Event Helper Daemon Analysis: Amanojaku, Kintaro, Diana Monde

Event Helper Daemon Analysis: Amanojaku, Kintaro, Diana Monde

Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day]

5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12200/14558

Max/MLB HP: 8700/10381


Chocolate Surprise (MAX): Deals 5279/6299 DMG to the enemy with the most HP. Target takes 60/72% more DMG for a limited time.

Hidden Embarrassment (lvl 58): Sharply reduces DMG taken.

Flight of Fancy (lvl 73): Sharply increases DMG dealt at the start of the final wave (40%).  

Event Skill: Increase Event Points by 33% – 100%


12200 is the new 11800. This time last year, Titania (New Year) merely equaled the game’s highest base attack stat at 11800 (belonging to Philosopher’s Stone and Guillotine). Now, 12200 is the number to look out for, being recently given to Amor, and now Amanojaku. Mephistopheles [Fireworks] still holds the record, at 12500, but one really doesn’t want power creep to be progressing all that quickly.

Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] retains her original 4★ version’s debuff skill. The main challenges of using 4★ Amanojaku on World Boss – mainly her low HP and low-ish attack (in comparison to 5★) are fixed in this version. As a 5★ she has got sufficient HP to tank the world boss nukes; her level 58 ability further increases her tankiness. Being ranged, she innately takes 7.5% more damage, but with the damage reduction (expected 20%) her MLB effective HP turns out to be: 10381 / (1+0.075-0.2) = 11864. This is comfortably more than the 9000 damage that Hinoto deals out post berserk (9675 is the damage received by range with increased damage received). While Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] loses the Virulent Poison that her original version provides, she will make up for it with much higher auto attacks. Also, on World Boss, 4 ★ Amanojaku’s poison is irrelevant, given that the World Boss is immune anyway.

Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day]’s damage debuff is also top tier. At LB0 she approximately equals the debuff from MLB Azi Dahaka (59%) or MLB Lucky Quiver (61%). Players who invested in Lucky Quiver are probably feeling that they have received a very raw deal, given that Lucky has been surpassed a mere 45 days after she was released – even before she has been removed from the mochi exchange. MLB Amanojaku has a 72% damage debuff, which is a mere 2% short of her original form. It is a very small difference, which she more than makes up with her far higher auto attacks and larger skill damage.

Daemon MAX/MLB ATK MAX/MLB HP Debuff % Skill DMG Targeting Ability 1 Ability 2 MLB Effective HP MLB True Autos MLB Skill DMG (full skill bonds)
Amanojaku (4★) 9000/11034 5600/6855 60%/74% 3174/3889 Highest HP Lv 70: Skill attacks have a significant chance of inflicting Virulent Poison. 6376 1352 5479
Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] 12200/14558 8700/10381 60%/72% 5279/6299 Highest HP Lvl 58: Sharply reduces DMG taken. lv 73: Sharply increases DMG dealt at the start of the final wave.  (40%) 10381 / (1+0.075-0.2) = 11864 14558*1.4*1.225/10 =2497 6299*1.225*1.4*1.225 = 13233
Lucky Quiver 11500/13723 7700/9188 51%/61% 3318/3978 Highest ATK Moderately increases all Anima team members’ Crit Rate when this daemon is Team Leader. 8546 1818 6423
Azi Dahaka 11500/13723 7600/9070 50%/59% 2575/3072 Current Target Lv 68: Sharply increases (21%) Crit rate. Lv 83: Significantly increases (50%) Crit DMG when Angra Mainyu is on the team. 8437 2566 7583
Titanium Elf 9800/11694 8000/9546 48%/57% 2387/2847 Current Target Lv 85: Sharply increases (21%) critical rate and significantly increases (50%) critical DMG when one of the other elves is on the team. 8880 2187 6522
Dojigiri Yasutsuna [Serious] 8500/10143 10000/11933 45%/54% 3417/4097 Highest ATK Lv 55: Sharply increases DMG dealt when one of the Five Swords under Heaven is on the team. Lv 80: Sharply increases Crit Rate. 12900 1552 7173
Shomakyo 11400/13603 7800/9307 39%/47% 4754/5694 Ranged Priority Lv 84: Reflects 20% of DMG taken back to attacker. 8716 1666 8518

*Effective stat figures assume: Full Skill bonds other than special bonds, Lucky Quiver as team leader; Azi with Angra bonded, Angra reserve; Titanium Elf with a 2 Star Elf on reserve; Dojigiri with another 5 Swords on reserve, Final wave for Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day].

Looking at the Effective Stats, Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] is almost twice as tanky as her original version. In fact, among the debuffers, she’s practically comparable to the Dojigiri Yasutsuna [Serious] (melee) in terms of tankiness. Her auto attacks are almost equal to high crit rate daemons like Azi Dahaka (and Azi only unlocks her boosted crit damage on condition that Angra is on the team). Her skill damage is astronomical. Put into perspective, Satan and Leonardo have comparable 11k effective skill damage, and they are already considered top tier  nukers, not debuffers.

Overall, Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] is head and shoulders superior to every other daemon in the game. She costs twice as much as Lucky Quiver to get to MLB (1250 mochi vs 625), but is arguably twice as good. Lucky Quiver’s release gave hope that Mitama would balance the 3 teams – Phantasma and Divina have been very well developed, with Anima lagging behind. However, the last event brought Amor, who would fit comfortably on the Divina team with Qilin and Phoenix; and then this event brings yet another game breaking Phantasma daemon in the form of Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day]. So the players with Phantasma teams pull further ahead (if they can afford the costly investment to acquire her), and the other players are left biting the dust. The timing of her release, so soon after Lucky Quiver’s, also makes one feel cheated. One feels now that Quiver (who looked initially like a very good investment) was a trap, to steal away one’s mochi, so that only whales with large mochi reserves would be able to afford the more powerful debuffer. While I like seeing quality daemons released, this here is plain power creep, too soon and too fast.

