A Visitor From Outer Space – All Event Daemon Analysis

A Visitor From Outer Space – All Event Daemon Analysis

Helper Daemon (by Qtphi)

Mitama seems to have taken the use of assist daemons in their stride, the helper daemons for conquest seem to be all assist daemons these days. The last conquest (it does feel like ages ago, doesn’t it, with 2 towers slotted in between) was the Music Festival, where assist daemons were first introduced. Let’s see whether this turns into a pattern for helpers.



4 ★ Assist Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8583

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Skill DMG

The All-knowing Scholar (lvl 72): Reduces 25% of DMG taken and reduces DMG dealt by 10% at the same time.

Event ability: Increases Event Points


Given that the assist daemons are used mainly for assist – I strongly doubt anyone actually uses them for guild conquest, other than absolute beginners (in which case they are quickly superseded by regular 5 stars that one can acquire from events. Hence the uniformity of the stats given to the 3 assist daemons in this banner.

Ptolemy’s assist ability can help strongly with the survival of your most fragile daemons, but at the cost of damage dealt. His assist ability makes for better survival than Nibelunga Ring (10% reduction in damage received), but he comes with a cost of 10% damage dealt. 10% was the best available at that point in time but still deemed insufficient to aid survival on the World Boss stage for daemons like Katsushika Houkusai. Nibelunga was released via limited JS so unless fortunate enough to draw multiple copies she needed to be traded for 50 mochi, and her ability unlocked with 2 4 star limit break orbs. Furthermore, because her limit breaks were achieved through the use of orbs, she cannot be sealed to acquire multiple copies to bond to multiple daemons simultaneously. With Ptolemy you can get a more powerful damage reduction, and because one is most likely to acquire him via trading 4 copies at the end of the event, you could theoretically bond him to multiple daemons on the same team.

Ptolemy is introduced into the game at a time when the damage dealers are getting increasingly powerful but increasingly fragile. An example would be with the recently released Minamoto no Yoshitsune. In the comparison between him and Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day], Yoshitsune’s main weakness would have to be his poor survivability and low effective HP. If survival was not an issue then of course the higher the damage the better. But if Yoshitsune needed a damage reduction bond like Ptolemy to survive, while Amanojaku could tank thanks to her own innate ability, Amanojaku would be able to be bonded to a different assist daemon (like Crit damage boosters like Saigyo and Gungnir) and the damage outcomes would be more comparable.

Overall I think Ptolemy is a worthwhile daemon to acquire – he gives players the option of turning anything into a tank. This gives flexibility to team construction. One could more comfortably run full farm teams on Tower with a ranged daemon at the front with Ptolemy bonded. Or help lower rarity daemons like Azukiarai and Katsushika Houkusai survive getting nuked by some versions of the World Boss. Of course being event points helper, he would help in ranking for Zeus in the event.


Emilio’s Rating: 7.4 / 10 – Useful for protecting front liners who you only want for their skill/buff rather than their damage output. Can also push melee units to being very tanky. Worth acquiring just for extra options.


Stella: Lyra

4 ★ Assist Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8583

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Max HP

The Lyra (lvl 70): 12% chance of inflicting Silence to Normal attacks targets.

Event ability: Increases Skill DMG of all allies


Silence inflicted on normal attack is a mechanic that was introduced with Nyarlathotep on the first Christmas event nearly 2 years ago. Nyarly’s chance of inflicting silence is much higher, at 30%.

Inflicting Silence against the enemy can aid in survival, especially against stage bosses in Tower and Conquest (if the boss has an annoying skill). Silence is pointless against the World Boss, who is status effect immune. In competitive PvP it is a potential wench in your opponent’s skill combo sequence, but of course with percentages halved in PvP mode, the chance of it activating is even lower.

Another thing of note is that if one owns powerful reserves that increase skill damage like Siren, Cinderella and Amor, the significance of an event based skill damage booster is reduced, because the event limited skill damage helper’s effect is additive to that of these above listed daemons (and to skill bonds also).


