Record of the Spirit Halloween Event Daemon Analysis: Behemoth, Hideyo Noguchi, Meißen, Emeror Sutoku, Sarayashiki

Record of the Spirit Halloween Event Daemon Analysis: Behemoth, Hideyo Noguchi, Meißen, Emeror Sutoku, Sarayashiki


Behemoth [HW2]

3 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 5900/7506

Max/MLB HP: 4800/6106


Gluttony (MAX): Deals 1776/2256 DMG to 2 random enemies.

Devourer (lvl 50): Increases (self) 30% of Crit DMG.


Behemoth has decent stats for a 3 star card. The boost to her own crit damage further increases her damage. Unfortunately her skill is nothing special. 2 target damage dealers neither serve to clear waves effectively nor nuke bosses hard. And random targeting is quite pointless unless there are only 2 targets to hit.

As with typical event 3 stars, her value is in collection, beyond which, mochi.


Hideo Noguchi

Hideyo Noguchi [HW2]

4 ★ Healer Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 6500/7969

Max/MLB HP: 6500/7969


New Medicine Creation (MAX): Restores 1938/2378 HP to 2 allies with the lowest percentage of HP and cures them from all negative status effects.

Father of Medical Science (lvl 65): Restores 10% HP to all allies at the start of each wave.


Almost the entire cast of last year’s Halloween event return in this year’s event. Hideyo Noguchi may have recevied a promotion in the story, but he still remains a 4 star healer. His base stats have inflated as with normal power creep over time. His skill more targeted than before, but cures the targets of all negative status effects rather than just poison. The HP recovery is larger, also because of the more limited targeting .

As for his ability, he has stopped being money minded and has lost the 10% soulstone farming ability and picked up a per wave healing ability instead.

In general a negative status effect cure is a fairly rare skill – limited to Philosoper’s Stone, Poor Devil, Hymenaios (cure poison). Hideyo Noguchi is now the only 4 star daemon with this ability. For most players with 5 star options this is not particularly significant, but for beginners struggling to survive world boss, this version of Hideyo Noguchi will help with his auto heals and removal of the debuff status effect caused by Hinoto’s missles.




4 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 6500/7969

Max/MLB HP: 7500/9195


Noblesse Oblige (MAX): Deals 1780/2180 DMG to a wide area of enemies.

Dutch Bouquet (lvl 65): Increases (self) Crit Rate by 20%


Meißen is a melee daemon with a ranged daemon’s crit rate. ‘Wide area’ targeting typically hits the daemons in the same row that the daemon is in. Effectively it means hitting 2 targets most of the time. There are not very many daemons with ‘wide area’ skills. But for (mostly) 2 targets, the skill damage output is very low.

Example: Firecracker also has a ‘wide area’ targeting skill. On the first and second wave Firecracker hits only the 2 melee brutes and not the ranged one behind. On the third wave, even after 1 of the melee brutes is killed, and when Firecracker’s skill is activated, she hits only the remaining melee brute, and not the ranged brute behind. And when Firecracker finally makes it past the melee, and is attacking the ranged brute, her skill hits both ranged brutes.



Meißen overall has a very vanilla skill, and despite her boosted crit rate is unremarkable. She will do for a stop gap measure if you really have nothing else. But then arguably any of the 3 starters at MLB or Momotaro (from chapter 8) would be still more preferred.


Emperor Sutoku

Emperor Sutoku [HW2]

5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12500/14916

Max/MLB HP: 8500/10143


Forbidden Curse (MAX): Deals 1228/1468 DMG to all enemies, with a moderate chance of inflicting Stun.

Scripture of Blood (lvl 80): Increases (self) Crit Rate by 4% at the start of each wave.


With the recent introduction of the Endless Challenge mode, daemons with abilities that boost their damage have suddenly increased in their utility. The original Emperor Sutoku is one of those older daemons that was generally considered outdated and useless until the Endless mode came about. Now he is one of the favored daemons to be used for that mode, thanks to his damage being boosted every wave, and multi-target skill that silences the enemy at high chance.


Emperor Sutoku (Original form)

Attack: 10800/12887

HP: 7800/9307

Skill DMG: 1228/1468 with High chance of inflicting Silence

Ability: Increases 5% DMG Dealt at the start of each wave


And so Sutoku has a new form, also geared towards the new Endless challenge mode, but with some changes. His stats have been updated to allow for power creep. However his skill damage remains the same as his original form. He also swaps Silence for Stun as the crowd control inflicted on the opponent, but has a lower activation chance. His per-wave boost increases his Crit Rate, rather than his DMG dealt.

Sutoku’s lack of improvement in skill damage is a potential source of dissatisfaction. However, for phantasma based Endless challenge teams, Siren, with a per-wave skill damage boosting ability is an easily accessible solution. That he starts from a low base skill damage simply means he takes more waves to max out his skill damage. Of course on the premium end one could run both Siren and Otakemaru [Pure Love] for and Sutoku would hit his skill damage cap earlier.

Sutoku now has Stun rather than Silence. Stun stops both the opponent’s skill attacks and auto attacks. Silence prevents the opponent from using skills (auto attacks still go through). Because of the greater reduction of the opponent’s damage output, Stun is the more powerful crowd control skill. So as a compromise, the activation rate of the Stun skills is typically set lower so as not to make it too unbalanced.

