The Endless Calculator

The Endless Calculator

As promised, here is the Endless Calculator!

Before jumping in, here are a few pointers:

  1. Input your daemon’s stats that you are trying to calculate into the orange coloured cells.
  2. For crit damage please double the value, ie Morin’s 10% Crit DMG per wave should be written as is to be input as 20%
  3. Base values are 100% not 0%, so a 25% boost should be reflected as 125% rather than 25%
  4. For the calculation with Sola (+15 levels) to be accurate, the calculator assumes that your daemon is MLB 5*. For all other daemons please input your daemon’s lb0 stats into the stat calculator and the desired level, and then input the specific level stats instead.
  5. The calculator is set as View Only so as not to allow accidental (or deliberate) destruction of the calculator. Click on ‘File’ and ‘Download as’ and select XLS to get an Excel copy of the calculator. If you do not have access to Excel, then upload the downloaded XLS file to your own Google Docs and use it from there.
  6. If you find any major faults or inaccuracies with the calculator, please comment below, or PM Emilio directly. It is very likely there are some rounding errors present, not all the errors can be easily fixed.

Click HERE to access the Endless calculator!

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