There’s Something About Honnoji The Q Incident: Brutus, Tenkai, Honnoji Mirage, Hosokawa Tamako, Oda Nobunaga

There’s Something About Honnoji The Q Incident: Brutus, Tenkai, Honnoji Mirage, Hosokawa Tamako, Oda Nobunaga


3 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 4100/5216

Max/MLB HP: 5000/6361


Assassin’s Dagger (MAX): Deals 1480/1880 DMG to current target. Target receives 27/34% more DMG for a limited time.


The Romans are here! Brutus makes an appearance in Otogi, sadly as a 3 ★. His skill set is almost identical to that of Gobrute, another melee single target attacker cum debuffer. While Brutus’s stats are higher on both attack and hp than that of Gobrute, their skill damage is identical. Brutus provides an marginally higher debuff also, compared to Gobrute (24/31%).

Unfortunately even with the slightly better stats and slightly greater debuff percentage, Brutus’s skill damage is still too low to be of relevance, even in PvP farming. So, like Gobrute, he is a regular 3 ★, which in other words, means he is Junk. Et tu, Brutus?


Nex Rating: Junk



4 ★ Healer Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 6000/7356

Max/MLB HP: 6100/7480


Behind the Scenes (MAX): Deals 3728/4568 DMG to an enemy (ranged priority), with a moderate chance of inflicting Stun to target.

High Priest (lvl 67): Reduces 3% of DMG dealt by all foes at the start of each wave.


Tenkai strangely takes a leaf out of Zombilina’s book, styled as a healer with a single target attack skill. It really is a strange set up, to have the healer on your team act as the nuker. As a healer 4 ★, Tenkai’s stats are quite mediocre. As a single target hitter, his skill damage is, again, mediocre.

LB3+ Tenkai unlocks a defensive ability that reduces the opponent’s damage dealt. The damage reduction is slight, at only 3%, but affects all your opponents, so your whole team takes less damage.

Overall with the awkward skill set and mediocre stats, Tenkai neither fits the standard mould nor makes himself unique in a useable manner. This leaves him mainly as a stop gap unit to be used by beginners who lack both specialized healer and nuker on their team.


Nex Rating: Junk


Honnoji Mirage

4 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 6000/7356


Capricious Flame (MAX): Deals 1780/2180 DMG to the 3 enemies with the lowest HP, with a moderate chance of inflicting Burn.

In Blazes (lvl 41): Normal attacks have 60% chance of inflicting burn. *corrected for grammar


Honnoji Mirage serves as the conquest boss in the event, even though the story has Francisco as the Villian affected by evil energy. Historically in the Honnoji Incident, Oda Nobunaga was betrayed by Akechi Mitsuhide, and was forced to commit suicide / was killed. The Honnoji temple was set ablaze during the incident. This aspect of the event has been reflected in Honnoji Mirage’s skill and abilities – burn is attached both to her skill and her auto attacks.

As a daemon, Honnoji Mirage can be compared to other 3 target daemons like Zhang Jiao (released last tower). With Burn attached to her skill, another sharp comparison would be to Roman Candell, Adremelech, and Yatagarasu [Festival].

Daemon Attack Max/MLB HP Max/MLB Skill DMG Max/MLB Targeting (3 enemies) Abilities MLB True Autos MLB Effective Skill DMG
Yatagarasu [Festival] 12000/14319 8700/10381 2991/3571

High chance Burn

Highest ATK Lv 80: Moderately (10%) increases DMG of all Phantasma allies. 1929 5894
Roman Candell 8700/10666 6200/602 2393/2933

Moderate chance Burn

Ranged Priority Lv 60: Significantly increases (50%) DMG dealt at the start of the final wave. 1306

1959 (final wave)


6197 (final wave)

Adremelech 10500/12529 8000/9546 2268/2708 Melee Priority Lv 57: Skill attacks have a moderate chance (40%) of inflicting Burn. 1286 4063
Titania 7270/8914 5200/6376 1849/2269 Ranged Priority Lv 64: Moderately (10%) increases DMG dealt by Phantasma team members when this daemon is team leader. 1201 3516
Zhang Jiao [Yellow] 8400/10298 6000/7356 1762/2162

Moderate chance Paralysis

Highest Atk Lv 28: Sharply increases Crit DMG (30%) 1400 3381
Honnoji Mirage 7500/9195 6000/7356 1780/2180

Moderate chance Burn

Lowest HP Lv 41: Normal attacks have 60% chance of inflicting burn. 1126 3071


Unfortunately for Honnoji Mirage, she is the clear loser when placed side by side with other 3 target hitters, especially the outstanding Roman Candell. While her damage output might catch up to that of Zhang Jiao and Titania once her Burn ability has been considered, she is far inferior to the top tier 3 target hitters.


Nex Rating: Junk


Hosokawa Tamako

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 11500/13723

Max/MLB HP: 8700/10381


Stuck in Love (MAX): Restores 1852/2212 HP to all allies. Targets receive 21/25% less DMG for a limited time.