Sutoku’s wave dependent boost now increases his Crit Rate rather than Damage Dealt. Damage Dealt boosts both auto attacks as well as skill damage, and goes a long way towards Emperor Sutoku hitting his skill damage cap, especially in the absence of per-wave damage boosting assist daemons like Kay Kagen. So far players have used Morin Khurr to boost the Crit Rate (5%/wave) and Crit Damage (10%/wave)  of their 2 highest attack daemons. The new version of Emperor Sutoku synergises with the ranking daemon’s ability which boosts Phantasma daemon’s Crit DMG.




5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12900/15393

Max/MLB HP: 8600/10262


Counting Dishes (MAX): Reduces an enemy (healers priority) DEF by 1753/2093 for a limited time.

Good Wife, Wise Mother (lvl 60): Increases Crit DMG by Phantasama Daemons by 20% when this daemon is Team Leader.

Dance of the Swallowtail (lvl 80): Increases 20% of Crit DMG by 2 Phantasma Allies* at the start of each wave.

*random targeting among the Phantasma allies if you have more than 2 Phantasma allies on the team


Ranking daemon Sarayashiki is a single target defence reducer much in the vein of Aurum Elf. Aurum Elf reduces a melee priority enemy’s defence by 1436/1716 with her skill. Sarayashiki targets the healer rather than the melee enemy. She has overall higher stats, and greater defence reduction compared to Aurum elf. Unfortunately the use of a single target defence reducer has not been meta in the game for a long time, nor is it likely to be suddenly popularized again. The mathematics behind defence reduction is a simple addition to the damage received, rather than a multiplicative of the other buffs (damage dealt, skill damage, crit damage, receive more damage debuff).

As a team leader, Sarayashiki increases Phantasma Crit DMG by 20%. This skill alone compares unfavourably Titania [New Year] with 25% Phantasma Crit DMG boost, also from the leader spot. Cherry Blossom Front also provided a 20% Phantasma Crit DMG boost, but without a leader spot restriction. With Sola and her 15 level and 40% type unrestricted Crit DMG boost only recently released, Sola is the sue in winner to the leader spot under most circumstances (and also because of her much better active skill).

Where Sarayashiki is unique is in her wave based Crit DMG boost. So far only Morin Khurr provides a wave based Crit DMG boost (10%) combined with a Crit Rate boost (5%) to 2 highest attack allies. Sarayashiki’s per wave Crit DMG boost is greater at 20%. However, her targeting is limited to Phantasma daemons, and is random if more than 2 Phantasma daemons are on the team. If one carries only 2 Phantasma daemons on the team the Crit DMG boost will be of a greater quantum than that of Morin. But if one has 4 Phantasma daemons on the team, the per wave boost would be randomly distributed among them, resulting in an average 10% per wave Crit DMG boost to all 4 Phantasma daemons. On a pure Phantasma team, Sarayashiki’s Crit DMG boost would be more evenly spread among the team in contrast to Morin’s concentrated boosting of only the 2 highest attack daemons.

Once the effect of both Sarayashiki’s abilities are combined, even on the first wave, she will provide a 40% Crit DMG boost to 2 Phantasma daemons and 20% to other Phantasma daemons on the team. Non Phantasma daemons will not receive any boost. As more waves pass, Sarayashiki will easily surpass Sola’s 40% Crit DMG boost. How quickly those boosts stack on your main damage dealer would depend on how many other Phantasma daemons you decide to bring on the team.

Sarayashiki’s application in World Boss is likely limited. Sola would generally be preferred because of an identical Crit DMG boost (both 40% at max) to Phantasma damage dealers. Plus Sola gives you the option of using non Phantasma daemons and having them boosted as well. And those 15 extra levels.

For multiple wave modes, Sarayashiki’s position as leader means that she sits front and center and will receive the bulk of the damage unless melee daemons are placed on the team. Sola as a healer makes for a better tank (although not quite as good as a melee unit) because ranged daemons take 15% more damage than healers (and melee 15% less). Her fragility and survival issues means one might prefer to have a non ranged daemon in the leader spot instead.

For endless mode, where Sarayashiki’s per wave boost is most likely to shine, her placement as leader continues to be a problem. If not used as leader, being placed on the team itself eats up a precious team spot for a not very useful skill (what is a flat 2000 more damage on each auto when mobs and bosses have millions of HP?) So Sarayashiki could possibly be relegated to the reserve where only her wave based ability takes effect.

In team construction for Endless mode, one would ideally stack per wave (1) damage boost, (2) skill damage boost, (3) crit damage boot, and (4) crit rate boost in order to hit the damage caps at a faster rate. Missing any of these boosts results in never hitting the caps or taking an unrealistic number of waves to do so. Morin Khurr provides 2 of the 4 boosts. Siren or Otakemaru [Pure Love] provide another one. Wave based damage boost daemons like Kappa and Emperor Sutoku [Original form] and assist daemon Kay Kagen provide the last boost. Saryashiki’s per wave crit damage boost overlaps with that of Morin Khurr’s. But because Morin also provides a crit rate boost, one would almost always pick Morin because she provides 2 boosts together. Having said that, it would be even better to have both Sarayashiki and Morin, than just either of them.

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