Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis – Arthur Pendragon

Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis – Arthur Pendragon

Arthur Pendragon

5 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 9,200 / 10,978

Max/MLB HP: 10,400 / 12,410


Brandished Blade (MAX): Deals 5,388 / 6,427 DMG to an enemy (Healer priority) with a moderate chance of inflicting silence

Britain’s King (Lvl 82): Increases DMG of Divina allies by 10%


As cards go, the King of Britain ends up being a relatively simple and straightforward single target nuker. Since he’s melee however his overall damage output is lower than the majority of damage dealers available. He is probably best viewed as a beefed up version of Momotaro from the story line. Better stats meaning more damage, skill damage and HP, as well as the additional silence CC – whilst both have the 10% Divina damage boost. To see the difference in damage output to a better damage dealer however let’s quickly look at the following:


Arthur Pendragon Momotaro

Restless Ghost [Xmas]

() = on Final Wave

Auto Attack 1,298 1,157 1,163 (1,628)
Skill Damage 8,740 7,541 8,096 (15,277)
Skill Effect Silence (Moderate) None Freeze (High)
EHP 13,416 11,610 12,512
Passive 10% Divina DMG 10% Divina DMG (Leader slot) 30% Crit DMG (2 Highest ATK)


So what do we see. He’s basically 10-15% better than Momotaro, but Momotaro is a essentially a starter daemon. Compared to a true damage dealer – before the final wave buff, Arthur is slightly ahead of Restless Ghost, but once the final wave is reached Restless Ghost is significantly ahead. The high freeze chance is also much better than the silence, providing a secondary team damage boost.

Don’t forget also, that this is a comparison to the best melee damage dealer, there are a lot of Ranged damage dealers also who are in and around the same level as Restless.

Arthur isn’t terrible but he’s more like an upgrade to a starter daemon for any new players starting the game out now. To be fair if they played the last event and have 1 or 2 Orihime copies, then Arthur & Orihime is a Nuker/tank with a nuker/debuffer Divina combo which would be pretty good if you’ve just started! For veterans however, he is simply collection material.


Emilio’s Rating: 7.5/10 (Average 5*)


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