Halloween 2 Event – Assist Daemons: Chochin, Zombilina, Dorothy

Halloween 2 Event – Assist Daemons: Chochin, Zombilina, Dorothy


Aka “Red” Chochin [HW2]

4 ★ Assist Anima



Max/MLB Attack: 7,500 / 9,195

Max/MLB HP: 7,000 / 8,582


Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Skill DMG

Red Lust (lvl 65): Increases the skill DMG of the 2 highest ATK daemon by 15% at the start of the final wave (only takes effect once)



This is a very solid assist daemon and being able to go into a reserve slot is a big bonus too (just like Nautilus’ review think of it as just being free damage). I think an ideal team would have Nautilus and Chochin in reserve, Ninetails on a healer and Saigyo on the damage dealers. The only other skill damage assists so far have been Tristan and Chaos. Chochin is just strictly better than Tristan (HP base and only gave 10% skill to it’s target), and has much better flexibility and overall damage than Chaos (15% skill damage to 2 targets rather than 20% to 1, and can be placed on any daemon in the team). Also unlocks at 65 which is not too bad. 50 Mochi + a 4 star orb or 100 Mochi for this is a decent investment.


Emilio’s Rating: 8.5 / 10 (High Tier Assist)


Qtphi21: More skill damage? Yes, please.



Zombilina [HW2]

4 ★ Assist Phantom



Max/MLB Attack: 7,500 / 9,195

Max/MLB HP: 7,000 / 8,582


Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases HP

Zombie Powder (lvl 72): Increases Phantom team members HP by 2% (only takes effect once)



So from a very good assist to a reaaaaaaally bad one. Like terrible. The worst one so far and actually by a distance too. This assist is so bad that you probably wouldn’t even notice it when used. 2% is incredibly low – AND it’s phantom only. Actually awful.


Emilio’s Rating: 1.5 / 10 (for the love of god do not exchange this for Mochi)


Qtphi21: To make things even worse, she’s the skill damage helper for the event, which is really not that useful other than allowing for maybe 1 more XP or drop rate farming daemon on your team, or if you are new or casual enough that clearing the event is difficult. And the final nail in the coffin is that her assist ability is locked at level 72, which requires 4 copies to unlock.


Dorothy [HW2]

4 ★ Assist Divina



Max/MLB Attack: 7,500 / 9,195

Max/MLB HP: 7,000 / 8,582


Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases ATK Damage

Unknown Engagement (lvl 57): 10% Lifesteal



Now I have heard some opinions of this as being really good and possibly allowing for auto attack teams and such – but I really don’t think it’s that good.


It’s not a bad assist as such. 10% lifesteal is probably just enough to mean a unit can stay alive without healing (if it has a self heal/regen or a damage skill on top) but here’s the problem: sure, that unit can stay alive but can your other units also do so? If you drop healers from your main team completely then what? You need either non healer daemons with survivability skills, or mixed skills at least (like a buff + heal like Joan [Fireworks] for example) or you need to stick Dorothy on multiple daemons. In either case it’s just an opportunity loss. Saigyo, Nautilus, Ninetails, Gugnir, Chochin etc all provide more damage, and the healers themselves provide amazing damage boosts as well (Sola, Siren, Morin, Cinderella, Cherry, hell even Freyr and Orpheus – all providing higher percentage damage boosts than Joan [Fireworks]). So would you be using this over the other assists available? No not really sadly.


Dorothy does have a use in low level Conquest however. The main reason you move up to 5/6/8 SE teams etc is because your buffer just can’t quite make it alive long enough to the end. In this scenario having Dorothy would be useful to use lower SE for longer, although over the course of the entire event this is probably going to save about 50 SE only and Ptolemy can possibly achieve the same thing anyway. Another possible use would be to do auto runs on Tower events (if you are the lazy type!).


Dorothy is not game breaking to have but can serve as an extra option. Her passive unlocks with just 1 copy so it’s a cheap option but if you are low on Mochi/saving I would recommend waiting for other things (or simply buying Chochin above who is the better option).


Emilio’s Rating: 6.5 / 10 (Average Assist)


Qtphi21: I am ambivalent about this one. I have experience using Astaroth (with a life leech ability) but still always carried a healer on the team (in those days typically Cherry or Orpheus from an ally) because other members of the team needed healing also. Dorothy can increase the tankiness of any daemon you choose. But so can other daemons like Ptolemy. Not unique.

15 thoughts on “Halloween 2 Event – Assist Daemons: Chochin, Zombilina, Dorothy”

    • ikr >< I'm so ticked off, I bought it /for/ the reserve skill and then they go and make it worthless to me! Ffffffuuuuuuuuu. No compensation either , grrr. wasted mochi.

    • Even with the last wave limitation she is still a good assist daemon for all modes other than Tower and Endless. It does not change our opinion or recommendation. Cindy and Amor’s skill damage boost abilities are last wave limited also, but despite that, they are very very powerful.

      World boss (where she is most likely to be used) = 1 wave only, so she applies.
      Conquest: most skills are used on the final wave against the boss, so that’s where it counts.
      Tower: use a farming daemon instead
      Endless: Kay all the way.

  • Zombilina’s ability – is it really only 2%? Or is it 2% every wave? The former seems truly underpowered for its price. The latter seems more logical. Or maybe it’s supposed to be 20%? Either one would be more in line with the power creep in this game.

    • I don’t actually have the daemon to test it. But I have looked at the Chinese translation, and it is a straight ‘2% HP boost for Phantasma’. Not a per wave boost, not a 20% boost (although I agree that at the LB required to unlock the boost really ought to be higher).

      Unless someone with Zombilina can actually show me a video I will take the ability to be as what Mitama has written it to be.

  • I also remember reading that assists would work in reserve, I think it was patched in the update before the last (?). Also, slight correction, under Chochin’s skill description , Red Lust activates at level 65 rather than 68 (anyway, the review proper correctly puts it at 65)

    • Thanks. I blame that one on my keyboard lol. Need to buy a new one, it keeps sticking and multiple key pressing or not pressing at all, and with the amount of times I have to backspace inevitably one mistake gets through zzz.

  • Wait, so do bonds not take effect on reserve daemons? I thought Mitama fixed that bug so that they now work in reserve.

    • No, they added team-wide assist bonds for helpers. So if your helper has an assist like Nautilus, it’ll give the whole team the assist buff.

      • Thank you. I assumed that it did work but the analysis for Aka Chochin explicitly said that bonds in reserve don’t work but I’ll chalk it up to the review being written before the big fix.

        • Apologies it’s just me misreading things and as you said writing it in the middle of the update. I thought the update was to stop it working in reserve but they all still work for sure. I have corrected it all now

          • No worries! You’re busy doing these reviews out of your free will/time, so a few errors is expected. Thank you for fixing it!

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