Efficient Guild Conquest

Efficient Guild Conquest

On the Stella: Sagittarius review, I did a poll asking players how much SE it cost them to acquire the 3 Million DMG reward. In this piece I will describe how to maximize efficiency for Guild Conquest.

What Is Guild Conquest

Guild Conquest is an event that typically starts on the Friday after a major event (tower/conquest), and lasts for 1 week. Bosses are summoned by your guild leader or vice leader and are available for everyone in your guild to hit. The boss HP and attack increase every level.

Rewards are given for participation in each battle (Battle Reward), as well as for passing each level with your guild (Level Reward).

  • Level rewards are fixed and can be checked from the event page.
  • Level rewards can only be obtained once.
  • Battle rewards vary depending on damage inflicted to the boss and good old RNG.
  • Battle Rewards can be obtained multiple times if you defeat the same level boss in different guilds.

Players are able to acquire the Guild Conquest Boss via

  • Personal damage achievement at 1, 2 and 3 Million damage marks
  • Level reward at level 30 and 50
  • Drops from battle participation reward above level 30

Each copy of the Guild Conquest Boss (5 Star) is worth 25 Mochi when sold to the system. It has yet to be determined whether GCQ bosses will be available for trade in the Auction House.

Guild Conquest Team Selection

The efficiency of farming Mochi via Guild Conquest would depend on your GCQ team. The game ranks daemons for their GCQ strength based on the following formulae:

0.1 ATK + HP

This makes the HP stat a priority for the game’s auto selection for the GCQ battle.

  • Daemons that are bonded to other daemons will not be able to participate in the event.
  • Assist daemons are able to participate in GCQ.
  • The Daemon’s base stats are used in this calculation; bonding extra ATK or HP to your daemon will not affect his / her GCQ strength.

While the game mode automatically selects the highest HP daemons (the HP stat has a 10x weightage compared to the ATK stat) for your GCQ team, it does not necessarily produce the most efficient GCQ team. The damage output of a High ATK mediocre HP full Ranged team surpasses that of a High HP mediocre ATK team heavy with Melee and Healers.

To construct your best GCQ team:

  1. Remove all bonds on all your daemons.
  2. Filter your daemons based on Highest ATK and select the top 10.
  3. Select the Highest ATK daemon as your leader.
  4. Assign bonds to these 10 daemons.
  5. When assigning bonds filter the daemons based on HP. Use the highest HP daemons that are not part of your top 10 Highest ATK as bond fodder.
  6. Test your team during GCQ and check that your top 10 Highest ATK daemons show up. If the High HP daemons still show up, continue adjusting bonds such that they are bonded away.
  7. Make sure lower rarity daemons (1 and 2 stars) are also bonded away.

Guild Conquest Battle and Strategy

  • The number of daemons selected depends on SE available, up to maximum of 50SE (full 5 Star team)
  • The team is ranked based on the above mentioned formulae
  • During the battle, up to 4 daemons are selected from within the team to hit the boss, before the boss hits your team.
  • The leader hits the boss every cycle
  • The other 9 daemons on your team rotate
  • If there are only 4 Daemons on your team, the same 4 will keep hitting the boss
  • If there are 5 Daemons on the team (leader plus 4 others), then the first hit would include your leader and the first 3 Daemons, the second hit would include only 2 daemons – your leader and the 4th Daemon.
  • It is most efficient to have either 4, 7 or 10 daemons on the team. Any other number would result in cycles where less than 4 daemons hit the boss.
  • This corresponds to using 20, 35 or 50 SE (assuming all 5 stars) each time you engage the GCQ boss.
  • There is a chance for your daemons to hit the boss for Critical Damage (2x normal damage)
  • There is a chance for the boss to hit your team for Critical Damage (2x normal damage)
  • But over time the crits you inflict and the crits inflicted on you should balance out, baring extreme scenarios of bad luck.
  • Bonding away the 1 and 2 stars means that if you have 21-22 SE available you will still hit for only 20, rather than 21 or 22 (and have an inefficient hit cycle consisting of your leader plus a 1 or 2 star daemon).
  • Because your top 4 daemons are better than your top 7, which are in turn better than your top 10, it is more efficient to use 20 SE hits rather than 35 SE hits which are in turn preferred to 50 SE hits. However this means item usage has to be in the form of Perk Up Potions rather than Tonics or Doses. And also more frequent logins if you choose to wait for SE to generate automatically.
  • On level 30+ Guild Conquest Bosses, players have a chance to acquire the boss card from the damage reward. Experienced whales report that 250,000 DMG is required on each boss for a chance to acquire a drop, and 500,000 DMG is recommended for a better drop rate. More than 500,000 DMG reaps no tangible rate change.
  • To reach level 50 the only solution at this point is expenditure of Tonics and Doses (preferably with other whales to share the load).

