Is Amanojaku [Valentine] Gamebreaking?

Is Amanojaku [Valentine] Gamebreaking?

When the original Amanojaku was released a year ago it was obviously instantly noted to be a very strong card. With her 4* status her stats did not stand out but the debuff percentage was so high it couldn’t be ignored. What wouldn’t be expected was just how strong it was going to be over time. It took an incredibly long time for another obtainable decent debuffer to come out, with those in the 10 or so months afterwards all having mediocre debuffs at 30-40%. Amanojaku sat at the top of the tree the whole time practically uncontested. People knew how essential she was for high tier damage, and when Auction was revealed the most requested card was, you guessed it, Amanojaku.

So into February 2018 and Mitama decided to give players what they wanted, Amanojaku, but not the 4* version in an auction house but a 5* powerhouse version, and it definitely does not disappoint. High stats, high skill damage, high debuff, high survivability…but is it all too much?

The answer is, as it stands right now – yes, but if it stays that way is down to Mitama and their future plans.

The problem at the moment is that by virtue of having such massive numbers all round she essentially creates her own meta where she is queen. Normally debuffers sacrifice more of their skill damage to gain more debuff percentage, but Amanojaku has the highest debuff percentage (bar her old version…) but sacrifices absolutely nothing for it. Infact on top of this her passives gives her 40% damage, the highest passive buff percentage for all around damage in the game. This puts her in a position where she is strictly better than every nuker available. Better auto attacks (bar Nekogami), better skill damage (bar multi wave Amor), more survivable, and then to add to it all, essentially a “your team does 72% more damage” on top. For the highest damage teams therefore, why use any of the current nukers at all? 2 Amanojaku’s in conquest will always be better leaving all previous nukers like Leonardo, Satan, Nekogami, TnY in the dust.

It doesn’t have to continue like this however. Amanojaku is over the top for now but its status depends on future daemon too. Something noticeable is that Mitama appears to be ramping up the numbers in general. 40% is apparently the new 20% for “Sharp increases”. Restless Ghost was the first daemon with both 40% skill damage and damage, although as a melee daemon she was rather overlooked due to her lack of supporting daemon. Amanojaku was second bursting onto the scene, but the current event reward Yaobikuni is now the third, coming right after Amanojaku’s release. Whilst she still doesn’t compete with Amanojaku overall, Yaobikuni is a high tier nuker that is essentially better than nearly all before it (I think Amor still wins overall – but save all the comparisons for the review coming soon). Yaobikuni’s damage reduction is also a massive 30% – the highest in game, and Kintaro [Valentine]’s team skill damage buff is 30%, also the highest value so far. If this is Mitama ramping up the power creep, which to be honest has been relatively slow over the first 18 months bar random spikes, then there’s potential for much stronger nukers and other types of daemon (a cherry 2.0? One can dream…) on the horizon. Maybe the realms of significant level increases is soon to come.

So overall then, is Amanojaku really game breaking? Only time will tell… here’s to hoping for a constant gradual power creep in the future!

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