Best and Worst Daemons of 2017

Best and Worst Daemons of 2017

Hello! Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all 😀 . Another year comes to an end, and this is the first full year of Otogi play. So let’s look back at the best and worst daemon given to us by Mitama throughout 2017 split into categories. First up:


Best: Satan


This is a hard fought category with lots of really strong daemon available – Leonardo Da Vinci, Restless Ghost [Xmas], Nekogami… but Satan wins it purely through availability. Power wise she can easily compete with the others listed, thanks namely to her insane special bonds. Lucifer [Xmas] was almost 3 ranged 5* bonds in one, but even if you couldn’t get him for 250 mochi, the in event 4* Mayd N Hell was 14% Skill damage as a replacement. Add to this that Satan was the level reward and not rank reward meant it was possible for lots more people to MLB her with no Orb use. Definitely the best Christmas present this year from Mitama.

Worst: Loki


February’s exchange daemon was a good laugh. His skill damage was so bad that people actually thought it might be a typo or there was a number missing. Painfully poor and the 100% burn chance far from made up for it.


Best: Yatagarasu [Festival]


A latecomer to the party but worth the wait. Packing the biggest punch for 3 targetters in 2017 (technically Antikythera hits a bit harder but was released in 2016 so is disqualified) but also providing a 10% flat damage boost to Phantasma – currently the hardest hitting teams in game. Get ready for some ridiculous damage outputs in the next conquest event, and it will be thanks largely to Yatagarasu replacing Belphegor as the AoE of choice.

Worst: Typhon


Another exchange daemon, another terrible option. Again the skill damage was just painfully poor and came with burn, but this time unlike Loki it was not even guaranteed. The self crit rate boost was almost meaningless since the skill damage output was so low in the first place.


Best: Cherry Blossom Front

Cherry Blossom Front

Easy choice. By far the best healer in the game, just sadly came before mochi exchanging was a thing so very few people have a copy. Provides the highest increase damage dealt buff percentage of the 3 main offensive healers (herself, Orpheus and Freyr) at 52%, but is the only one to also provide a team boost on top with her 20% crit damage to Phantasma. Even her base stats were solid for her class at 9,000/8,400. If a card comes out in the future close to this most people should aim for it at all costs!

Worst: Yata Mirror

Yata Mirror

Nostalgia please… you can’t save the fact that Yata was actually a weak card. Her only use came through deadly PVP farming. A healer with an offensive ability that deals little damage has no real place, and her two passives are borderline useless. 10% reflect does almost nothing and the boost to Anima Skill damage is out of meta.


Best: Amanojaku


The only 4* to make the list and with good reason. 74% increased damage received is insane. Perspective wise you just need to consider that there have been multiple debuffers of a similar nature since her release in January, and the highest debuff percentage since even amongst 5* has been Azi Dahaka’s 60%. Amanojaku even packs virulent poison on top at a very high rate and 9,000 attack for a 4* is top end. Her only downside is her frailty so sometimes (current world boss?) it can be annoying to see her die, but other than that she was a godsend and a staple among teams of all types.

Worst: Hattori Hanzo

Hattori Hanzo

3 exchange daemons?? I suppose they are the cheapest ones to get so they can’t be that strong, hey? Hattori came at the end of a list of disappointing 5* debuffers, all seemingly stuck at 30-40% increased damage received. Without a useful passive either and bringing nothing else to the table, she ended up being the final disappointing exchange of the year.


Best: Holy Grail

Holy Grail

Yes, okay Qilin is super strong. Yes, I do have Qilin rated higher on other spreadsheets, but Grail was actually refreshing when released, and the first time I actually wanted to write a review. A crit rate buffer with significant critical damage up? I’m all in for that, and so were many other people judging by how high the bar was to rank for her event. When it was tested mid event to be 60% instead of the expected 50%, well that’s just the cherry on top. Big stats as well and non team set up dependent she’s flexible to the cause. Her best use comes with nukers who already have some critical rate increase themselves so the damage boost she provides via her crit damage buff is massive. Only her targeting is a slight issue, but once a little power creep happens on nukers prepare for some ridiculous damage outputs!

Worst: Susanoo [Studious]


Wow! 79% damage up at MLB! Who is this amazing card…w-wait a minute. To self?? But then maybe if they do insane damage…wait it’s a melee card and her skill is just a heal. Even after 4 waves of stacking her passive (moderate damage to self) and then using her skill she still doesn’t have the best normal attack in the game – so what is the point? A weird skill set for a card which makes it useless.


Best: Kongming

Kong Ming

He was probably undersold in his review but has turned out to be an incredibly useful daemon. With super high stats he can tank even as a ranged daemon and his 4 way buff – speed, crit rate, crit damage and damage reduction – Kong Ming cover a variety of situations and be a saving grace for multiple teams, not just elf. Nowadays is also one of the best cards for Guild conquest as well (although I don’t like to mention that event).

Worst: Lucifer [Xmas]


This was sold as “the only use for this is the bond with Satan” and this stands true. A weak ability that some 4* had better versions of and a weak passive ability meant there really was only 1 reason to get him (go Satan!).


