Effective Stats – Analysis and Notables

Effective Stats – Analysis and Notables

Whilst the effective spreadsheet has been up, some members of dB (namely me, the creator!) feel like it is not used to its fullest potential. I have therefore decided to produce this post explaining its best use and some points to consider when using, as well as pointing out some notable daemon whose true strength can only be realized with this tool.

Why was the tool created, and what does it do?

With many daemon having various buffs affecting different stats (DMG Dealt, skill DMG, Crit rate, Crit DMG, DMG reduction, HP regen…) it becomes more and more difficult to gauge how strong each daemon is in comparison to other daemons. This tool (the effective stats spreadsheet) was created as a guide to show each daemon’s true HP, normal DMG and skill DMG at their full potential (ie. with all abilities and special bonds unlocked) to determine which daemons are truly the strongest. Naturally, players will not have MLB every daemon, so the equivalent was also calculated for each daemon at LB0.

The tool further highlights the skill type of each daemon, whether it heals or damages, and how many targets they affect (1, 2, 3, multiple (this includes row, surrounding, nearby, further, etc ), and all). This allows you to compare, for example, all the single target DMG dealers together to see who would be the best option as a conquest burster whilst also taking into consideration how hard they hit with auto attack hits (the answer is Leonardo da Vinci by a long shot!).


Points to consider when comparing same type Daemons

HP Regen vs DMG Reduction

HP Regeneration dominates the Effective HP column (as it should), with the tankiest daemons – Ghoula, Snow White, and Ravenna – all having some form of HP regen. However, the type of damage you are taking in a given situation plays a big role in determining which daemon you use as a tank. If you are tanking single-target bursts, it is preferential to have a tank with DMG reduction (with Outenta, Kogitsunemaru, Juzumaru being the best) over ones with HP regen. For example, whilst Ghoula has the highest EHP (effective HP), she has no DMG reduction. Against multiple Wolf bosses who can crit for 8-10k with their skills, she is more likely to die in 1 hit compared to a damage reduction tank.

Note: all HP regen and DMG reduction buffs are contained within the tool (although generally in hidden columns).


Daemon who apply a Poison or Burn with their abilities do not have this factored into their DMG outputs. The reason for this is that it would give a false overestimation. Skill DMG can be scaled by DMG buffers (Azukiarai), Crit buffers (Hanzo Uniform) and Crit DMG buffers (Katsushika), whilst poisons and burns are capped at 999 per tick. Let’s take as an example: Mephistopheles vs Guillotine.

If neither is buffed the expected DMG output of their skills at MLB would be 10,209 for Guillotine for 7,577 for Mephistopheles. However, Mephistopheles’ poison will do 5 instances of 999 poison DMG (assuming a big boss) with a 79% chance to be applied, so his actual expected DMG is closer to 7,577 + (999*5*0.79) = 11,523, more than Guillotine. But if we buff both with a single Azukiarai buff of 68% DMG, Guillotines expected DMG is 10,209 * 1.68 = 17,151, while Mephisto’s is 7,577*1.68 + (999*5*0.79) = 16,675, so now Guillotine is stronger.

In summary – whilst poison and burn abilities are not factored into the skill DMG (or normal DMG – and they would actually make more of a difference here) calculations, they should be considered as an extra DMG source when considering DMG outputs.


Team Abilities

The tool can only look at daemons in isolation, ie. how strong they are at their full potential, having all of their own abilities unlocked. Some daemon have passives that boost the damage output of the whole team or certain types of daemons, and these should also be taken into consideration. For example if you look at another set of single target bursters, this time Guillotine vs Titania [New Year], you will notice they have similar damage outputs. However, Titania  provides all Phantom members with 20% Crit DMG, and could be a much better option depending on your team composition.


Unlocking Abilities

When daemons unlock their abilities, this can have a significant effect on their damage output. This can be crucial in determining which of your daemons to use. A good example is Antikythera, who gains +23% Crit rate with her second ability – but only at level 90. The difference in her expected skill DMG from level 89 to 90 jumps from ~4,950 to 6,166, or 25%. This may be more difficult to judge as the tool only provides LB0 and MLB rates, but it is crucial when comparing two daemons who are at varying levels.


Other Special Abilities

Daemons whose abilities provide extra benefits (e.g Increasing the damage received by an enemy like Titanium Elf, or Stunning/Slowing an enemy like Sessho Seki) will always have a lower damage skill than daemon who do raw damage in order to compensate. In essence, raw damage and stats should not be considered when comparing different daemons as they generally serve a different role (e.g comparing Titanium Elf’s single target damage to Leonardo’s is meaningless).

