Exchange Daemon Analysis: Dead Sea Scrolls

Exchange Daemon Analysis: Dead Sea Scrolls

HAI DOMO! Virtual Spirit collector Emilio desu! Just kidding…but I am still here filling in, so let’s take a look at the new monthly Mochi daemon to see if it’s worth exchanging those precious mochi for! But first I just have to find what I was looking for…god where is it…it’s so dark in this cave and my flashlights dying…c’mon I’ve been here for hours already….I feel like I’m trudging through dampness and mud…AHA! I found it, a piece of the:

Dead Sea Scrolls

5 ★ Range Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 10,200/12,121

Max/MLB HP: 7,800/9,307


Ancient Prediction: Deals 4655/5555 DMG to the enemy with the highest ATK with a high chance of inflicting stun

Scroll of Prophecy (lvl 60): Moderately Increases EXP gained from battle

X Marks the Spot (Lvl 79): Sharply Increases Soulstones received from battle


This is a pretty simple card with nothing stand out/interesting about it, so I’ll try not to prattle on and keep this relatively short! Stats wise it’s slightly below average for a 5* ranged, and considering cards generally power creep slowly over time that makes it relatively weak compared to cards being released currently.

Its nuke ability is actually not too bad. Looking at effective skill damage it comes out at 8,336 ranking 15th out of all daemon. Unfortunately it adds nothing else to this. Realistically Dead Sea Scrolls is a daemon purely for farming. It is the first 5 ★ daemon who provides two types of buffs in one – EXP and soulstones – and at moderate (15%) and sharp (20%) increase respectively this is effectively the most efficient farming daemon. In fact the 15% EXP buff in itself is second only to Orpheus (20%) as all other moderate EXP boosts are currently only 10%. It should therefore fit automatically into farming teams, and in being a 5* damage dealer might make farming a little faster than normal if you are currently using a full team (which likely contains a bunch of daemon that don’t do much damage! A.k.a. Genjo, Konohana, Hermes etc.).

If you are a completely new player then picking up 1 copy for a decent nuke card may not be a bad idea. Other players can pick up 1 copy for an easy EXP boost to add to their EXP farming teams even if already full, or pick up 3 to take advantage of the efficient farm. Overflowing mochi people can get all 5 copies for the MLB achievement if you really want!

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