Broken. Amanojaku broke the game. Again. WTF is Mitama thinking.

Nex Rating: The queen of all debuffers. Definitely grab at least a copy of her even if you already have an mlb debuffer.

Athora Rating:  Always a must get

Kintaro Valentine’s Day

Kintaro [Valentine’s Day]

5 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 8700/10381

Max/MLB HP: 10300/12291


Energetic Aura (MAX): Deals 2898/3458 DMG to surrounding enemies, with a high chance of inflicting Stun to targets.

Sense of Superiority (lvl 77): Sharply increases skill DMG by all team members when this daemon is Team Leader.

Event Skill: Increase Skill DMG by 33% – 100%


Kintaro [Valentine’s Day] marks the first time 2 5★ helpers have been released for an event. He retains his original form’s skill – damage to surrounding daemons with stun; but gains a leader ability. His stats and skill damage have grown to match his new found 5★ status.

Among 5★ daemons, only Breaking Wheel has a similar skill that hits surrounding enemies, and coincidentally also inflicts stun to her targets. Here is Kintaro and his various forms, side by side with Breaking Wheel for a comparison.

Daemon Kintaro (4★) Kintaro [Vacation] (4★) Kintaro [Valentine’s Day] (5★) Breaking Wheel
Attack Max/MLB 5200/6376 5500/6804 8700/10381 8500/10143
HP Max/MLB 6180/7577 7000/8583 10300/12291 9200/10978
Skill DMG Max/MLB 1671/2051 1681/2071 2898/3458 1961/2341
Crowd Control on Skill Stun (Moderate chance) Speed Reduction 25/30% Stun (High chance) Stun (High chance 58/69%)
Ability Lv 43: Moderately increases (15%) DMG dealt when one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Raiko is on the team. Lv 45: Moderately increases DMG dealt when one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Raiko is on the team. Lv 77:  Sharply increases skill DMG by all team members when this daemon is Team Leader. Lv 45: Moderately increases (15%) DMG dealt.

Lv 75: All melee foes take slightly more (5%) DMG.

Kintaro [Valentine’s Day] is superior in terms of stats and skill damage than his previous versions, and couterpart, Breaking Wheel. Breaking wheel has slightly higher auto damage thanks to her level 45 ability that makes up for her deficit in base stat compared to Kintaro [Valentine’s Day].

In general, hitting ‘surrounding enemies’ is a fairly unreliable skill. Unless the daemon is ambushed, with multiple melee opponents targeting him up close, this skill hits only the single daemon that Kintaro is attacking. If one happens to activate the skill while Kintaro is running towards an enemy, he risks not hitting any opponent and thus doing no damage. While it is good that Kintaro [Valentine’s Day] receives a decent skill damage, with the skill as it is, he would still be difficult to use.

Where Kintaro [Valentine’s Day] really gets an edge over his comparators is in his Leader ability. The ability is described similarly to that of George Washington. Expect his ability to be 20%. (If anyone can verify this please comment below). This is a decent ability that stacks additively with skill bonds and other innate skill damage boosting abilities a daemon might have. Unfortunately, with poor main skill, it would be hard to justify Kintaro [Valentine’s Day] taking the precious leader spot, especially if one has other daemons also with Leader abilities available to choose from.

Kintaro [Valentine’s Day] also happens to be the skill damage helper. Typically skill helpers for Towers are needed mainly by new players struggling to complete the event. New players are unlikely to have 250 mochi to trade for him, just for the sake of event completion. With his presence as a fellow 5★ in the current summon banner, it becomes a 50-50 chance of getting either of the 5 ★ from the guaranteed summon, so players aiming for Amanojaku from the guaranteed summon may need to spend well more than 100 invokers to acquire a single copy. His existence as a 5 ★ seems to be there to troll the entire player base, both newcomers and veterans alike.

Nex Rating: Junk outside of pvp maybe.

Athora Rating: Ew, target issue. Competitive PvP, maybe

Diana Monde

Diana Monde [Valentine’s Day]

4 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 9000/11034

Max/MLB HP: 5900/7234


Super Solid Chocolate (MAX): Deals 3703/4543 DMG to current target, with a high chance of inflicting Petrifaction.

Unbreakable Chocolate (lvl 67): Sharply reduces DMG taken

Event Skill: Increase Drop Rate by 33% – 100%


Diana Monde is actually Diamond, dressed up for Valentine’s Day. Diamond was originally a melee daemon, with a skill that dealt damage to the row of enemies in front of her. In her new version for Valentine’s Day, Diana Monde is now a single target ranged nuker, but still a 4 ★. Her attack stat is one of the top among 4 ★ ranged daemons, equal to that of 4★ Amanojaku. While her HP is low, as expected of ranged daemons in general, her ability makes her relatively tanky. Her MLB effective HP would be 7234/(1+0.075-0.2) = 8267. Her skill damage is average, slightly less than even the standard PvP farming daemon, Sakurada Mon (3995/4915). However, since her skill also petrifies at high chance, it is still a very good skill damage value.

Overall Diana Monde is a decent 4★ nuker. She would be helpful for new players looking for a nuker but who have not obtained a 5★ one.. Otherwise, as drop rate helper she is the best helper for event completion, reducing the cost of farming however many item drops one aims for. While not being super exciting or anything particularly new, I, for one, am relieved at Diana Monde’s uncomplicated, uncontroversial status. Sometimes it’s just comforting to know a daemon is Junk – it reduces the stress or pressure to collect them all.  

Nex Rating: Junk.

Athora Rating: Obsolete with all the current cards. Only for people who are newly starting and have no nuker.

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