Assist Daemon – Initial Thoughts

Assist Daemon – Initial Thoughts


So Mitama has actually added a new feature! To me it’s a pretty good one as I will discuss below, but it essentially has the potential to open up different routes, and adding variety plus a level of thought to teams is never a bad thing. Let’s start off with just exactly what the new assist daemon do, and what we know about them.

What are Assist Daemon?

Assist daemon are new daemon that cannot be used in the main team or in reserve slots. Their sole functions are to essentially serve as a daemon with the equivalent of a special bond – but that can be used by any other daemon, as well as to have their stats used in Guild Conquest. We also know that:

    • Only one assist daemon can be equipped by a daemon at a time
    • Assist daemon have a base bond buff, equivalent to any other normal bond (3/4/5* Assist daemon provide 3/4/5 % buff to either Skill DMG, Attack DMG or Health)
    • There is also the 50% bonus for being equipped by a daemon of the same type/colour to the base bond.
    • The 50% bonus does not apply to the assist ability
  • The same daemon can be bonded to multiple daemon within the same team (tested and confirmed – for clarity this is with multiple copies of the same daemon, not just 1 copy to different daemon)

Unknown details:

  • Whether in the future base bond buffs will include other attribute bonuses than the standard Skill DMG/Attack DMG/Health from Range/Melee/Healer classes.

What does this mean for the game?

DAMAGE. Yes more damage everywhere. These are essentially special bonds, so should be viewed as instant upgrades to existing bonds equipped on daemon. 7.5% skill damage and 35% crit damage is much better than 7.5% skill damage by itself right? Based on the power level of the 3 we have been given to begin with, we should be in for a treat with 5* assist daemon later, which I assume are coming. My best guess would be to expect on 5* assist daemon things around the level of:

    • 50% Critical Damage
    • 20% Critical Rate
    • 25% Damage
    • 30% Skill Damage
  • 30% Attack Damage

These are big numbers and can have a significant effect on damage outputs. But this shouldn’t be the only thing to look forward to. There should be no reason why all other modifiers/passives can’t be included within assist daemon. Kay Kagen already shows this by having a wave based ability as her assist bond, which is outside the realms of normal bonds. Therefore there is no reason not to expect things such as these on future (5* level…) assist daemon:

    • 30-50% Increased Attack Speed (IAS)
    • 10-20% Damage reduction
    • ~5% Health Regen
  • ~15% Lifesteal

Or even further:

    • Burn/Poison chance on hit
    • Silence/Stun/Sleep/Other CC chance on hit
    • Immunities to Status effects (hey look at me! I’m a mini world boss!)
  • Farming abilities? (I rather this doesn’t happen but it’s possible)

This is what makes this a much more interesting and significant addition to the game than bonds themselves initially were. Put simply basic bonds were too restrictive. Assigning an effect to each class meant there were only ever going to be 3 types of bond buffs, 2 of which were offensive and one simply provided a small health boost. This meant variation was minimal, especially since skill damage has dominated since time began. All you ever did was add full skill bonds, except where a daemon couldn’t live so you would add some HP bonds instead.

This addition has much greater potential to open up different avenues, allow greater team composition variation, and even make certain abilities/daemon significantly more useful than before. Some examples of what I’m thinking of would be things such as:

    • Being able to give a daemon damage reduction individually (which is much better than a 5% HP buff) could allow for daemon that wouldn’t normally survive scenarios to actually be used. One example would be Katsushika Hokusai in world boss with his paper thin HP value meaning world boss nukes tend to kill him (or in my case possibly use Gjällerhorn again in world boss since Mizunoe kills him at LB0, I miss you bro)
    • Significant enough defensive options such as life leech and regen could allow for teams without healers. This could be another route to increase damage output by simply going for all offensive daemon using only the assist daemon for defense
    • A decrease enemy speed on hit assist could potentially give any daemon Philosopher Stones passive. No longer would you be forced to select her for World Boss runs and this adds a free slot to teams to try out more compositions, or just extra damage options without the annoyance of being restricted to 4 slots.
    • An IAS based assist can be fantastic for an auto attack based team, as well as being probably the most useful in bringing other relatively unused daemon forward. The one offensive example I see is Mara. If you remember the review I said his passive scales only with IAS. Simply giving him it for free synergises perfectly with his own passive ability, and should greatly increase team damage output as a consequence.
    • On the other hand a defensive synergy with IAS would be something like Kada. Upping your chance to freeze an enemy/boss with normal attacks means much greater survivability, as well as a slight damage output increase (this is possibly one for competitive PVP too, but I am far from an expert in that area…)
  • Sticking with IAS, if we can give an entire team IAS assist daemon, then defense reduction skills suddenly have their damage output significantly increased. This skill type will synergise with every single IAS assist daemon used in the team, as opposed to raw damage assist daemon who will simply add only to the daemon they’re attached to.

This is why I much prefer this update and the potential it holds. The boundaries can be pushed much further, it’s just up to Mitama to provide a greater array of assist options to allow this to happen (and please please please for the love of god, DO NOT make some Phantom only OP one because we all know who it will go on instantly).

What should I be considering when deciding on which Assist Daemon to use?

