Daemon Review (All at once)

A small quick spam of all the latest daemon


4* Ranged Phantom

Skill: 1,503 / 1,843 DMG to 2 lowest HP enemies. Targets take 30 / 37% more DMG for a limited time.

Ability 1 (lvl 65): Increases own level by 15

Low damage on an already useless 2 target ability. The additional 15 levels doesn’t make up for anything either. She’s basically a weaker version of previously already weak 4* daemon (e.g Manannangai). Some bonus points for actually being a moderate debuffer, but still useless.

Rating: 3.7 / 10

Chrysanthemum the Ninja

4* Assist

Base Bond (lvl 75): ATK DMG

Assist Bond: Increases Skill DMG by 50% at the final wave

I mean…a bit boring to release a practically identical daemon to a previous one? See Hoshikuma Doji Review. A decent assist but there have been a good number of super powerful ones previously.

Rating: 7.7 / 10


5* Ranged Anima

Skill: Deal 426 / 508 DMG to all enemies. Decreases targets speed by 75 / 90% for a limited time

Ability 1 (lvl 85): Increases 15% of DMG dealt by all allies at the start of each wave

This daemon will never be used on the active team since her skill damage is just so painfully small. Sure there should always be a trade off in damage if you get a good CC effect, but if you consider that Nurarihyon has the same CC effect but her skill does over the double the damage even after Sabionari buffs herself 4x with her passive, and Nurarihyon is literally one of the original daemon from 3 years ago…well it doesn’t speak well. Sabionari’s passive however is actually very powerful. 15% damage to everyone every wave? This is the best reserve for endless, and one of the best for conquest (there’s a lot more incredibly good options for conquest since you only really need to buff 2 targets), and even fantastic for tower (but of course I prefer all farming daemon). Still it needs LB3 to unlock however, so it’s pretty expensive, and as usual I don’t think making endless be only 20 minutes rather than 60 is that big a deal anyway.

Rating: 7.3 / 10

Kaguya [Tsuki Hime] – Mochi Exchange Daemon

5* Assist

Base Bond: Skill DMG

Assist Bond (lvl 76): 35% Skill DMG, 35% Crit DMG

A weaker version of all the powerhouses before her – Okita Soji [1st Unit], Cheshire Cat, Toyouke-Omikami, but still if you look at her relatively to all the basic options she’s pretty powerful. The question then becomes is it worth 300 mochi to exchange for her if you are a newer player (assumedly anyone who’s been around for a while already has the above daemon, especially since Toyouke was an event). I think it’s a tough call and I wouldn’t want to say yes or no either way. I don’t think she’s really worth it at LB2, but she could very well be a great damage source if you have nothing else. Personally I would save for something later that is actually overpowered, but I wouldn’t say someone who trades for it has done something wrong either.

Rating: 8.3 / 10

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