Event Daemon Analysis: Free-for-All Match: Battle Dating! Chocolat Noir, Ogetsu Hime, Durga Magatsu, Durga, Guan Yu

Event Daemon Analysis: Free-for-All Match: Battle Dating! Chocolat Noir, Ogetsu Hime, Durga Magatsu, Durga, Guan Yu

Chocolat Noir

3 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 5100/6488

Max/MLB HP: 4400/5598


Dark Diversion (MAX): Dals 2654/3374 DMG to current target.

Special Bond: Increases Chocolat Blanc’s Skill DMG.

Receives Special Bond from Chocolat Blanc: Increases Chocolat Noir’s Max HP


The event 3 star is released to pair with the event helper, Chocolat Blanc. She is a simple daemon, as 3 stars tend to be – simple single target hitter. These tend to be of use mainly for PvP farming purposes against healer defences. But even then, Chocolate Noir has a lower skill damage output at the same level compared to standard 3 star hitters like Tokarev Pistol, Yoichi’s Bow, Sodium Elf and Kuroneko. Where Chocolate Noir makes up for her poor Skill DMG is in her HP, which is further boosted by the reciprocating special bond from Chocolate Blanc.

All this is nice and sweet and sisterly, but of minimal purpose in game. Keep for the art, or if you don’t have a PvP farming attacker yet, otherwise sell for mochi.

Art note: Both Chocolate Noir and Blanc are by new artist Takahashi.

Nex Rating: Junk

Athora Rating:  Few times has chocolate disappointed me so much

Ogetsu Hime

4 ★ Healer Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 6300/7724

Max/MLB HP: 6400/7847


Homemade Bento (MAX): Restores 2136/2616 HP to 2 allies with the lowest percentage of HP and increases targets’ speed by 15/18% for a limited time.

Goddess of Grain (lvl 35): Restores HP to all allies at the start of each wave.


Ogetsu Hime is a healer with a speed boost. So far the HP recovery skill with attached speed boost has been assigned to ranged daemons rather than to healers, making Ogetsu Hime more comparable to Flying Nimbus and Genjo than to other healers. Ranged daemons Flying Nimbus and Genjo both have higher attack and lower HP compared to Ogetsu Hime. Nimbus has a lower HP recovery (1315/1615), but higher speed boost (69/85%), and melee priority targeting. Genjo targets 3 melee allies, and also has a lower HP recovery (890/1090) but higher speed boost (42/51%).

Ogetsu’s ability also recovers HP for all her teammates. However, healing per wave has never been a reliable way to keep one’s daemons alive, and is completely useless on single wave battle like PvP and World Boss.

Nex Rating: Junk

Athora Rating:  I’ll take the food over her

Durga Mangatsu

4 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 5050/6192

Max/MLB HP: 6650/8153


Bite (MAX): Deals 3006/3686 DMG to current target; decreases target’s speed by 33/40% for a limited time.

Chains of Restraint (lvl 60): Sharply reduces DMG taken and sharply increases ATK Speed when HP is ½ or below.


Durga Mangatsu is another simple 4 ★ daemon. Her skill hits one target for a fair damage, while debuffing the opponent’s speed by a good amount. Her ability increases her tankiness and damage per second with a self speed increase at half HP or less. However, because she is a 4 ★ melee daemon, her attack stat is low, so even with the speed boost her damage output is not great. She does make a decent tank though, but only for beginners and players with nothing better. That the damage reduction and speed boost is limited to when she is low on HP is yet another stumbling block to activating that ability – if one runs a decent healer it can be really difficult to maintain daemons at low HP.

Nex Rating: Junk

Athora Rating: Small cat in big cat body


5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 11000/13126

Max/MLB HP: 8000/9546


10,000 Weapons (MAX): Restores 2486/2966 HP. Target deals 60/72% more DMG for a limited time.

Ten Sacred Weapons (lvl 43): Moderately increases Crit Rate and ATK speed.

Hunter of Evil Gods (lvl 75): DMG dealt have a significant chance of moderately increases at the start of each wave.


Durga is Ranged Phantasma’s version of Susanoo [Studious] with a little bit of extra crit rate and speed and an Amor-like chance based per wave boost.