Emilio’s Rating: 4.5 /10 – Too low a percentage to really be effective.




4 ★ Assist Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8583

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Max HP

Dr Monster (lvl 69): Increases 12% of Max HP

Event ability: Increases Battle Time Limit


Like Ptolemy, Echidna aids in improving the survival of your most fragile daemons. Her base effect increases her main daemon’s Max HP, as does her assist ability. Ptolemy’s increase to your daemon’s effective HP is greater, but on the plus side, Echidna does not cost your daemon damage dealt.

Battle time boosters are still the most useful in increasing damage to clear the conquest. Despite the release of Ninetails Fox, the maximum amount of time boost that one can possibly have is 40% at this point: Chronos (10%), Gyobu Tanuki (10%), 2x Ninetails (one on your own team, and one from your ally) (20%). And this would be at the cost of running more efficient reserves. With the first copy of Echidna providing a 33% time boost, it is worthwhile compared to running multiple time boosters on your own team especially if you have better alternatives.


Emilio’s Rating: 5.9 / 10 – A decent assist providing a good chunk of HP but for defensive options Ptolemy above would be the better way to go.


Appendix: EHP table for sample daemons

Daemon Base HP (MLB) EHP (MLB)

*Ranged daemons receive 15% MORE damage

Bonded with Nibelunga Ring

(10% DMG reduction, 4/6% increase to Max HP)

Bonded with Ptolemy

(25% DMG reduction)

Bonded with Echidna

(4/6% + 12% increase to Max HP)

Minamoto no Yoshitsune 9665 9665/1.15= 8404 9665*1.04/1.05= 9572 9665/0.9= 10738 9665*1.16/1.15= 9749
Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] (20% Innate DMG reduction) 10381 10927 12701 14830 12894
Katsushika Houkusai 6376 5544 6315 7084 6431
Azukiarai 5419 4712 5367





Event Daemon (by Emilio)

[EDF] Helium Elf

3 ★ Healer Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 4,700 / 5,980

Max/MLB HP: 4,500 / 5,725


Defensive Dance (MAX): Restores 2,121 / 2,698 HP to ally with the highest ATK. Target receives 60 / 74% less DMG for a limited time

Daily Improvement (lvl 52): Restores 5% HP every 5 seconds


The best 3* healer there is, but there isn’t exactly a plethora of great ones as competition. Standard stats for her class but her passive makes her significantly more survivable than the others (roughly equivalent to a 4* melee or 5* range unit without defensive abilities). Her skill appears really strong but the targeting is completely wrong sadly. What use is defending your ranged unit at the back when the tank at the front is dying?


Emilio’s Rating: 3.8 / 10 (above average 3*)


Stella: Reticulum

4 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7,900 / 9,685

Max/MLB HP: 6,200 / 7,601


Long Range Sniping (MAX): Deals 2,393 / 2,935 DMG to enemy with the highest ATK, target receives 45 / 55% more DMG for a limited time.

The Reticulum (lvl 42): Increases skill DMG by 30%


Think of Reticulum as a weak version of the original Amanojaku 4*. Still for its class it’s very strong. Her stats are a bit on the weak side with lots of 4* having 8-9.5k attack but that just means her autos are a bit weaker which is not why she’s useful.

55% increased damage received (and with correct targeting) is pretty high (of all debuffs of this type it’s 10th overall) and her skill damage is comparable to the old Amanojaku just slightly lower. Still for veterans this would just be another one for the collection. For new players however who never had the chance for previous cards this is a very easy addition which could help significantly in overall damage (you can borrow Amanojaku V’s this event and should be able to get multiple copies of this without any guild help even as a complete newcomer – adding friends will be the hard part).


