Once Upon a Root Event Daemon Analysis: Dorothy, Poisona Appel, Rutabaga, Snow White, Cinderella

Once Upon a Root Event Daemon Analysis: Dorothy, Poisona Appel, Rutabaga, Snow White, Cinderella



3 ★ Healer Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 4800/6106

Max/MLB HP: 4700/5980


Slapstick Sideshow (MAX): Deals 3004/3824 DMG to a random enemy.


Single target skill damage tends not to be what one is looking for from a 3 star healer. Dorothy has followed the build of other damage dealing healers of higher rarity like Tenkai and Barometz Tartarica. Needless to say this awkward skill-class combination would not fare any better on a lower rarity daemon, so Dorothy is not going to be of much use. The random targeting simply makes her that much worse.

Poisona Apple

Poisona Appel

4 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 8100/9931

Max/MLB HP: 5200/6376


Neurotoxin (MAX): Deals 2200/2700 DMG to 3 enemies (ranged priority) with a moderate chance of inflicting Paralysis.

Witch’s Trap (lvl 75): 40% chance of reducing all enemy’s DMG by 10% at the start of every wave.


The Poison Apple hits 3 targets and chokes, no, paralyses them. Her skill damage is mediocre because of the attached paralysis. One could compare to 4 star Titania, available from storyline clearance, who does 1849/2269 DMG to 3 targets at Max/MLB, but must bear in mind that Titania’s damage will be boosted by her 10% Phantom team damage increase if she is team leader. One should also consider that Titania has been available since the start of the game, and lots of power creep has happened in the time the game has been open. Poisona Appel’s damage would not compare favourably with that of Roman Candell, or any of the top 5 star 3 target daemons like Belphegor, Yatagarsu [Festival] or Antikythera.

Poisona’s passive is interesting, though not very practical. It is a chance based defensive ability. Mathematically 40% chance of 10% reduction averages out to a 4% reduction. Perhaps 10% outright constant damage reduction on the opponent is a bit too powerful – consider Guillotine has a 20% reduction on only 1 target, and Lucifer and Lucifer [Christmas II] have 4% and 7% respective start of wave damage reductions (plus Lucifer [Christmas II] is a Limited JS daemon which warrants a premium ability). The larger damage reduction on certain waves might be a lifesaver, but it must be balanced against other waves where the ability does not activate. One is also not able to influence when or if the ability activates, baring restarts.

Overall Poisona Appel serves as a decent beginner’s wave clear daemon with defensive crowd control and damage reduction ability. Beyond that her utility is limited once one has better alternatives.



4 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 8300/10176

Max/MLB HP: 5400/6620


Fractured Fairy Tale (MAX): Restores 2581/3161 DMG to self, increases crit rate by 39/48% for a limited time.

Mysterious Being (lvl 67): Normal attacks have 10% chance of inflicting stun.


Mitama seems to be incredibly fond of releasing self boosters these days. Previously the self boosters focused on damage increase. Now Rutabaga is built in the same model but with her damage boost appearing as a crit rate increase.

Crit damage is typically 2x the normal damage a daemon inflicts. This can be increased by daemons having crit damage boosting abilities or skills. Ranged daemons crit at a rate of 22.5% and melee daemons at 7.5%. Assuming no crit damage boosting daemons on the team, Rutabaga’s 39/48% crit rate boost converts approximately to a 31/39% damage dealt boost. Mathematically the crit rate boost converts to a lower damage dealt boost because it is additive to a 22.5% existing crit rate, and has diminishing returns.

Like most other self buffers, Rutabaga does not buff her damage sufficiently to have much utility compared to other daemons that actually deal damage with their skills. She does, however, succeed in being an incredibly annoying conquest boss, stunning the frontline frequently.

Snow White Demon Hunter

Snow White [Demon Hunter]

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12900/15393

Max/MLB HP: 9300/11097


Demon Buster (MAX): Deals 3813/4553 DMG to an enemy (healers priority).

Power Princess (lvl 54): Increase Skill DMG by 50%

Snow White Destruction (lvl 78): Increases Crit DMG by 50%


Snow White [Demon Hunter] has the highest stat total in the game, with the highest attack stat. While her HP stat isn’t up to that of Mephistopheles [Fireworks], it is still a high value for a ranged daemon. This makes her an incredible daemon to use especially in Guild Conquests, where plain stats are all that matter.

Like her 4 star version, she is a single target nuker. But that’s about as far as the similarities go. 4 star Snow White was relatively defensive, with HP recovery and damage reduction abilities. The Demon Hunter version, in contrast, has a stack of offensive abilities.

After stacking 22.5% Skill bonds, 50% Skill damage, 50% Crit damage and a standard 22.5% crit rate, MLB Snow White [Demon Hunter]’s effective skill damage is:


This puts her damage output on par with that of Leonardo, Yaobikuni [Leader] and Carbuncle, but less that that of Amor and Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] (on multiple and final wave respectively).

Snow White [Demon Hunter]’s targeting is not ideal – the brutes on the wave need to be cleared first prior to letting Snow White unleash her skill – the exception being when the target on the wave is the healer. Perhaps competitive PvP-ers will find use for Snow White to eliminate the opponent’s healers, but so far healer priority targeting has not proven very useful, just see the example of the popularity and utility of Knetch Rupretch, another Healer priority nuker.