Daemon Susanoo [Studious] Durga
Type and Class Melee Divina Ranged Phantasma
Attack MAX/MLB 8400/10023 11000/13126
HP MAX/MLB 9900/11813 8000/9546
HP RCR MAX/MLB 2600/3120 2486/2966
DMG Boost MAX/MLB 66/79% 60/72%
Ability Lv 75: Moderately increases DMG dealt at the start of each wave.

Lv 43: Moderately increases Crit Rate and ATK speed.

Lv 75: DMG dealt have a significant chance of moderately increases at the start of each wave.

Susanoo [Studious] starts from a lower damage base, being a melee daemon. She compensates for this by having a skill that is more powerful in both HP recovery value, and in percentage damage boost. She would also benefit more from melee bonds than Durga would. However, the difference in base attack stats between Melee and Ranged is quite large, so the wave stackable damage dealt boost which is guaranteed on Susanoo is chance based on Durga. Durga, however, compensates with an additional moderate crit rate and speed boost.

Ignoring Durga’s chance based moderate damage boost, MLB Durga’s effective stats with 15% melee bonds, 32.5% Crit Rate, 10% Speed boost would be:
Attack:  13126 * 1.15 * 1.325 * 1.10 / 10 = 2200

With a single activation of her skill, her auto attacks would be boosted to 3784. This is 1584 points more than her normal attack. With the buff affecting 4 auto attacks (noting that the speed boost has already been considered in the base ‘true auto’ value already), this means a single activation of her skill would boost her damage output by 4*1584 = 6336 points. Expect this value to be higher if her skill is used on later waves and her second ability is activated multiple times.

While this damage boost with skill is quite comparable to actual skill damage done by other ranged daemons, the same problems saddling Susanoo [Studious] continue to dog Durga. Mainly the challenge in stacking buffs with other units due to the lack of actual skill damage, auto attacks getting interrupted by enemy attacks, not being able to nuke multiple times in a skill combo, the lack of instant gratification of seeing large numbers when nuking in conquest, the inability to skill kill in tower…

Hence, while Durga ends up with one of the highest auto attacks in the game when her self buff is activated and makes for a reasonable tank since her skill also provides a self heal and is overall better than Susanoo [Studious], her utility is quite limited.

Nex Rating: Junk

Athora Rating: Skill set is as awkward as her love life

Guan Yu

5 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7800/9307

Max/MLB HP: 9040/10788


All in One (MAX): Deals 2476/2956 DMG to the row of enemies directly in front.

Undying Loyalty (lvl 79): Sharply reduces DMG taken.


I was really looking forward to Guan Yu when his weapon, the Green Dragon Crescent, was released in Guild Conquest. Unfortunately, Guan Yu disappoints on many fronts. Most glaringly absent, is his beard in his artwork. Historically, and in the 3 Kingdoms novel, Guan Yu was famed for his glorious beard. Even in the event story, the other characters refer to Guan Yu as a bearded character. But in the artwork, he is entirely clean shaven. Not even a hint of a goatee is present.

In terms of skill and abilities, Guan Yu is practically a clone of the very first exchange daemon, Kogitsunemaru. They both hit the row in front for damage only, and have a sharp damage reduction ability. See the table for Orthus [Festival] where more ‘row in front’ daemons with other status effects are included for comparison.

Daemon Kogitsunemaru Guan Yu
Attack MAX/MLB 8000/9546 7800/9307
HP MAX/MLB 8500/10143 9040/10788
Skill DMG MAX/MLB 2387/2847 2476/2956
Ability Lv 75: Sharply reduces (25%) DMG taken. Lv 79: Sharply reduces DMG taken.

With LB2+ Guan Yu not available for testing until after the event, the precise value of his ability is not known. The ‘sharp’ descriptor can be safely assumed to mean 20% or higher. This makes him a good tank, especially with his high base HP.

In general, daemons that hit the row in front are not particularly useful in game. This is mainly due to the variable number of targets that the skill might hit – it typically maxes at 3 (unless in PvP where your opponent sets a full team of melees) and can hit as little as no daemon at all. For pure damage a daemon with 3 target priority would almost always be preferred – one can hit daemons in different rows with that skill.

Guan Yu, like Kogitsunemaru was for the veterans, would be most beneficial to brand new players needing a tank to help absorb damage for story or tower clearances. However, his release as a ranking daemon makes him relatively unattainable to the very group that would find him most useful.

Nex Rating: Junk

Athora Rating: Clearly has no beard or any interesting skills

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