Purity-Focused (lvl 33): Restores 10% HP to all allies at the start of each wave.


Hosokawa Tamako provides a HP recovery with damage reduction skill on a ranged daemon. While shield daemons are typically healer class, there have been several ranged daemons who were also given such a skill. Hosokawa Tamako is most similar to Okuninushi. Kong Ming is listed here for reference.


Daemon Hosokawa Tamako Okuninushi Kong Ming
Attack Max/MLB 11500/13723 11,000/13,126 12000/14319
HP Max/MLB 8700/10381 8,000/9.546 9850/11754
Skill HP recovery 1852/2212 1466/1746 607/724
% DMG reduction 21/25% 43/52% Lv 70: 15%
Abilities Lv 33: Restores 10% HP to all allies at the start of each wave. Lv 73: Slightly increases max HP of all allies

*Receives 2x Special Bonds from White Hare of Inaba (normal + Sports Meet)

(with skill) increases targets’ speed by 27%/32% for a limited time.

Lv 70: Moderately reduce DMG taken by skill targets (15%).

Lv 80: Slightly increases crit rate (5%), at the same time sharply increases crit DMG (20%) of all targets.


Hosokawa Tamako has higher stats on both attack and HP than Okuninushi, higher skill damage but lower percentage of damage reduction. However, Okuninushi’s skill based HP recovery is actually higher than listed, because of his potential 2 special bonds from both versions of Hare of Inaba, which, if used on an MLB Okuninushi, would raise the HP recovery to closely comparable that of Hosokawa Tamako’s [MLB Tamako has 2709 HP recovery with 22.5% skill bonds, MLB Okuninushi has 2435 with 39.5% skill bonds]. Kong Ming is on an entirely different plane compared to both Okuninushi and Hosokawa Tamako; he has so many other buffs to make up for the lower HP recovery and lower shield percentage.

Overall Tamako and Okuninushi are very closely comparable, the main difference between the two being accessibility. Tamako is relatively easily limit broken through the event, whereas Okuninushi was Limited JS and only 1 copy was tradeable for 200 mochi – the further LB copies would have required orbs or whaling on the Jewel Summon. This particular build of daemon builds towards healer-less team setups. But so far having a proper healer on the team would reduce skill shards used for survival to allow for more skills that actually increase one’s damage. Thus, both Okuninushi and Tamako would struggle to find their places in most mature teams.


Nex Rating: Junk

Oda Nobunaga

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12000/14319

Max/MLB HP: 8100/9665


Eccentric Warlord (MAX): Restores 3813/4553 HP to self. Target deals 36/43% more DMG for a limited time.

Embodiment of Mara (lvl 43): Increases (self) Crit Rate by 15%.

Rule by Force (lvl 77): Increases all allies Crit DMG by 10%.


Ranking daemon, Oda Nobunaga, is an unfortunate variation on the the level daemon from the previous conquest, Durga. Like Durga and Susanoo [Serious], Oda Nobunaga is a self booster, recovering HP and boosting his own auto attacks. His first ability boosts his OWN crit rate. Only his second ability boosts the TEAM’s crit damage.

Daemon Oda Nobunaga Durga Susanoo [Studious]
Type and Class Ranged Divina Ranged Phantasma Melee Divina
Attack MAX/MLB 12000/14319 11000/13126 8400/10023
HP MAX/MLB 8100/9665 8000/9546 9900/11813
HP RCR MAX/MLB 3813/4553 2486/2966 2600/3120
DMG Boost MAX/MLB 36/43% 60/72% 66/79%
Ability Lv 43: Increases (self) Crit Rate by 15%.

Lv 77: Increases all allies Crit DMG by 10%.

Lv 43: Moderately increases Crit Rate (10%) and ATK speed (10%).

Lv 75: DMG dealt have a significant chance of moderately increases at the start of each wave.

Lv 75: Moderately increases DMG dealt at the start of each wave.

Oda Nobunaga starts from a higher base attack and hp than Durga. He also has higher HP recovery with his skill, but his damage boost is of a far lower percentage. His crit rate boost is 15% compared to Durga’s 10%, however Durga has a concurrent 10% speed boost to balance things out. He has a team applicable 10% crit damage boost, which helps, but really isn’t anything special: 4 stars like Poison S. Brew, Ame-no-Uzume, and Zhuge Ling all spot 10% teamwide crit damage boost passives.

Between Durga and Oda, who wins at any one point in time would depend on whether their skill has been used, and on which wave the battle is on. Unboosted and on single wave stage, Oda is superior. Once the damage boost is applied, or on stages with multiple waves, Durga wins due to her higher damage boost percentage, and chance of boosted damage every wave. However, these differences do not make either of them particularly useful in the current meta; they both excel at auto attacks while the current meta heavily favours stacking skill damage.


Nex Rating: Junk


Emilio Overall Event Rating: The worst overall ratings for an event I have ever given. The best card is probably Honnoji Mirage, who you would never really use unless you just started the game anyway.

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