[Ranking Cutoffs] The Spirit’s Doll Festival (SH/Overall)

[Ranking Cutoffs] The Spirit’s Doll Festival (SH/Overall)

The Spirit’s Doll Festival FH

Top 2500: 252,028

Top 1000: 313,925

Top 400: 557,315


The Spirit’s Doll Festival SH

Top 2500: 261,899

Top 1000: 368,798

Top 400: 627,413


The Spirit’s Doll Festival Overall

Top 5000: 351,000

Top 2500: 437,743

Top 1000: 686,485

Top 300: 1,141,535

5 thoughts on “[Ranking Cutoffs] The Spirit’s Doll Festival (SH/Overall)”

  • Is the fact the 2nd half cutoff was higher because of everyone rushing to get Ravenna? I’m guessing that’s the case but I’m not exactly sure

    • 2nd half cut off is higher most likely because the event helpers are available for trade during the last 3 days of second half, so spending items after trading the event daemons would be more efficient for every item used. Hence players scrambling for higher LB of Ravenna would focus spending on SH. Also the SH ranks finish simultaneously with the overall ranks, so there are players who are willing to spend a bit more to ensure 2 prizes compared to spamming solely for FH.

    • Ohina definitely seems less popular compared to Santa, who was the ranking daemon the last tower. However the higher ranks are propped up by players using items to acquire higher Lb of Ravenna, so the overall figures are fairly similar.

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