Limited Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Eihort, Spider’s Thread and Gretel

Limited Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Eihort, Spider’s Thread and Gretel




5 ★ Assist Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12800/15274

Max/MLB HP: 8600/10262

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Attack

God of Maze (lvl 70): Normal attacks have 10% chance of inflicting stun

Spider that Summons Death (lvl 85): Increases 40% of skill DMG.


Assist daemon Eihort provides a 10% chance of stun on normal attacks. This is similar to providing any daemon the passive abilities that Cyclops, Hamelin, Princess Longji, Ruyi Bang and Rutabaga have. Don’t remember any of these daemons? Other than Cyclops they are all 4 stars, and generally have had very little impact on the game meta. There is another daemon that provides stun on auto, Sun Wukong – but his is supposedly limited to when he is low on HP (<50%). For a while players were using him quite extensively on Endless mode because he was providing high stun chance despite not being low HP. But Eihort (on the first copy at least) will not come anywhere near to close to Sun Wukong, with the provided stun chance being relatively low at 10% only. (Wukong’s stun chance is very high, at 60%, once his condition of low HP is achieved).

Eihort becomes much more powerful once 4 copies (or substituted with orbs) are acquired and his second ability is unlocked – 40% skill damage boost. Other Assist daemons released so far providing futher skill damage boosts include Chaos (20%) and Tristan (10%), which are relatively insignificant considering the boosts that other assist daemons like Saigyo and Basho can provide. Chochin (HW2) provides a far better assist for skill damage, because her ability allows her to be bonded to your reserve unit, but affect the 2 highest attackers in your team (15% Skill DMG boost on final wave).

Eihort’s 40% skill damage boost is far superior to the very limited skill boosts that Chaos and Tristan have. However, because the boost affects only skill damage, normal attacks do not get boosted. This is in stark contrast to the effect that Basho has – 45% Damage Dealt boost. Basho’s ability would boost both the unit’s normal attacks and skill attacks, and Basho is much cheaper to acquire, only costing 50 mochis (vs Eihort’s 200) and multiple copies can be traded during this event (Eihort can only be traded once). The only key advantage Eihort has over Basho is that Eihort’s skill damage boost is not stage limited, while Basho’s is limited to the final stage. Being final wave limited does not really prove to be a major problem. The World Boss and PvP only have 1 stage. For conquest the most important stage is the final wave, and that is where you want all your boosts to be activated. For tower one focuses mainly on EXP and Drop rate (hence the popularity of Cintamani with Sherlock bonded). And on Endless the key assists are Kay Kagen and Grandmaster Shinmen.

So, in what situation would you use Eihort over Basho? One scenario I can think of is on the AoE daemon used for wave clear during Conquest. Boosted skill damage to help you clear waves faster, and then the unit gets used only minimally on the final wave. Another situation would be where you have so much ‘DMG Dealt’ boosts and so little ‘Skill DMG’ boosts that you get more ‘DMG Dealt’ boost provide diminishing returns that more ‘Skill DMG’ becomes more worthwhile. This would depend on the other boosts that you have already on your team, and the bonds that your target daemon has.


I shall provide an example, my World Boss team:

Target Daemon: MLB Amanojaku (40% innate DMG Dealt, 2 skill bonds (15% Skill DMG)) – base Skill DMG 6299

Team: Sola, leader (60% DMG Dealt, 40% Crit DMG), Yoritomo (10% Crit DMG), Philosopher’s Stone (20% Crit DMG), and Ally Yoshitsune (20% DMG Dealt, 20% Crit DMG).

