Exchange Daemon Analysis: Edo Castle

Exchange Daemon Analysis: Edo Castle

Edo Castle

5 ★ Healer Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 8500/10143

Max/MLB HP: 8500/10143


Impenetrable Defence (MAX): Restores 614/734 HP to all allies. Targets receive 60/72% less DMG for a limited time.

Heart of Defence (lvl 50): All melee allies take slightly less DMG.

Secure Bastion (lvl 80): Moderately increases the skill DMG of all ranged allies


Edo castle is the first healer in the regular exchange. New Year’s Game was available for trade as a limited daemon during Christmas 2016 – New Year 2017 period (and being a limited daemon, only a single copy was available for trade). Healers are generally fairly rare compared to melee and ranged daemons in the Jewel Summon pool and via event release.

Edo castle has balanced stats, acceptable but unspectacular, as is typical for exchange daemons. Her auto heals would be therefore similar to that of New Year Game and Luminous Pearl, while Orihime, Mazu have slightly higher auto heals. Her skill is focused mainly on damage reduction, rather than HP recovery. Her abilities make her a nice support daemon for the rest of your team, protecting the melees while buffing the damage output for the ranged.

Healers with Shield

Looking at the other defensive damage reduction healers, Edo Castle has the highest damage reduction percentage and correspondingly the poorest HP recovery all the daemons. She surpasses even Orihime (with a limited 2 target skill) in terms of the shielding percentage for the entire team. Her HP recovery is really low though, for around a 10% increase in damage reduction compared to Luminous Pearl, one loses around 50% of Pearl’s heal. Edo Castle’s HP recovery is around one third of that of New Year Game, the most recovery focused healer in this group. Edo castle would shield about twice as effectively as New Year Game in exchange for that.

Whether a large HP recovery or a large damage reduction percentage is preferred is situational. A skill with a larger HP recovery focus would be used after most of the damage has been received, to boost HP back to healthier levels. A large damage reduction percentage would make for more prophylactic use – the skill to be timed just before your daemons are to receive a heavy skill hit from the enemy, and to mitigate the amount of HP lost because of that.

Comparing the different abilities of the healers, Pearl and Mazu both have start of wave heals for the team. Orihime has her synergistic ability with Hikoboshi, and a speed boost that would increase her healing output from auto heals. Pearl has an offensive oriented crit rate boost for Anima daemons when she is team leader. New Year Game at level 70 provides a final wave Skill Damage boost to the 2 highest attackers in your team. Edo Castle reduces the damage taken by your melee allies – your melees are designed as tanks to absorb the most damage, so reducing the amount of damage taken by them improves their survivability further. At level 80, Edo Castle boosts the skill DMG output of all your ranged units. This is one up on New Year Game, who only boosts the two highest attackers. If your entire team is ranged, Edo Castle on reserve would provide a greater damage boost than New Year Game, even though New Year Game has a slightly higher ‘moderate’ boost – at 12.5% compared to Edo Castle’s 10%. Edo Castle’s damage boost also applies for the entire battle, rather than only for the final wave.

Edo Castle will find good application in competitive PvP, especially on defense teams aiming to stall the opponent. She would serve the same role as Pearl, New Year Game and Orihime. Early use of her skill would shield your team from taking too much damage while waiting for skill shards to drop before skill usage. She should also be useable as PvP farming defence for awful farming. (I’d prefer a fight against Edo over a fight against Shiranui anyday.)

Overall Edo Castle is a great opportunity for players who have been unable to acquire healers for their game. Of the daemons listed above, Pearl and Orihime were ranking daemons from past events, and are no longer obtainable. New Year Game was a limited daemon, with only 1 copy available through the exchange. And Mazu is a Jewel Summon daemon. For players lacking healers on their team, or in need for better support daemon, Edo castle should be considered for purchase. The lack of HP recovery is an issue, but can be adapted – the balance between HP recovery and damage reduction is very much situational dependent, and a matter of preference and playstyle.

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