Overall while not game breaking, Snow White [Demon Hunter] provides the general player base with an easily accessible, easily MLB’ed  nuker. While not the very best, she definitely levels the playing field for newer players who have not acquired a nuker from other events or from Jewel Summon. Her stats are her strong point, and her targeting is her main weakness.



5 ★ Healer Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 8400/10023

Max/MLB HP: 8300/9904


Support Spells (MAX): Restores 2397/2857 HP to 3 allies with the lowest percentage HP. Targets receive 39/47% less DMG for a limited time.

Dust & Cinders (lvl 47): Reduces 30% DMG taken and reduces 10% DMG Dealt.

Midnight Magic (lvl 85): Increases 55% of skill DMG for the 2 allies with the highest ATK at the start of the final wave.


Ranking daemon Cinderella is defensive healer with HP recovery and damage reduction on her skill, much like Luminous Pearl, Orihime, Edo Castle, New Year’s Game and Mazu. Her skill provides a large HP recovery and a moderate damage reduction, and targets the lowest HP daemons on the team. A quick comparison: Orihime recovers 1981/2361 HP to 2 melee priority daemons with 57/68% damage reduction. There is not much new about Cinderella’s skill or even her stats (which are quite modest).

Cinderella’s first ability reduces both her damage taken as well as her damage output. This makes her a really good tank (and most likely disqualifies her from being PvP farmable). However her auto heals will suffer greatly. Expect Cinderella’s auto attack and auto heal output to be less than that of Freyr at a comparable limit break, Freyr having an identical base attack stat. Survival should not be a massive problem though, as long as one pays attention and activates her active skill when the team’s HP gets low.

At Lb3, Cinderella casts off her cinders and turns into a princess with an ability that boosts skill damage to the 2 highest attack daemons on the final wave. A similar ability was given to Amor (50% at lb2). This ability is an extremely valuable ability for both World Boss and Conquest game modes, where the goal is to deal as much damage as possible to the high HP boss on the final stage. Cinderella one-ups Amor with her slightly higher skill DMG boost. Both Cinderella and Amor target the same 2 highest attack daemons and can be used simultaneously to simply add 105% (or 160% if an ally Cinderella is used also) to the 2 highest attacker’s skill damage output.

Cinderella’s skill damage boost ability will stack additively to Amor’s similar ability, and to skill bonds, and skill damage team boosts like that of George Washington and Kintaro [Valentine’s Day]. Theoretically the highest possible boost would come from a team with Kintaro [Valentine’s Day] as leader, Cinderella and Amor on team (or in reserve), and Cinderella ally. Such a team would apply a massive 195% skill damage boost on the 2 daemons with the highest attack on the team, even before their bonds are considered. Do note that since the skill damage boosts stack additively, each additional boost provides diminishing returns, and somewhere one might be well better off with damage dealt, crit damage, and speed boosts instead.

Where judging Amor was complicated with the use of her as a nuker on the team, Cinderella is actually really straightforward, tying Amor’s most useful passive with a standard defensive healing skill. Ranks for first half of the event have already proven to be incredibly competitive; it is clear that the player base generally agrees that Cinderella is the prize not to be missed this event.

P.S. On a side note, I am disappointed by the lack of a special bond between Cinderella and her Glass Slipper.

13 thoughts on “Once Upon a Root Event Daemon Analysis: Dorothy, Poisona Appel, Rutabaga, Snow White, Cinderella”

  • Man. This event ranking bruised me up pretty good, but Cinderellas 2nd passive brought up my WB damage from 2.2 million to 2.7 million. So no pain no gain, right?

  • Yeah the ranking for this event has been BRUTAL. I used countless potions and the rank doesn’t even move. Its nuts. Cinderella is just that good I guess. I’ll be happy with my overall copy I suppose, maybe orb it one of these years. And I agree, how can you not give the Glassie Slipper a special bond?! C’mon Mitama!

  • Now I understand why the range is difficult, thanks for the post, it is always great to read your publications, good job bro and luck in the rank.

  • My ratings:

    Dorothy: Cute art, ENGRISH, mochi fodder.
    Poisona Appel: Decent daemon, mochi fodder. How I wish she has some special bond with Snow White. Something like *Normal or Skill attack have 50% chance of dealing Virulent Poison*
    Rutabaga: EXTRA THICC. Keep for the art *fuefuefue*
    Snow White: Amazing art. Hope Mitama releases her wallpaper. Amazing daemon with decent skill and stats. I wish that she’s a melee daemon (she’s tecnically a swordmaster so maybe use the sword to hack and slash?)
    Cinderella: Amazing art as well. Amazing daemon with decent skill and stats. I liked her fangirling Snow White. Worth the CQ bloodbath. And, yeah, I wish Glassie Slipper have some special bond with her. Something like *Increase skill damage by certain %* or maybe *Increases time limit by 10% or reduce time limit countdown by 10%*

    Overall, I love the event because of the amazing art released for the Event Daemons. Snow White, Cinderella, and Red Ridinghood took the cake.

  • Thanks for the review, qtphi.
    I, too, was disappointed by the lack of Cinderella-GlassSlipper special bond.

  • Emilio’s Comments:
    Dorothy: Standard 3*
    Rutabaga: Garbage
    Poisona Appel: Okay 4* but not useful
    Snow White: Free Leo for everyone (just like Satan was a free Phantom nuker for all)
    Cinderella:: Very useful second passive is making it difficult to obtain her (really guys…1 billion first half for top 400 lol), can be used as a reserve or even within team. Prepare for some 7mil WB damage from some people…

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