Maximum Mochi Efficiency on GCQ

Since the lower level bosses allow players to rake up GCQ DMG more efficiently, the cheapest way to acquire the 1, 2 and 3 Million DMG reward is to deal 3 Million cumulative DMG to low level bosses in your own guild:

  1. Set your GCQ team
  2. Leave your current guild (ask your guild leader(s) permission first)
  3. Create your own guild (10,000 soulstones)
  4. Set the guild to disallow auto join
  5. Start the GCQ event
  6. Use your team to deal damage to the GCQ boss
  7. Kill the bosses by yourself until you achieve 3 Million cumulative damage (finish level 9)
  8. Receive 3 copies of the GCQ boss in your inbox, equivalent to 75 Mochi

An alternative is to create a guild and have 2 accounts in the same guild. You will need to go to level 15, and deal with some harder bosses, but you will also receive more battle rewards for both accounts since more levels are completed. It is not recommended to have more than 2 accounts in the same guild to hit 3 Million DMG each because it necessitates going to even higher levels, and since the boss HP grows the number of additional battle rewards grows more slowly, and the efficiency for accumulating damage from hitting lower levels is diminished.

With this tactic and a properly set up full 5 star ranged GCQ team (approximately 100k ATK strength), one can achieve the 3 Mil DMG rewards with between 1.5 to 2.5K of SE Expenditure.

I will strongly encourage players to return to their original guilds after they complete their achievements and continue to hit the GCQ boss, so as to contribute to their main guild’s climb to level 30 / 50. It is exceedingly inefficient to climb to 30 solo. And yeah, it is supposed to be a Guild Event, so please contribute to your own guild and don’t be a leech.

Invoker Farming on GCQ

The Invoker drop rate on Guild Conquest is high when you do a significant amount of damage to the boss. Exactly where this threshold lies – 25%? 33%? – I am not privy to. This should be done on the most efficient bosses (ie lowest levels) and typically only after the personal 3 Mil DMG rewards and Guild target (typically level 30) are achieved. It is equally efficient in terms of drops if damage is dealt by 2 accounts doing equal damage compared to going solo.

The technique is very similar to that of the solo or duo farm for the 3 Million DMG reward:

  1. Set your GCQ team
  2. Leave your current guild (ask your guild leader(s) permission first)
  3. Create your own guild (10,000 soulstones)
  4. Set the guild to disallow auto join, accept your friend’s account into the guild if you are doing duo / trio farming
  5. Start the GCQ event
  6. Kill the level 1 Boss; try to ration damage so as to be evenly spread between the 2-3 accounts in the guild when killing bosses so that each account achieves the minimum threshold for an invoker drop
  7. Find and kill the level 2 Boss
  8. Check your inbox(es) whether Invoker has dropped, if it has, continue; if no invokers have appeared, leave the guild and repeat sequence from step 3 again
  9. Find and kill the level 3 Boss
  10. Check your inbox whether Invoker has dropped, if it has, continue if no invokers have appeared, leave the guild and repeat sequence from step 3 again
  11. Find and kill the level 4 Boss
  12. Restart sequence from step 3

Exactly where one chooses to restart is up to each player depending on their damage efficiency against the bosses and on the number of players involved. Some players do level 1-2 only; others go higher before restarting with a fresh guild to reduce Soulstone cost. Of course there are some superstitious players who would continue a good drop streak regardless of level until the drops stopped.

Farming invokers invariably requires the expenditure of large numbers of tonics and doses and is an activity to be done only if you can afford it.

Please comment below if you notice any inaccuracies or have differing opinion on how best to efficiently run GCQ.

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