Best: Hikoboshi


Tank is a sad class right now. Without a survival event they don’t really have a use other than stalling in PvP defence – but even then you can’t control their skill use so it’s not as useful as it seems. If ever there is a use for them however Hikoboshi should be your man. A huge heal and damage reduction to self as well as 5% life regeneration (second highest in game) means he can be an absolute pain to kill. Even in the event itself it was difficult for many people to 3* the last chapter because he kept timing them out. Keep an eye on him just in case!

Worst: Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

That passive looked good right. Wow sharp damage down and big life regeneration. She’s going to be good upfront and then deal loads of damage with her skill right? Then you realise her passive only starts when she’s 90% dead and bam! Useless.


Best: Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scrolls

Woo! An exchange daemon made it to the best list. Dead Sea Scrolls is a fantastic farm card, bringing 15% exp and 20% soulstone boosts with her. One of very few daemon to have two farming passive and both at a high rate? Instant grab! She only needed 3 copies for both passives so should have been taken up by most players. Add to this that her damage output was actually decent and she had a single target nuke (I mean, think of Hermes as a farming daemon whose damage output is borderline pathetic) and she was a dream.

Worst: Wakatoshi


At the time of release she was the first EXP booster in a while so was kept, but after multiple 10% boosting daemon later she’s simply been relegated. 5% EXP boost doesn’t cut it anymore sadly.


Best: Astaroth


Her passive is absolutely disgusting and the reason why Phantasma teams will stay meta until something big comes along to marry up to her. 25% damage to all Phantasma allies is over double any other team damage boosting passives (11% on Takamura and 10% on most others such as Momotaro and Himiko). The 5 second silence is a small price to pay when you spend a minute dishing out damage in conquest, and 5 minutes in world boss.

Worst: Pandora


I mean there’s plenty of Daemon with no reserve usage whatsoever, and plenty more still who have very weak abilities, but I suppose Pandora provides the worst of all. Poison immunity does nothing in most scenarios, and to make it worse hers is restricted to Divina only.


Best: Mazu


I mean we all play just for the art don’t we? It’s a very subjective matter of course so this is more fun than fact, but Mazu is a favourite of mine for her intricacy and detail. Others include Yata mirror (that cheeky “notice me senpai” Sola in the background), Ohina and Susanoo [Studious] (I can’t help it when Shrödingers pantsu are involved).

Worst: Rocket Firework

Rocket Firework

Seriously….why. Ugly.
Another piece of art of very questionable quality would have to be Daji [Seductive Swimsuit]. (qtphi21’s opinion) 

Daji Seductive Swimsuit


Best: Belphegor x Chronos

Bel x Chronos

What a master won’t do for his lazy assistant hey.

Worst: Ohina x …what was his name again?

A Spirits Doll FestivalSo weak as a set. Buffing only dolls and then no dolls exist other than themselves. Ended up having no use whatsoever. The story line wasn’t even that great to boot D:

So there we have it! The best and worst of 2017 complete. Let’s hope for some more ridiculous meta breakers in 2018! See you all next year.


P.S. Opinions on things like best and worst Art, Couple are all very subjective. Even among daemons that are objectively compared to each other there were multiple alternatives that could have easily taken the crown.

Do you agree or disagree with this list? What was the best and worst of 2017 in YOUR opinion?

24 thoughts on “Best and Worst Daemons of 2017”

  • Princess Oto is my favourite card, despite her lackluster stats. Though I have to agree on that awful Daji artwork. Major cringe there.

    IMHO, best couple Dojigiri/Shuten – adorably tsundere bride and serious dorky demon lord, plus all the laughs? A winner in my book.

  • You know, all this time I thought ghost ship was a guy O_O Magatsuhi would be my pick for best art, she was gorgeous. Shiranui looked really cool too! Great write up as always, Happy New Year!

  • hey hey that ohina event had some great bonding story!

    (the mother doughter family thing not the ohina thing, ohina just sucks)

  • Ugh, totally regretting skipping the Christmas event now that I read this. I’m still salty over this because I already saved some mochi in case of a nuker I could use. (skipped scroll too because I don’t really care in leveling) but ugh may there be another good nuke next year

  • What a fun read! I do agree to all of it especially the best couple choice. Belphe and Chrono ship in the CQ Event is really well done and cute.

  • I have almost all of the best daemons and only mira as the worst (but hey, you know, nostalgia), I just really miss cherry and amano for my phantasma team :c I didn’t rank for grail too (why am I stupid, because I don’t like cq events isn’t a good reason to skip a great deamon ;_;) but I’m really happy that I ranked for kongming and didn’t pay attention to his review, he helps me a lot since I got him :3
    And yay mazu is realllllllllly cute ♡♡♡

    • Like what it says on the tin. That other elf they did as well, Selenium(?) had wonky boobs where gravity just doesn’t apply to them lol. Fortunately, Amanojaku’s artwork is good by their standards.

      • Speaking of wonky boobs, Zirco Elf looks like she just has teardrops for boobs that extend out only at a small point on her chest and gravity has too much of an effect on them.

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