Helper Review – Amor, Phalanx, Chocolat Blanc

Helper Review – Amor, Phalanx, Chocolat Blanc


5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12,200/14,558

Max/MLB HP: 8,900/10,620


Arrow of Love (MAX): Deals 5,189/6,187 DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP with a high chance of inflicting stun

Klutz (lvl 44): High probability of moderately increasing (10%) DMG at the start of each wave

Agent of Love (lvl 79): Significantly increases (50%) the skill DMG of the 2 allies with the highest ATK at the start of the final wave.


Ah the power of love, the ability to mend a broken heart, to cure ailments, but just how strong is it. I’ve stalked reddit and LINE I’ve seen such a wide range of comments from “it’s just a reserve daemon” to “this is the best nuker”, so what’s the truth? Let’s take an actual look and find out…

First off her stats are immense. 12,200 attack is second only to Mephistopheles [Firework] so her second passive is automatically going to target herself always (which is fine, you would want it to). 8,900 hp for a ranged daemon is also on the high end, although there are actually quite a few in the 9-10k region (10 daemon). This means she is ideal for GCQ, and also has survivability in general for CQ and WB. But forget this, there are 2 real questions when it comes to determining how good she is and in which position:

    1. How strong is her second passive in general (a.k.a as a reserve)
  1. What is her damage output on average compared to other top nukers

To answer both of these we need to look at damage outputs with different nukers and different reserve daemon. Your healer, debuffer and buffer will remain constant most likely, so it’s imperative to look at the difference solely made by alternating the nuker and reserve slot. Let’s answer question 1 first by using current nukers with Katsu reserve (the current standard best) and comparing it to Amor reserve instead:

Katsu Reserve (30% Crit DMG) Amor Reserve (50% Skill DMG)

Difference (%)


Auto ATK

Skill DMG Auto ATK Skill DMG Auto ATK Skill DMG

















14,143 2,301





2,183 11,691 1,950 14,710 -11%


So in 3 out of 4 cases it would appear that overall damage is increased quite significantly, losing out on a smaller chunk of auto attack damage to gain a significant (25%+) boost to your skill damage. Satan is the only exception because of her skill set, with a damage and crit self boost but no crit damage she gains a lot more from Katsu than the other three daemon (who all have innate crit damage).

Side Note: TNY looks weak compared to the other 3 in this table but don’t forget she’s the only one with a team wide damage boost in her passive skill set!

Katsu (and Restless Ghost [X’mas II] who has the same passive) are considered among the best damage boosting reserves currently (alongside Chronos but this is a different type of boost and incomparable to Amor), yet Amor’s buff does markedly more. Katsu, Restless Ghost and Amor all hit 2 targets, however whilst the Critical damage boost can apply to auto attacks as well, Amor’s skill based buff means it will lose effectiveness if the second target doesn’t gain as much from the buff (think Kong Ming with his huge attack stat but tiny heal…). If Amor’s targets are fixed to 2 nukers or a nuker + a debuffer like Quiver, she is essentially the best damage boosting reserve available (well, likely with the exception of Astaroth who is insane in a pure phantom comp)

So what about Amor herself. Does she stack up to the numbers above to compete with the current best. Another table please! Let’s take Leo as the base comparison since he is currently flying the Divina flag, and see how Amor compares based on how many times her first passive procs (it does stack by the way…):

New Leo Comparison (with Amor Reserve):

Amor: Katsu Reserve (30% Crit DMG) Leo: Amor Reserve (50% Skill DMG) Difference (%)
(Nr of Procs) Auto ATK Skill DMG Auto ATK Skill DMG Auto ATK Skill DMG
0 1,980 14,515 2,181 16,308 -9% -11%
1 2,178 15,966 2,181 16,308 0% -2%
2 2,376 17,418 2,181 16,308 +9% +7%
3 2,574 18,869 2,181 16,308 +18% +16%
4 2,772 20,321 2,181 16,308 +27% +27%

Side table just for full view:

Old Leo Comparison (with Katsu Reserve):

Amor Katsu Reserve (30% Crit DMG) Leo Katsu Reserve (30% Crit DMG) Difference (%)
(Nr of Procs) Auto ATK Skill DMG Auto ATK Skill DMG Auto ATK Skill DMG
0 1,980 14,515 2,398 12,731 -17% +14%
1 2,178 15,966 2,398 12,731 -9% +25%
2 2,376 17,418 2,398 12,731 -1% +37%
3 2,574 18,869 2,398 12,731 +7% +48%
4 2,772 20,321 2,398 12,731 +16% +60%

Ridiculous right? 3 procs (31.3% chance in 5 waves) has better autos and adds nearly 50% skill damage!!

Extra side: Proc Chances

Procs\Waves 1 Wave 2 3 4 5 Waves
0 Procs 50% 25% 12.5% 6.2% 3.1%
1 50% 50% 37.5% 25% 15.6%
2 25% 37.5% 37.5% 31.3%
3 12.5% 25% 31.3%
4 6.2% 15.6%
5 Procs 3.1%

End Side

So what is this telling us. If you have Amor and Leo, the break point is 1 proc of Amor’s first passive ability for her to be stronger. With just one proc they are approximately even (Leo ever so slightly ahead by himself, but don’t forget Amor will be giving a second daemon a damage boost whilst Leo will not), however once you get a second proc she is about 8% stronger, which is a big difference considering we are looking at the main damage dealer. Any more than 2 and we are in dreamland with the best damage dealer there is.