Reserves: Cindy (55% Skill DMG), Amor (50% Skill DMG), Chochin bonded (15% Skill DMG)

Total DMG dealt boosts = 40% + 60% + 20% = 120%

Total Skill DMG boosts = 55% + 50% + 15% + 15% = 135%

Total Crit DMG boosts = 40% + 10% + 20% + 20% =  90%


Crit DMG output (ignoring crit rate) =

Base skill DMG * Skill DMG Boosts * DMG Dealt Boosts * 2 * Crit DMG boosts =

6299 * (1+1.35) * (1+1.20) * 2 * (1+ 0.90) = 123,750


Saigyo: 35% Crit DMG + 4% Skill DMG

Basho: 45% DMG Dealt

Eihort: 40% Skill DMG + 5% Normal ATK (this does not stack anywhere on skill DMG calculation)


Crit DMG with Saigyo = 6299 * 2.39 * 2.20 * 2 * 2.25 = 149,040

Crit DMG with Basho = 6299 * 2.35 * 2.65 * 2 * 1.90 = 151,599

Crit DMG with Eihort = 6299 * 2.75 * 2.20 * 2 * 1.90 = 144,814


For this team because of the high initial skill DMG boosts already present, Eihort provides diminishing returns and therefore a poorer damage output compared to using Basho or Saigyo when the hit crits. Of course, if Cindy and Amor and Chochin (HW) are not present, Eihort’s boost would have lesser diminishing returns and prove more significant. He might even be the special bond of choice for players missing all of Cindy, Amor, Siren, Otakemaru and Chochin [HW2]. I encourage each player to list out the boosts that you have in each category and calculate which assist daemon would give you the best output yourself.

Overall simply because Eihort’s ability is locked at LB3 and access to him is limited to a single copy from trading, for most players acquiring LB3 Eihort is an unrealistic option. For the cost of 1 copy of Eihort, one could purchase 4 copies of Basho and bond every single active daemon in your team with Basho.



Spider's Thread [Autumn Sky]
Spider’s Thread [Autumn Sky]

5 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 13500/16109

Max/MLB HP: 8500/10143


Zero Chance [Nirvana] (MAX): Deals 1961/2341 DMG to the 3 enemies with the highest ATK. Targets receive 30/36% more DMG for a limited time.

Woman’s Heart and Autumn Sky (lvl 80): Decreases 35% of ATK speed of all foes.


Spider’s Thread is a multi-target debuffer. This group of daemons generally have seen limited usage given the dominance of single target higher percentage debuffers in most game modes.


Daemon Attack Max/MLB HP Max/MLB Skill DMG Debuff % Targeting Abilities
Spider’s Thread [Autumn Sky] 13500/16109 8500/10143 1961/2341 30/36% 3 enemies with the highest ATK Decreases 35% of ATK speed of all foes at the start of each wave.
Beelzebub [Halloween] 10,800/12,887 8,000/9,546 1436/1716 27%/33% 3 enemies with the highest HP Increases all allies ATK Speed 20% at the start of the final wave.

Recover Phantom allies HP at the start of each wave.

Juno 11,800/14,080 7,800/9,307 2585/3083 33%/39% 2 enemies with the highest ATK Slightly reduces DMG taken by Divina allies
Lemegeton 10,800/12,887 7,800/9,307 0 31%/37% All 20% Chance of stun on skill.

Melee allies receive 5% of DMG dealt as HP.

Spider’s Thread 9,700/11,575 8,250/9,844 921/1101 21%/25% All 32% Chance of inflicting sleep on ranged enemies at the start of each wave.


Spider’s Thread has a clear improvement in stats over her comparators. Her skill DMG and debuff percentages are also decent with her hitting 3 targets. Her closest comparator is Beelzebub [Halloween], also a 3 target hitter. Spider’s Thread comes up superior on all the stats. The key difference is in their abilities. Spider’s Thread reduces the opponent’s speed, while Beelzebub boosts your own team’s speed. Spider’s Thread’s debuff is also of a higher percentage. In fact 35% speed debuff on all enemies, applied constantly, is a very significant crowd control mechanism. Buffs and debuffs applied passively through a unit’s abilities rather than active skill last the entire battle.

I think Spider’s Thread is potentially a very good daemon to be used on competitive PvP and on the Endless Challenge. 35% speed debuff means that the opponent’s auto damage per second is reduced by half that amount (17.5%) because of the way speed is calculated in the game. This means that your units take less damage throughout the entire battle. Being Anima, she benefits from the abilities of Inaba Tenmoku and Lady Musk. And her active skill would make the wave clearing on Endless Challenge a speedier affair.

