looking at leaks…
    Seems Sabionari is a must get! If there are no changes, I think it will be the best Assist card of the year!

    • Wondering if it’s worth getting shuten and orbing him if I have lvl 85 yoshitsune already… sure shuten is better but he needs another 4 orbs. I also still have a lvl 70 cin ,okita and Morin I planned to orb…hard decisions.

      • It depends.
        Yoshi is better for WB.
        Shuten is better for the rest.
        If you are having problems getting to lvl 200 boss due to SE, Shuten helps. A LOT. 5 waves for a phantasma team is +50% dmg. Super useful. If you have having problems with WB, Orb Yoshi or team builders. If you are looking at building Top endless teams or efficient Endless teams, definitely Shuten.

        • Last event I had no trouble getting to 200. I could also 18 se it with both helpers and an Alice friend or 36 se it. I got mikado from this event tho so I can swap her in for merc elf. Should up my dps quite a bit. I wanted to use 1 orb to 90 yorimitsu next since I dropped out of top 400 last event so I barely missed out on his 2d passive.

          Currently running sola/merc elf/cherryblack/yoshi, so yeah not sure how worth investing in shuten instead of other stuff is.

      • Shuten or Yoshitsune is depending on your team. Shuten is slightly better than Yoshitsune even on 1 wave wb If you can support him.

  • Er… Aren’t you missing one?
    Ame-no-Uzume is a normal 10% drop and exp at lb3, so kinda bad for the trade, but let’s not forget her, because her art is pretty good!!!

    • 10% exp. end of review

      lol no seriously shes an assist, you bond her and she gives a boost to your farming ability…not much to review there

        • @_@

          BTW, with the release of so many new replacements, its getting difficult to optimise teams… Any suggestions?

          Perhaps a piece on team build suggestions or something for the current meta?
          For team slots, I am using:
          – Sola/ Mikado (Healer/Booster/Team Leader)
          – Black Sakura (Healer/Single Boost heavy crit rate / dmg on the Nuker or AoE)
          – Siren (Healer & that 15% skill boost/wave) or Taira (Nice 20% dmg reduction, no 30% dmg boost yet)
          – TEF (Nuker) or Knecht (Xmas) (AoE)

          Reserve: This is where most of my problems come in actually
          – Raphael (25% dmg like that, so nice! But 25% crit dmg is only useful for TEF)
          – Hibiki (enemy team takes 20% more dmg) I think discounting Knecht and Taira, he is the best I have with the ability at the moment
          – Leviathan (15% crit dmg / wave) will probably switch out once Mikado / Shuten / Cao Cao comes online…For Phantasma centric teams only

          Is there any boost calculator or something which can be used to optimise team building?

          BTW, I recently found a nice build for farming Endless. Mainly you need a Lvl 90 Wukong (LNY), equipped with Saito. 3 healers… It takes about 40 min to get 45-50SE. Personally, I feel farming 8hrs for ~80SE is kinda crappy, so I’ll take half that for 40min, at least it takes only 2hrs or so to farm daily…

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