For world boss therefore she should fare no better or worse than the current best since she can only obtain 1 proc, however you may need to restart to ensure her ability has activated. In CQ however, we have potentially a new queen. The next question would be how often does she proc, e.g how likely am I to achieve dizzy heights. Initial testing, and the fact it says high chance on the card, suggests it’s 50% (credit to Nightmao for running Amor through a few hundred waves to confirm :D). Throughout CQ you are therefore expecting on average 2 procs of her first ability by the final wave (on level 200 – 31.3% of the time 2 procs and 31.3% of the time 3 procs. 50% of the time you will get 3-5 procs which is the dreamland!) and can expect the best damage output in the game.

So there you have it! She is officially the best dama….HOLD ON A SECOND, not so fast. There is a glaring issue before we conclude and that is her targeting. Aiming for the lowest HP enemy is fine in world boss since there’s only one – however we already established she is around equal in this setting. In CQ this targeting is awful. This is not to say she’s suddenly useless, it just adds a requirement that you clear every mob before using her skill to target the boss. This limits her flexibility in teams a little since you cannot leave that little ranged skeleton sitting behind the melee boss. Most teams should however be running some sort of AoE clear anyway, and with Amor likely to be buffing the AoE skill by 50% on the final wave clearing shouldn’t be too big a problem but it is worth noting this before going all out to try and get her.

So in summary:

    • Positives
    • Fantastic damage dealer, mostly in CQ. Potential to output the highest damage with minimal luck (I’m looking at 2mil in CQ without helpers…)
    • Fantastic reserve daemon (although 3 copies for the passive is incredibly expensive! RG only needed 1 copy).
    • Alongside TNY for the only top tier nukers with a team benefit (50% skill damage to a second target, TNY 20% Crit Damage to Phantasma)
    • High stun chance on skill provides some extra team survivability (similar to Platina’s stun keeping Kondo alive for elf teams)
  • Tanky and high tier for GCQ
    • Negatives
    • Chance based damage boosts creates variation and inconsistency (and hence added restarting!)
    • Targeting lowest HP an issue which forces team composition (and may create more additional restarting if you fail to clear)
  • COST – jesus, 1250 mochi/multiple orbs, can you actually afford it/is it worth it for the upgrade?

Emilio Final Rating: The best single target card so far I think, but requires some thought to maximise potential

Nex Rating: An extremely powerful single-target daemon that excels best at CQ, especially at level 200 or 5 wave stages (expect 2-3 procs of passive 1). The only issue is that the team composition absolutely must consist of an aoe clearer before she’s able to target the boss. Another factor to consider is that your aoe must be able to kill off the backline mob. Too weak a skill dmg and it puts you in an awkward position. I can foresee an ultimate dream team using Amor at level 200 doing about 1.7m average (sufficient to 2 hit the boss). However, we’ll have to see if Amor teams can match up to phantasma based teams on 4 waves cq stages (essentially 90% of the cq).

Ashla Rating: If any daemon screams pure power, then this is it.


4 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 5,800/7,112

Max/MLB HP: 6,600/8,092


Phalanx Formation Go! (MAX): Deals 1,313/1,602 DMG to a wide area of enemies. Decreases target’s speed by 39/47% for a limited time

Prudent Approach (lvl 67): Sharply reduces DMG taken


Wow that Amor review was long wasn’t it? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have much shorter reviews sometimes. I agree! So for balance here is Phalanx’s review:

Stats: Average

EHP: Decent for 4* thanks to passive

Skill: Useless

Other things of note: None

Overall: Useless

Art Note: What’s with that armour? LOOK AT IT, IT IS GLORIOUS, IT PROTECTS ME FROM HEAD TO…wait a minute **gets kicked in the groin**

Nex Rating: Junk

Ashla Rating: Unless she has balls of steel, her ability is rather useless. As is the rest of her.

Chocolat Blanc

4 ★ Healer Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 6,700/8,215

Max/MLB HP: 6,600/8,092


Pale Pity (MAX): Restores 3,273/3,993 HP to the ally with the lowest percentage HP. Target deals 45/54% more DMG for a limited time

Light and Sweet (lvl 56): Slightly increases ATK speed of all allies


For a 4* Healer her stats are high end as would be expected through general power creep. Her skill set leads her to have a natural comparator who was recently released and that is Aka “Red” Chochin [X’mas II].

   Daemon     EHP            Auto    ATK   Effective Skill   Heal   DMG Inc.  Buff Other

 Aka “Red” Chochin [X’mas II]

7,768 1,005 4,835 to Highest ATK 57/70% Petrification (Moderate %) to Highest ATK
   Chocolat Blanc 7,485 1,057 5,381 to Lowest HP 45/54% Slight IAS to allies

Looking at this she is simply outclassed by Aka “Red” Chochin. The higher heal on the skill isn’t that relevant when the heal amount is so high on both anyway (it’s going to practically be a full heal…). Chochin comes with higher HP (she can survive WB post berserk nukes at MLB with HP bonds), a better buff percentage by a significant amount, and more importantly much better targeting on her skill. You will always want to be buffing your damage dealer and allowing auto attacks to take care of the other necessary healing. With Chocolat Blanc your buff cannot always be controlled exactly (current world boss aims random ranged targets, and she will simply buff whoever he hit last most of the time). Both come with minor additional perks that aren’t worth discussing.

Chocolat Blanc is not a terrible card. As a 4* she is certainly above average, but she will only be useful to newer players (who should really have picked up Chochin instead though…). She can serve as a gap filler for those waiting for a strong healer but should be replaced immediately when something better is available.

Nex Rating: Awkward and unreliable targeting. Use at your own risk.

Ashla Rating: It seems that there’s a theme here with yellow-clothed daemons having similar skills- Flying Nimbus (X’mas), Holy Grail, and now Chocolat…

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