Limited JS Daemon Analysis: Dairio, Ohina, Oniichi Hogen

Limited JS Daemon Analysis: Dairio, Ohina, Oniichi Hogen

Legendary Defender Dairio

Legendary Defender Dairio

5 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 8700/10381

Max/MLB HP: 9800/11694


Dairio Drive (MAX): Deals 4775/5695 DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP, with a high chance of inflicting Silence.

Defensive Formation (lvl 61): All Anima team members take slightly less DMG.

Super-Sized (lvl 82): Sharply increases DMG dealt and slightly decrease the ATK speed.  


The Mecha that the Dolls combine into turns out to be a melee single target daemon who inflicts silence on his target. This is similar to Tsukuyomi, Gabriel, Knecht Ruprecht, and Ono-no-Takamura.

Dairio adopts Azuchi’s defensive passive for Anima type. This time, unlocked at level 61. As commented on previously, lb3 to unlock Asura and Azuchi’s defensive abilities was probably excessive.

At level 82 (lb3+), Dairo finally achieves his full potential, with a sharp damage boost. But when the mecha transforms, and becomes so large, it’s speed naturally takes a hit. A slight decrease in ATK speed is the penalty. The slight speed decrease will be reflected as a 5% penalty on true auto damage. Exactly how large Dairio’s damage boost at level 82 is, one can only speculate. Recently released daemons with ‘sharp’ descriptors have had percentages ranging from 20% to 40%.

Here are Dairo’s damage outputs, based on different percentage assumptions of the ‘sharp’ descriptor, and Tsukuyomi for comparison.


Dairio Base StatsMax/MLB MLB True Autos / Skill DMG (15% skill bonds) Tsukuyomi Max/MLB Tsukuyomi MLB Effective Stats
0% with speed reduction 20% 30% 40%
Attack 8700/10381 1060 1272 1378 1482 8000/9546 1026
HP 9800/11694 9550/11396
Skill DMG 4775/5695 7040 8448 9152 9856 4467/5327 6585

Overall the Legendary Defender Dairio starts from a higher stat base than Tsukuyomi. However, even with all the damage boosts that he receives, his damage output does not come close to that of the top tier ranged daemons, with True Auto Attacks over 2k and Effective Skill damage over 10k.

The mecha was good fun as part of the story. And if he is considered a part of the ‘Doll Squad’, he would receive further ‘Slight’ damage boosts from Okita and Ohina both. However, with the skills of the members of the Doll Squad being the way they are, their synergy as a team leaves much to be desired.


Nex Rating: Junk


Ohina Pink

Ohina [Pink]

5 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 11800/14081

Max/MLB HP: 8600/10262


Queen of Pink (MAX): Restores 1466/1746 HP to all allies and increases targets’ speed by 26/31% for a limited time.

Rosy Doll (lvl 57): Sharply increases Crit Rate.

Doll Squad (lvl 80): All ‘Doll Squad’ allies deal slightly more DMG.


It’s a Hinamatsuri event, so Ohina has to make an appearance. Odairi made an appearance in the story too, but clearly his popularity was not enough to be worth a second version, at least not this year.

Ohina [Pink] targets her allies rather than her enemies, recovering HP and boosting their speed. There are few all target speed boosters among the 5★ pool, the only other one being Kong Ming.


Daemon Ohina Ohina [Pink] Kong Ming
Attack Max/MLB 10400/12410 11800/14081 12000/14319
HP Max/MLB 7500/8949 8600/10262 9850/11754
Target All Enemies All Allies All Allies
Skill Max/MLB 1456/1746 1466/1746 604/724
Speed Effect Max/MLB 15/18% 26/31% 27/32%
Ability Lv 50: Moderately increases (15%) Crit DMG of Festival Doll team members.

Lv 80: Sharply increases (20%) DMG dealt by Festival Doll team members when this daemon is Team Leader.

Lv 57: Sharply increases Crit Rate. (Self)

Lv 80: All ‘Doll Squad’ allies deal slightly more DMG.

Lv 70: Moderately reduce DMG taken by skill targets.

Lv 80: Slightly increases crit rate, at the same time sharply increases crit DMG of all targets.

Placed side by side with Kong Ming, Ohina [Pink] is weaker on all fronts other than HP recovery. Kong Ming packs so many team wide boosts with a single skill use, with damage reduction, crit rate, crit damage all boosted along with the HP recovery and speed boost. Ohina [Pink]’s crit rate is limited to herself, and her damage boost is limited to Doll Squad members. This is similar to how the original version of Ohina had abilities that were limited only to other Festival Dolls released during the Hinamatsuri event last year.


Nex Rating: An improvement over last year’s. She’s now a weaker version of Kong Ming.


Oniichi Hogen Red

Oniichi Hogen [Red]

4 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 6400/7847

Max/MLB HP: 7400/9073


Red Strike (MAX): Deals 1495/1835 DMG to a wide area of enemies with a moderate chance of inflicting Burn.

Kurama Pedigree (lvl 50): Skill attacks moderately increase DMG taken by targets.


Usually the ‘Red’ in the team is the leader. Unfortunately in the Doll Squad team, Oniichi Hogen is simply the hot-headed fool, and a mere 4★ to boot.

In terms of stats he is average for 4★ melee, which is to say he is unspectacular. His skill hits a ‘wide area’ of enemies – this usually hits more than 1, but not all. The value of his skill damage is likewise, unspectacular. Hogen’s predecessor in the Doll Squad, Odairi, had the same skill.


Daemon Oniichi Hogen [Red] Odairi
Attack Max/MLB 6400/7847 5120/6278
HP Max/MLB 7400/9073 6000/7356
Skill DMG Max/MLB 1495/1835

Moderate chance burn

Abilities Lv 50: Skill attacks moderately increase DMG taken by targets. Lv 64: Moderately increases (15%) Crit DMG of Festival Doll team members.


Like his teammate, Daidarabotchi [Green], Hogen is a debuffer. But rather than have his debuff linked to his skill, it applies as an ability, so it does not scale further with higher levels. Expect his debuff to be 10-15%, which is what the ‘moderate’ descriptor usually entails.

The full Doll Squad team would comprise: Oniichi Hogen [Red], Ohina [Pink], Okita Soji [Blue], Daidarabotchi [Green] and Zhang Jiao [Yellow]. With these 5 daemons, we have Okita Soji for AoE damage and damage reduction, Ohina for AoE HP recovery and speed boost, Daidarbotchi and Oniichi Hogen for debuff and slight skill damage, Hogen again for Burn, and Zhang Jiao for multi-target skill damage. Whether Legendary Defender Dairio and the other event daemons Wanyuudou and Yaobikuni [Leader] count as Doll Squad also would need verification. The 5 Doll Squad members together make a gimmicky but passable team. It would hardly be a team of particularly high strength or effectiveness.


Nex Rating: Junk

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