Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis – Brynhildr, Danzabura Tanuki, Chrysanthia White

Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis – Brynhildr, Danzabura Tanuki, Chrysanthia White


Brynhildr [True Form]

5 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 9,900 / 11,813

Max/MLB HP: 11,000 / 13,126


The Radiant Valkyrie (MAX): Deals 3,843 / 4,584 DMG to an enemy (melee priority) with a moderate chance of inflicting stun.

Guardian of Souls (Lvl 68): Increases DMG by 50% when HP is ½ or less

Path of Purity (Lvl 80): Increases Skill DMG by 25%


First off, I love the artwork and think its an absolutely gorgeous card. Sadly however its strength doesn’t match at all.

The stats might be the biggest ever on a melee, but that’s honestly about it for this card. The problem with the first ability is that it’s uncontrollable, and most of time never on. It’s borderline impossible to maintain yourself at a constant sub half HP, so it’s simply an occasional boost in damage right after you’ve eaten a nuke to the face.

Even then, what is this card supposed to be, a single target nuker with 2 damage boosts right? But even WITH the first passive, it has normal attacks of 1,905, and a nuke of 10,348 damage. There have been plenty of nukers over time since the beginning of the game with this level of damage output. It’s a level only marginally above Guillotine, who comes with a defensive passive to help the entire team on top.

If you consider that most of the time the first passive is off, and your damage output is actually 1,270 for autos and 6,899 for your skill, this is simply no where near competitive enough for today’s standards. The stun is a nice additional CC, but then you have to consider that at this level, it’s basically equivalent to Kashuu Kiyomitsu (yeah that’s right…that card from aaaaages ago that no one ever uses), just with slightly better stats all around.

Plus points for being relatively tanky, but that’s about it. You would be much better off obtaining Arthur from GCQ right now.

Emilio’s Rating: 6.9 / 10 (Below Average 5*)

Danzabura Tanuki

4 ★ Range Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 8,300 / 10,175

Max/MLB HP: 6,300 / 7,723


Sneak Attack (MAX): Deals 2,729 / 3,347 DMG to the Enemy with the Lowest HP. Target takes 30 / 37% more DMG for a limited time

Thousandfold Surprise (Lvl 53): Increases Crit DMG by 60%


Pretty much identical to Zauber Kugel from a few months ago. Similar damage output, exact same debuff %, very similar passive abilities.

A pretty decent card for a 4* – decent damage, a decent debuff, sufficient health not to be paper thin, but as usual a 4* debuffer of this level, whilst better than an average 4* is useless in the long run (compare it to LB0 Orihime from the event for example, and you see it’s sufficiently weaker than that).

Emilio’s Rating:  6.4 / 10 (High tier 4* – but still not useful)

Chrysanthia White

4 ★ Healer Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 6,500 / 7,969

Max/MLB HP: 6.600 / 8,091


Concentration (MAX): Restores 2,928 / 3,592 HP to the 2 allies with the Highest ATK

Heirloom Fragrance (Lvl 40): Reduces Damage taken by all allies by 3%


Just a weak card to be honest. The heal amount on the skill is the highest among 4* cards with 2 targets, but at the same time Chrysanthia is the only one with a vanilla ability. ALL the others have some additional effect, ranging from really minor (18% speed – Ogetsu Hime), to really useful (Reduces DMG taken 82% – Konohana Sakuya). Almost all of the others also have better targeting, half aiming for lowest HP (best option for this skill), and all but 1 of the rest targeting melee (second best option, since these are likely taking the most damage).

Chrysanthia’s passive ability is also incredibly minor. 3% would hardly even be noticeable in any scenario.

Emilio’s Rating: 3.9 / 10 (Weak 4*)

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