Emilio’s Rating: 7.2 / 10 (High Tier 4*)


Malefic: Thorn

4 ★ Melee Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 6,600 / 8,091

Max/MLB HP: 7,000 / 8,582


Miasma Eruption (MAX): Deals 2,729 / 3,347 DMG to the 2 enemies with the Highest ATK, with a high chance of inflicting weak poison

Malefic (lvl 65): Normal attacks targets have a 33% chance of increasing damage taken by 15%


Okay stats for his class with an odd 2 enemy skill. I never particularly like 2 target skills since there’s not much use for them unless a new scenario appears. Thorn’s is a decent one with some extra poison damage on top. His passive is the best thing about him to be honest. The only other daemon with this type is Mara who had a 20% value. See Mara’s review for the maths behind it but Thorn’s passive should be seen as “current target takes 19.8% increased damage (on average)” which is pretty good. Note however this is only true after 8 seconds of hitting the target – the first 4 hits are like a build up time. Overall Thorn isn’t anything special but for a beginner could be a decent enough first 4* card.


Emilio’s Rating: 5.6 / 10 (Above average 4*)


Stella: Andromeda

5 ★ Range Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 12,000 / 14,319

Max/MLB HP: 8,500 / 10,143


Drowning Goddess (MAX): Deals 4,467 / 5,328 DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP with a high chance of inflicting Silence.

The Andromeda (lvl 78): Increases Crit Rate by 20% and Crit Damage by 50%


Sadly after some interesting cards throughout the last 3 events we have to revert back to the old strong Phantom damage dealer – what a shame! Andromeda is the first pure Nuker (without a debuff) with the crit plus crit damage passive since Nekogami and can largely be simply viewed as an upgrade to her. As a level reward she is easily obtainable for the majority of the player base so in a similar fashion to when Satan was released it’s a free big damage dealer for all. The difference this time however is that really…none of these get used anymore. Until a nuker comes out with an effective skill damage of around 20,000 I don’t see the meta moving away from single target + debuff in Amanojaku and now Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Minamoto tries to bring something back by offering a buff to the second target but if a daemon is to take that position it needs to be stronger than what’s currently available.


For comparison sake let’s look at a bunch of nukers, but instead of base stats let’s assume the following to see a high end realistic scenario:


  • Sola MLB leader (level boost included)
  • Horn MLB x2 Buff (100% with Sola)
  • 2x Morin in team
  • Cinderella reserve (to keep it equal between everyone – but of course Phantom would use Siren and do even more damage)
  • Saigyo bonded to nuker


Daemon Auto Atk DMG Skill DMG Team Buff/Other
Amor 22,269 213,796 50% skill DMG Highest ATK
Hibiki 22,245 194,665 20% increased DMG rec’d + Def Red
Andromeda 29,326 189,826 None
Titania NY 23,095 175,709 25% Phantom Critical Damage
Snow White 25,829 172,432 None
Leonardo 22,531 171,913 None
Nekogami 29,326 166,891 None
Yaobikuni 22,884 160,594 30% Damage Reduction


So what do we see. She’s certainly better than previous nukers who do not have team ability, and her auto attacks along with Nekogami hit quite a bit harder than the others. The two best nukers however are still Amor and Hibiki overall, providing better skill damage (the main source of damage although auto attacks can add up) as well as the significant team ability.

Overall she’s still a strong damage dealer, I just don’t see a scenario for high end players where she is used above the 2 leading the way. For a new player obtaining 3 copies may not be out of the question to obtain a first damage dealer which would be a fantastic start so do keep her!


Emilio’s Rating: 8.3 / 10 (High Tier 5*)


Side note: I reduced a lot of single target daemon without an extra ability ratings by 0.1 just to shift them all down. There were too many sitting near the top but seeing no use.



5 ★ Range Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12,800 / 15,274

Max/MLB HP: 8,000 / 9,546


Breath of the Air (MAX): Deals 2,367 / 2,823 DMG to 3 enemies (ranged priority) with a high chance of inflicting stun.

