Exchange Daemon Analysis – Elf: Mercury Aurum

Exchange Daemon Analysis – Elf: Mercury Aurum

Elf: Mercury Aurum

5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12,500 / 14,916

Max/MLB HP: 8,400 / 10,023


Sleep Deprivation (MAX): Deals 2,387 / 2,847 DMG to 3 enemies with the Highest ATK with a very high chance of inflicting sleep

Superior Adhesive (lvl 78): Increases Crit Rate by 20% and Crit Damage by 50%


Wow. I’m actually surprised. They have actually released a top tier Mochi exchange daemon. In fact I would go as far as to say this is the best ever Mochi daemon released (tied with Quiver? But she sadly got blown out the water)…have I just blown the review in the first line? Well let’s take a look at the figures to understand why.

Mercury Aurum Muramasa (Leader) Muramasa

(Not Leader)

Yatagarasu Belphegor
Auto Attacks 2,759 (1st) 2,421 2,017 1,929 1,608
Skill Damage 6,452 6,872 5,726 5,890 5,576
Skill Effect Sleep (High Chance) None None Burn (High Chance) None
EHP 9,324 8,880 8,880 9,658 7,938
Team Ability None 20% Anima DMG None 10% Phantom DMG None


Historically having self crit rate and crit damage has been fantastic and provides good consistent  high damage, but the cards that had these have been slowly overshadowed with powercreep. Titanium Elf was the first and was a staple for all events for over a year. Her drawback however was having slightly lower stats than other daemon to keep her in check, as well as the passive having a requirement to have another elf on the team – which originally was only possible using Helium or Nickel Elf (and there were no reserves at the time). After this was Nekogami who had the best auto attacks in the game and was the best nuker in the game alongside Leonardo for a solid while as well. Her stats were also slightly lower to keep her in check.

Since then there hasn’t really been anyone with this ability…until now! Mercury Aurum is the first daemon to have this ability as a multi targeter, and to boot this comes with NO restrictions. No reduced stats (12,500 / 8,400 whilst not the absolute high end is still very high comparatively), and no conditional activation of the passive. No other elf, no leader slot, no final wave, nothing. Overall this means consistent damage regardless of scenario which is great, increased flexibility in positioning and team composition – thumbs up, and generally a damage dishing powerhouse.

As can be seen from the table above this really is high end damage. FINALLY someone has a higher auto attack stat than Nekogami. That’s right Mercury Aurum has the best auto attacks in the entire game, and she doesn’t really sacrifice skill damage as a balance. With an average skill output of 6,452 damage she beats out old school AoE daemon like Yatagarasu and Belphegor as shown, although is still slightly short of the newly introduced Muramasa (assuming she’s in the leader slot that is…which might not be happening in 2 weeks time as said in her review). It should be understood that her skill base stat is lower than the other daemon in the table, but her passive means her average damage output is higher. Essentially when she fails to crit you will deal less damage than Yata/Muramasa not critting, but when she does crit you will do more than the other two critting – and she will crit almost twice as often as the others (without any crit buff).

I do always like cards to have a team benefit as a combination of these tends to give the best results – and if Mercury Aurum did have one she would easily be god tier – but alas she doesn’t although this is probably her only set back.

The sleep chance is relatively meaningless for PvE content, however is fantastic for competitive PvP, if that is your thing. Her targeting will focus the back line who dish out the most damage and likely sleep all 3, leaving you to destroy the front row (using her big autos to boot) before finishing the back row, most likely in relative comfort.

So how do I summarise. Standalone if you were to just look at each daemon and say how good it is (which is what my ratings do), it would be Muramasa as the best (thanks to her team passive), Mercury Aurum second, Yatagarasu 3rd then all others pretty far behind those 3. Realistically however, Muramasa is not going to be your leader in the future so is weaker, but more importantly as mentioned in Muramasa’s review Phantasma has the glaring problem of Siren’s passive meaning in conquest Yatagarasu benefiting from both this as well as providing Phantasma’s other main problem creator with 10% more damage makes her the best choice. I would say however that Mercury does have some counter balance. There’s a limit to just how much skill damage you need to clear the waves, and her massive auto attacks will provide some extra damage over time to compensate. Regardless for just 300 Mochi to unlock her ability I think she is a fantastic pick up for strength and value whether you are a new player or a veteran.


Emilio’s Rating: 8.6 / 10 (V High Tier).


Qtphi21: Excellent wave clearer and competitive PvP card. But she’s from exchange, and after how quickly the last ‘very good’ exchange daemon *coughquivercough* was powercreeped into irrelevance, call me paranoid but I’m just little bit suspicious of Mitama’s motives.

10 thoughts on “Exchange Daemon Analysis – Elf: Mercury Aurum”

  • I have both Mercury at LB2 (her skills and abilities are unlocked) and I was wondering if I should MLB Mercury or just save my Mochi for upcoming daemons?

    • Depends on how many mochi you have and what daemons you already own. If you have plenty of mochi and mercury is your only 3 target hitter then at MLB she’ll be the most effective (extra bond slot and better stats). But if you are lacking other critical team components like debuffer or nuker, or is very low on mochi store, then LB2 is fully functional.

  • Would the emperor in the ljs right now be a good candidate to bond to this elf or is the added crit rate just overkill and a crit damage booster would see better results?

    • It is OK to bond the Emperor Shi to Mercury. It is also OK to bond a crit DMG booster like Saigyo or Gungnir to Mercury.

      You can do some simple math to predict the outcome of different bonds.

      MLB Mercury with Emperor Shi bonded: 14916 ATK, 2847 Skill DMG, 50% Crit DMG, 22.5+20+12=54.5% Crit Rate (remember that ranged have innate 22.5% crit rate)
      Effective Autos = 3117
      Effective Skill (+15% skill bond) = 6842

      Example 2
      MLB Mercury with Saigyo bonded: 14916 ATK, 2847 Skill DMG, 85% Crit DMG, 22.5+20=42.5% Crit Rate
      Effective Autos = 3203
      Effective Skill (+21% skill bond *Saigyo boosts elf 6% also)) =7397

  • I think with the new updates and optimization there will be call for pure teams…This is a great edition to the divina group. Put her with orpheus, yoritomo minamoto,snow white and minamoto no yoshitsune. You now have a team with healer/buffer,nuker,crit boost nuke/debugger and wave clearer… amor and cindy in reserve…. a 100%pur divina team!

  • The great thing is you don’t have to buy her completely mlb right off the bat. You can wait till after the anniversary event so you won’t be Amano’d. Of course if it happens on the next event afterwards, well no one is perfect. 😉

  • the last time with Lucky Quiver then he pulled Amanojaku out and made it completely obsolete, with Mitama we can not be sure if it will keep it as the strongest, thanks for the post.

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