While I don’t see Spider’s Thread teams surpassing the super tanky Double Musk teams on the Endless Challenge Leaderboard, she could make an Anima team speed clear to a lower level (maybe 50?) a thing especially for whales who have all the other daemons already. I would like to see tested: Sola, Lady Musk, Stella Libra, Spider’s Thread and Inaba Tenmoku on the team, with Morin and Shoshion on reserve (Kay / Shingen bonds as appropriate). If anyone with this team is able to test its abilities please comment below and let us know how it fares.

Unfortunately, Endless Challenge typically is not a priority for most players, and neither is competitive PvP. Thus while Spider’s Thread is the best in her category, most players would not find a lot of utility in her at this point.




4 ★ Assist Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7500/9195

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Max HP

Sibling Love (lvl 80): All Divina team members deal 3% more DMG. (Only take effect once to the team.)


Mitama seems to be making a habit of creating type limited low percentage team abilities for their 4 star assist daemons. First we had Zombilina with 2% Phantom HP, then Candy House with 2% DMG Reduction to Divina. I think they realized that the players found 2% to be too low, so they decided to increase the boost by a whooping 50%, to 3%! *rolls eyes* Gretel provides 3% DMG boost to all divina allies. And because her percentage has gone up, Mitama decided to lock her ability at MLB instead. (Zombilina and Candy House were locked at lb3).

Is this of any significance? In short, no. If we are already looking at Eihort at 40% Skill damage vs Basho 45% DMG dealt vs Saigyo 35% Crit DMG, tiny percentage boosts like those provided by Gretel, Zombilina and Candy House would not prove significant. We could do the math and yes, there would be some small difference. But it would be so small that the normal variance in damage output in the game would completely obfuscate it. Even for the reserves, Chochin [HW2] and Nautilus are better assist bonds with more significant effects for the team (15% Skill DMG to 2 highest attack daemons on the final wave, and 15% Crit DMG to the team respectively).

10 thoughts on “Limited Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Eihort, Spider’s Thread and Gretel”

  • before buying Eihort I confirmed many times that his 40% boost was not stated to be active on any specific level so I thought it’s will active on level 70, but onces my last 200 mochis was spent on her, I realised that I needed 3 more copies of her to enjoy her boost T^T . Is there anyway to level her up beside pvp to earn challenge points? ( it takes forever ><)

    • The text for the skill name was too long so the level lock for the skill was obscured especially on the summon banner. In future you should always check the notification – the text there does not get cropped out by formatting. If you are able to read Chinese also try changing the game language – the company works in that language and the skill descriptions in Chinese are most accurate.

      Unfortunately now that you have already purchased Eihort and want to level her to 85, you’ll need 3 orbs, which means you’ll need to farm PvP points. The fastest way to get points is with PvP farming. Unfortunately that would still take 3 months, and you won’t be able to split Eihort into 4 separate copies after you orb her, so you’ll only get 1 assist daemon that provides 40% Skill DMG boost. I suggest farming for the orbs but not feeding Eihort until you have all 3 ready, and then look at the JS and LJS at that point and decide whether it is still worthwhile to orb Eihort or not.

      You can join our massive farm group on LINE, add our official account and follow the instructions to join.

      • Thank u so much for your advice. I shared with my guild and was instructed the same too, now I’m farming pvp T^T , but for the sake of leveling up another daemon. Eihort will be a long story later, sigh -_-

  • Just one more thing, does spider’s ability (slow enemy by 35%) work as same like P.stone’s ability(auto equipped with slow)? In short, does spider’s ability change WB boss pattern?

    • Base on what a small minority player testing. Philo slow stacks and hence her effect in wb is significantly better than spider thread. philo also have 20% crit dmg team boost. Blurmars (bluemars) give contradicting answers regarding philo slow. Feel free to test the 2 cards as they both alter wb pattern.

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