The All Knowing (lvl 78): Reduces enemies Crit Damage by 25% at the start of each wave

God of the Sky (lvl 90): Increases Damage dealt by 15%


The god of thunder has arrived although he isn’t making a loud bang with his entrance. For damage output in PvE there are quite a few better options (notably the currently available Mercury from exchange) which can be seen in the table below:


Daemon Auto Atk Skill DMG EHP Team Ability/Other
Muramasa [2nd Anniversary] 2,421 6,872 8,301 20% Anima DMG
Mercury Elf 2,759 6,452 8,716 High Sleep Chance
Yatagarasu 1,929 5,890 9,028 10% Phantom DMG /  High Burn Chance
Zeus 2,152 4,872 8,301 25% Crit DMG Reduction on enemies / High Stun Chance


So as can be seen his skill damage does lack comparatively, but his skillset is a much more defensive one with the reduced crit damage from enemies as well as a high stun chance. It’s almost like he was designed to be a competitive PvP counter to Sola however whether he is strong enough to do that is also questionable. Not that I am a PvP expert by any means but as I understand it currently teams are simply being cut through by high damage outputs and I don’t think Zeus is enough to prevent this by himself, especially since his passive is covered by Sola’s by an additional 15% critical damage. Between him and Mercury you could perhaps attempt a Divina CC AoE team but I leave this to competitive players to figure out.


Emilio’s Rating: 7.9 / 10 (Above average 5*)

16 thoughts on “A Visitor From Outer Space – All Event Daemon Analysis”

    • The rate ought to stack additively. But as with everything rate related it is extremely difficult to test out.
      Looking back now, a higher rate of silence from Nyarly and Ravenna would make them better at CC especially on endless mode.
      But prior to Endless being released, a few more percentage of Silence activating is relatively pointless other than on competitive PvP.

  • Reading the review about Andromeda made me wonder about using a combo of Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Echo (Hibiki). What are your thoughts about the effectiveness of these two together?

    • It will do okay but the problem with everyone in that list is if you’re going to do Minamoto + X, why not make the X Amano anyway – her damage beats basically all of them. The only one who actually gets used is Amor, and that’s because she buffs Amano/Minamoto skill damage by 50%, and if she does happen to get 5 procs of her own damage passive she does have almost 20k effective skill.

      They’re not bad options it’s just they will never be optimal thanks to the two sitting at the top now. I can kill level 200 with 18 SE using Amano + Amor. I imagine if I switched Amor to anything other than Hibiki i wouldn’t be able to – and Hibiki himself would probably be just short.

      • I just want to say, you can kill 200 using Hibiki and Amano with 18 se, although you will need a very specific team setup and a bit of luck to do so. I personally think Amano’s higher debuff is better for CQ, but in WB Hibiki + Yoshi would likely be better assuming you can keep everyone alive.

  • How are you calculating Zeus’ skill damage? In game it gives a value of 2,367 to 3 enemies at level 70 and he gets a 15% bump at 90. For that 15% bump to get him to the 4,872 you have him at, his base skill damage would have to jump to about 4,237 (4872 / 1.15).

    • I assume that would be your question about all the figures then not just Zeus xD It’s always the average damage to each target from their skill use – including bonds, passives, crit chance and crit damage (but not taking into account assist cards because naturally you can put any option you like onto each card).

      So for Zeus it’s:

      MLB Base value * (Increased skill damage amounts) * (increased damage amounts) * [(crit % * crit dmg) + (1- crit %)]

      = 2,823 * (1.225) * (1.15) * [(22.5% * 2) + 77.5%] = 4,872

      Note that his passive is “increased damage” and not “increased skill damage”. If it was the latter it would get added to the bond skill damage percentages and you would get 2,823 * (1.375) * (1) * crit stuff which is slightly less.

      • Got it. I was looking at the card when it came out and my first thought was ‘This is Ifrit but with Stun and a sometimes useful defensive ability’ and didn’t think it was that much better than Ifrit, so the numbers posted here and the rating both kind of surprised me.

        I definitely soaked my mochi into Mercury Elf since I run a Crit Divina team, so I was glad to see she seems to be the superior choice based on numbers.

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