General Points, and Notable Daemons

Certain types of daemons will almost always come out on top, as they have a combination of abilities that makes them significantly better at their job. Defensively, these will be daemons that have DMG reduction and either increased HP  or HP Regen (e.g Witch Ravenna, who has both DMG reduction and HP regen), whereas offensively, it will be daemons that have at least two of the following: DMG, Crit Rate and Crit DMG (eg. Leonardo da Vinci has both 20% DMG Dealt and 35% Crit DMG increases). So now that you’ve made it this far, let’s look at some daemons that have come to our attention from the tool (all stats noted are at MLB):


Leonardo da Vinci

Atk: 13,365 // EHP: 9,295 // Auto DMG: 2,217 (1st) // Skill Damage: 11,413 (1 Target – 1st)

So the first notable one is the obvious one, and I apologise for that. However, it is worth noting that combining raw damage with either Crit rate or Crit DMG produces a significant effect. His Attack stat and normal Skill DMG aren’t the best, but with the extra buffs from his abilities, he outclasses all other daemons and is currently the dominant damage dealer in the game.  


Snow White

Atk: 7,356 // EHP: 19,200 (2nd) // Auto DMG: 710 // Skill Damage: 7,089 (1 Target)

Unfortunately not available anymore, but her strength was highlighted during the event. Snow White goes to show how strong HP Regen really is. As the only daemon with 7.5% regen per 5 second tick, she has the second highest EHP despite only being a 4* Daemon. Don’t forget she has damage reduction in her passive as well. As for 1st place for EHP …well that goes to Ghoula, who has 5% HP regen instead.



Atk: 13,126 // EHP: 7,893 // Auto DMG: 1,608 // Skill Damage: 5,576 (3 Targets – 2nd)

Whilst her skill damage looked slightly higher than other daemons but still relatively standard at 2,675, the difference her passive makes is very noticeable, and it makes her a top tier wave clearer that was obtainable for the majority of players. In terms of daemons that hit 3 targets, her skill damage is only 10% lower than Antikythera in 1st, and 28% higher than Kaguya in 3rd. For a non-Jewel Summon daemon, that’s incredible!



Atk: 8,583 // EHP: 6,238 // Auto DMG: 1,416 // Skill Damage: 8,423 (1 Target – 9th)

A daemon that is definitely not on the vast majority of players’ radars. She serves to highlight the point about stacking Crit Rate and Crit Damage. Even with only 8,583 attack and a single target skill with 4,439 damage at MLB, she is a true powerhouse. Having 10% Crit Rate and 50% Crit Damage together makes her a very strong burster, and her normal hits also pack a significantly stronger punch than almost all 4* Daemons.



Atk: 13,126 // EHP: 8,830 // Auto DMG: 2,090 (3rd) // Skill Damage: 6,949 (2 Targets – 1st)

This one is a personal favourite of mine who I feel is slightly underrated, though she does not really serve a purpose in the current meta of the game. Her 30% DMG Dealt passive is the largest self damage boost there is. Combined with an already strong base attack and decent skill damage, she can certainly dish out a lot of damage.


Yamata no Orochi

Atk: 11,813 // EHP: 8,609 // Auto DMG: 1,683 (12th) // Skill Damage: 8,814 (1 Target – 7th)

His base attack stat is one of the lowest for a ranged 5* and his skill appears rather average too at 5,049 damage. However, that 20% Crit chance makes a significant difference to his damage output. Whilst still not in the top tier in terms of damage overall, it should not be forgotten his skill does come with a 100% slow on top, so he can provide a good balance of offense and defense.



Atk: 9,288 // EHP: 6,354 // Auto DMG: 1,308 // Skill Damage: 4,053 (2 Targets – 7th)

Whilst this isn’t news as her strength has been clear since the first CQ event, just how strong really she is is clearly evident now. Her Auto damage is 51% higher than the next best 3* Daemon (Miss Snowman with 865), she has more EHP than nearly all 3* Daemons (she’s rank 7), and her skill damage is the 7th best 2 target skill overall. She is essentially the most efficient daemon there is for SE use in CQ.


Scarlett Shott [Serious]

Atk: 10,790 // EHP: 5,953 // Auto DMG: 1,586 (19th) // Skill Damage: 4,310 (2 Targets – 5th)

A new daemon that stuck out as Muramasa v2. With an already high attack stat, her increase Damage Dealt ability makes her normal attacks as powerful as 5* ranged daemons. Her skill also becomes the strongest 2 target skill among 4* daemons, and is stronger than Muramasa’s but with an additional burn effect. However, she does suffer from low HP and in the end, doesn’t replace Muramasa for efficient damage in early CQ.


Atk: 11,933 // EHP: 16,777 // Auto DMG: 1,462 // Skill Damage: 4,069 (All Enemies – 1st)

Mjölnir’s defensive passive provides a massive 90% damage reduction, but only once she’s down to the last 10% of her HP. However, this makes her the tankiest ranged daemon by a long distance, with 80% more EHP than Leonardo da Vinci in second. Her 20% skill damage ability also gives her the highest skill damage of daemons that hit all enemies.

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