This takes me back to one of the first pieces I wrote on this website. Remember that article on buffing your daemon and how it works/what to use? Good job if you do, it was a long time ago! (if you don’t, it’s right here). The assist daemon you use should generally follow the same principles/guidelines as what I said in that article. A quick line of thought is to pair things that synergise with each other. This is more when considering daemon in isolation and not when trying to build a whole team around something (I really want Auto Attack/IAS to be a thing….please Mitama), but buffs that go together are:

    • Critical Rate with Critical Damage
    • Skill Damage/Attack Damage with Damage (they multiply each other rather than add)
  • IAS and “On hit” abilities

What this means is if a daemon already has one type of buff, it’s generally beneficial to provide it with the other side of the synergy through the assist daemon, as this will have a greater effect on that daemon than one without the other half of the synergy. A couple of quick examples to illustrate this are below:

Crit Rate & Critical Damage:

A good example of this is using Amanojaku – who has no critical rate or damage bonuses to herself – vs Francisco who has a massive 40% critical rate boost on the final wave. Let’s use one of the assist daemon already available in Saingyo. He provides 35% critical damage, so we would expect this to synergise well with Francisco, and it certainly does:

Without Assist Daemon With Assist (35% Crit DMG)
Auto DMG Skill DMG Auto DMG Skill DMG DMG Difference
Amanojaku 2,497 13,229 2,818 14,930 +12.9%
Francisco 2,327 10,347 2,953 13,133 +26.9%

The damage boost for Francisco was over double that of Amanojaku’s, and actually gives him stronger auto attacks than her. This is a nice illustration of how significant the difference can be, and potentially how some daemon with a large percentage boost in one stat but not the other half of the synergy could now be more useful.

Skill/Attack Damage with Damage:

In case anyone is confused, for clarity skill damage boosts only add to the damage of your skill, attack damage boosts only add damage to your normal attacks, and boosts which simply say “increase damage by X” affect both auto attacks AND skill attacks. Since these are all different types of buffs, the effects get multiplied when two are applied to the same daemon. These trio of buffs are also affected by the diminishing return effect in general, meaning it is generally better to provide a daemon with the one it is missing/has the lower value of.

Let’s use everyone’s offensive daemon of choice again with her DMG buff, and put her alongside Snow White [Demon Hunter] who has a 50% Skill DMG buff instead as an illustration, looking only at their skill damage outputs:

Amanojaku Snow White
  Base Skill Damage 13,229 11,376
  With 40% DMG Assist 17,009 15,926
  DMG Difference +28.6% +40%
  With 40% Skill DMG Assist 17,549 14,014
  DMG Difference +32.7% +23.2%

This nicely illustrates everything I mentioned. Since Snow White already has a Skill Damage buff whilst Amanojaku does not, Amanojaku gains more from the Skill Damage assist. Since Amanojaku already has an all damage buff and Snow White doesn’t, Snow White gains more from the all damage assist.

The diminishing returns effect is also clear. Since Snow White has no all damage boost she gains the full effect of 40% from the all damage assist, however since she already has skill damage in her base kit, she only gains 23.2% from the skill damage assist, despite it being a 40% value.

Naturally it’s not quite as simple as this however, the above is simply one important thing to consider. One other thing to note when considering which assist to use in general would be your team composition as a whole. What I mean by this is, okay sure your daemon might not have a critical rate boost to itself, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a critical damage assist. What if all your damage comes from that daemon during your buff sequence (**cough Amano**), and what if during this sequence you use a daemon in your team to give it maximum critical rate during the combo? In this scenario a critical damage assist would likely give the best result for additional damage.

So what about the Assist Daemon released?

Well it’s obviously difficult to review these in the normal sense like all other daemon previously, since they have a much simpler function and there’s also no previous daemon to compare to. What I would say is the following:

The Attack and HP stats are irrelevant since they are all 4*. These can only be used for GCQ, which means either a) you will never see them since you have at least 10 5* daemon, or b) You are a beginner so they will make your team anyway since they are all you have available.

It’s therefore simply a case of comparing their assist bonds and which i think is the best. On that note I see it as::

Best: Saigyo


35% Critical Damage – This is a huge value for a start, and like I said above, it’s likely the majority of your damage comes through a critical rate buffed daemon in the first place. It can be used in any situation as well (unlike Kay Kagen’s wave based ability, which lacks in world boss), so is more versatile. Is going to be instantly stuck on every Amanojaku in world boss, prepare for 9 million damage now.

Middle: Kay Kagen

Kay Kagen

4% Damage per wave – As I said above, weak for world boss, but significantly stronger in story/tower events. Being all damage will affect both normal and skill attacks so still very strong in general. I would assume this is additive to other Damage per wave passives such as Kappa (i.e he would be gaining 6% from his own passive and 4% from Kagen, so 10% each wave).

Weakest: Niccolo Paganini

Nicolo Paganini

10% Critical Rate – I don’t know how weak this will be in the long run but I think it’s the weakest of the three here. It’s good for daemon with high critical damage values like Nekogami, Snow White, Titanium Elf, Azi, and two relatively new 4* in Ugo and Danzabura Tanuki, but slightly suspect to the issue of already using critical rate buffers within the team. I think it would be harder to get the most out of this than the other two, and the value seems a little low in comparison as well. It would also have a more significant effect on Melee damage dealers, helping them be closer to Ranged daemon, or help individuals who suffer from the lack of a critical rate booster in their team. Naturally, having this is currently infinitely better than not having any of the three!

There is a question of “how much should I chase these daemon”, and it comes down to your resources and how much you are willing to wait. Of course you may very well expect stronger 5* assist daemon and think these three will be obsolete, but there is definitely no guarantee that 5* will be stronger than these values shown. Furthermore if you wait you are likely to fall behind for this event and the upcoming ones, as well as during world boss. At the same time this doesn’t mean drop 200 invokers to get these. I think it would be foolish not to get at least one to the required level, even at the cost of 200 mochi. If you are still unsure you could always wait to see the daemon in the incoming conquest event, as it’s quite likely the rewards will also be assist daemon so you can make a better decision of what you want to chase then.

So there you have it. My rambling and thought splurging is complete. I hope this was an enjoyable and thought provoking read and I look forward to what the game has in offer going forward!

Thank you as always for reading,


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