Event Prologue: An Otogi Christmas

Event Prologue: An Otogi Christmas


Sola: Wow, everyone is really into the Christmas spirit! The decorations all look so pretty!

Player: Isn’t it a bit early for Christmas…? It’s not even December yet.


Sola: Ah, I guess you’re right… But I really wanted to decorate a tree with you, Master…

Player: What was that?

Sola: Ah! Nothing!

Yata Mirror: Your relationship with the spirit agent is as close as ever. It is always so interesting to observe. I wonder if any developments are to be made during this festive time of the year.

Sola: M-master treats me the same as always…

Mikado: Now now, no need to be so short-sighted, <player>. Early preparations must be made if we are to celebrate Christmas at all. Speaking of which, I have an assignment for the both of you.

Sola: Gah, where did you come from, Mikado? Why was there an emphasis on the word short? Ah, never mind that for now! What could we possibly have to deal with this time? Thanksgiving is around the corner and Mayflower and Freyr have already sorted out their differences.

Aka “Red” Chochin: They sure did! Freyr was very generous with sake after we helped him out there!

Sola: Chochin, that isn’t why Master and I helped them. Besides, what business do you have here? Mikado, you aren’t drinking and lounging around while Master and I do all the work, are you?

Mikado: Give me a bit more credit than that, Sola. Being in charge of the Bureau of the Occult is no walk in the park.

The assignment is a minor one for now. With excitement in the air, there have been hiccups with the locals of the shopping districts. I need you and <player> to make sure that it doesn’t get out of hand. Chochin is here to assist you, as she has witnessed a number of incidents.

Sola: I guess it is better that Master and I go check out the shopping district, before the cops try to arrest Mikado again for trashing the place while fighting. Honestly Mikado, you should try to be more mindful of your surroundings.

Mikado: Hey, I was protecting the world from inter dimensional chaos, not playing Pokemon Go!

Sola: Right… We’ll be off then. Let’s get done quickly so we can string some popcorn for the tree!

– Shopping district-

Aka “Red” Chochin: Ummm, I can’t really remember the place, but that was the shop owner of one of the places that got hit up!

Sola: It’s a wonder how you manage to remember anything, drinking the way you do… Hey, are those…?

Brute 1: Wow, look at all the presents Santa sent us this year! I got a Nintendo Switch!

Young man: Hey! My Nintendo Switch is floating away!

Brute 2: Bleh, these clothes are so unfashionable! I wouldn’t be caught dead in these granny panties!

Middle-aged woman: My clothes!

Sola: I should have known brutes were behind this! Let’s get them Master!

*beats brutes up*

Brute 1: Hey, that’s not fair! All year long, we wait for presents from Santa and they never arrive!

Brute 2: Yeah! It must be because all these people are stealing them! We’re just getting them back!

Brute 1: You’re going to be on the naughty list for beating up innocent bystanders!

Sola: You have some nerve! If anyone is on the naughty list, it’s going to be you crummy brutes!

Brute 2: Hey, we don’t appreciate discrimination! We have feelings too!

Player: This is getting ridiculous…

Sola: These brutes never learn!

*beats up brutes again*

Sola: Maybe now, you’ll think twice before stealing gifts from other people!

Brute 1: Hey, we’re the ones robbed of presents! Santa said we’d have presents if we were good for the year!

Hijiri: Pathetic. I expected these lowly creatures to be dealt with at a much quicker fashion.

Sola: Hijironi!

Hijiri: I told you not to call me that!

Echo: Hehe, playing around with brutes, as usual.

Brute 2: What a jerk! You’re lucky we’re not making meat buns out of you!

Hijiri: Do not dare speak to a member of the Sakuma Family, you disgusting bottom feeder!

(the brutes quiver away from Hijiri, as he emits powerful energy)

Miss Santa: No need for all the fuss! It is true, these two brutes were good this year, so I was on my way to delivering them some gifts.

Hijiri: Now Miss Santa is giving gifts to these things. What a waste of time. Echo, let’s go.

Echo: Well, you all have a happy holiday along with these no named noobs.

*Hijiri and Echo leave*

Sola: Miss Santa, is what you said true?

Miss Santa: Aye, but it’s not yet Christmas. Please try to be good for the rest of the year, brutes.

Brute 1: Sorry, Miss Santa…

Brute 2: Can we still get our presents?

Miss Santa: Stay well behaved, as promised, I’ll deliver your presents on Christmas Eve. Also, give these gifts back to their owners.

*brutes returns gifts*

Brute 1: You promised! I want my Nintendo Switch!

*brutes leave*

Sola: To think, we were sent out by Mikado for such nonsense…

Sola: At least it’s over with, so we can enjoy decorating a tree together, master!

*Ring ring*

Mikado: Ah good, you picked up.

Sola: M-Mikado? If you are calling about the assignment, Master and I just-

Mikado: Just peanuts compared to what is in store for you two. I need you both back at headquarters so I can give you the details of the next assignment. Just be sure to mark your calendar for the 22nd.

Sola: The 22nd?!? That’s not even a week away.

Sola: If this is going to be another two week long mission, I’m going to have to demand a vacation…

-The End-

Good luck to all players for the upcoming event! I want to thank all of the dB members for the updates on leaks, analysis and just helping bring the community together. I hope you enjoyed the little side story. Leave any comments on anything you’d like different, what you liked and I’ll work in the future for more little entertainment.


*flips table* Leave Amano and other low hp demons alone!

Thanks for reading! <3

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  • This was so very cute! I also missed seeing Hijirin and Echo (also, that PS….). And Mikado is as forceful as always…..I think you did a great job there, felt very real haha.

    • Thank you for reading my little story, Ayu! I wanted the people to be very true to the characteristics as they are in the otogi story line ? Even going back to past chapters to see how they interacted with one another. I forgot that Echo was so mean with words! I’ll do my best to do another fluff to help with the boredom <3

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