Endless Challenge II

Endless Challenge II

Endless Challenge



So finally a new event has arrived and it’s everything I ever dreamed of….just kidding. Overall it’s nice to have something new in the game but at the same time I don’t particularly like this event mode. I would say:


Positive points:

  • The new mode with up to 100 waves invites the use of old and even super old daemon who otherwise saw no use at all.
  • There looks to be a variety of options in the teams used (although this is muted slightly by a later point). If you are unaware you can click anyone in the leaderboard to see the teams they used (and from the passives listed you can tell the reserves)
  • Free SE! Now it shouldn’t be so much of a burden to farm those orbs each month. An extra 250 points a day potentially is quite a lot so you are free to farm everything you need outside of event time
  • Balance between offense and defense. No longer is the sole focus just to get the most out of Amanojaku/other damage dealer whilst having the minimum survival requirements. CC can actually play a major part in preventing yourself being killed by combined skills from the enemy, especially in later stages when your damage hits the cap and no longer wipes everything fast enough.


Negative Points:

  • Lack of other rewards/motivation. The mode is very long with no reward for ranking, or even a small achievement such as “clear X endless mode waves” with a small item reward (much like donating to guild). Essentially this means that you could relish the challenge of clearing as many waves as possible, or just view it as “why am I spending 3 hours of my phones battery whilst being AFK just for 100 SE” and instead try to find an optimal SE/time ratio and clear that repeatedly
  • Wave stacking abilities are practically essential/too strong. The main culprit in my eyes being Siren/Otakemaru, Morin and Kay Kagen who are essential to hit damage caps. Either the number of times the abilities should stack should be capped and/or the mobs HP and the damage cap should be lowered in my opinion to increase the range of useful daemon
  • It’s a fully Auto mode! Such a good concept sort of ruined by this. It would have been much better to make it very difficult but give you control to time your CC’s, time your shields, time your damage combinations after storing orbs etc. The skills also have a priority system (something like: Shields, then CC’s, then debuffs, then vanilla skills) which can be incredibly frustrating (I’ve watched a Kappa with 999,999 skill damage not use his ability for over 3 minutes despite there being at least 10 points in time where the team had full hp, there was no need to shield and there were 2-3 enemies on the screen).




So I’m sure some people are like “well that’s fine but tell me what I need to do! How do I best clear”. Personally I think if you don’t have wave stacking abilities (especially if you don’t have Kay Kagen assist – which I don’t have myself by the way incase anyone wants to complain that I didn’t give it a good enough review xD) then it’s pretty much a waste to try and clear all the waves. You would be much better off served clearing waves 1-11 ten times over, or 1-21 five times over to get your 100SE. Having said that though I will split the ideas into 2 parts – Clearing as many waves as possible, clearing 1-X multiple times (X < 34).


Note this is not a strict “you have to do this” set of instructions. This is a challenge mode after all! Experiment a bit and try out different teams. There isn’t even a downside to doing this since it only costs 1 SE – and the first few times you do this every day it’s essentially free anyway. You can see even within the top 100 there are lots of different team combinations used so have fun!


Taking the Challenge – Clearing as far as possible:


  • Will generally require 3 healers (at least 2 shield), 1 damage dealer (AOE), 1 tank/CC/damage dealer
  • Only 1 MLB Morin. Past wave 35 ish with one Morin you are likely already at the damage cap anyway so he is not adding anything, and having a second is doing even less. Having him on the team means having a weak active ability that wastes an orb each time it’s used so it’s preferable to just have one in reserve.
  • Kay Kagen bonds pretty much essential to hit damage caps and boost all healing
  • Requires some sort of defensive reserve/passive to prevent super strong critical hits from enemies in later waves (see list of options in the next section). You can go for double offensive reserves as well to make you kill the brutes faster.
  • Optionally have a method to increase your healer’s auto attack heals



2 damage dealers should suffice at damage cap – particularly with Morin’s passive only buffing two anyway. Having a third with say only Siren buffing them makes their skill relatively weak, and if it’s a CC ability it will get used more often than you wish thanks to priority.


Having CC abilities in general is to provide additional layers of defense, particularly against certain mobs. The zombies can remove your defensive shields and lower your defense, which when combined with the boss AoE into an auto attack can kill the daemon at the front (this is also why the front unit should preferably be a bit tankier later).


You will require some sort of way to reduce or negate overall mob damage later on. Mobs can crit albeit it at a relatively low rate, but in later stages these can hurt. If your healers cannot keep up then eventually the front unit will die and the rest of the team follows, hence the defensive reserve and the optional way of increasing your healer’s autos (Kay Kagen being the easy one).


I just want my SE – Fast clearing 1-X:

  • 2 healers (1 with a big heal/shield – you can’t go all out damage unless you are just doing 1-10) with 3 damage dealers (at least 1 AoE). More focus on raw damage than any CC. A 3rd with innate crit and a T-rex bond on top is generally a good idea (Mercury?)
  • Double Morin – get that crit rate and damage as high as possible as fast as possible
  • All damage boosting reserves and passives. Even if it’s not wave based or anything. Something such as Katsushika/Restless Ghost providing 30% critical damage to your 2 highest ATK daemon is still fantastic, especially at around waves 10-20 once your critical hit rate hits cap.
  • Kay Kagen is still the best option for assists, but Saigyo can be a replacement with the same reasoning as the previous point. Once your critical rate is max with double Morin he is providing a large chunk of damage as it is. It is only once you progress further that Kay begins to outweigh him more and more.



Daemon Options:

So which daemon are more useful for this mode than others? Are there daemon with wave stacking abilities that you have forgotten about? Let’s have a look at what’s useful and why (Note you will probably see nearly all of these in the ranking list!):



Morin Khuur:

Passive crit rate and damage stacking per wave to maximum levels. Essential for hitting damage cap.



The basis for a phantom team. Fantastic shield to protect through the waves whilst providing 15% skill damage per wave to Phantom allies – essential for hitting damage caps or full healing the team with her own ability.


Kay Kagen (Assist):

Far too strong in this mode. Boosts everything you need repeatedly – auto heals, auto attack damage, skill heals and skill damage.



Not as good as the above options and probably not the best option if you are trying to survive as far as possible, but can’t argue with 20% phantom skill damage per wave especially if you are just trying to clear fast. (Bani: Or she might secretly be the key to higher waves :p)


Offensive Options:

Emperor Sutoku:

Probably the best option for long runs. All target hitting with a very high Silence chance on skill use and gains 5% damage per wave – everything you would really want – and synergises with Siren. His low base skill damage means he will take longer to hit the damage cap however.



Similarly gains 6% damage per wave, but has a higher damaging 3 target skill. Can hit damage caps pretty quickly but because his skill is Vanilla has frustratingly low priority as described above.



50% chance to gain 10% damage per wave – which averages to 5% damage increase per wave. Awkward targeting (lowest HP) however could prove crucial when you want to finish off the melee brutes fast as they are the ones responsible for the debuffs + huge auto attacks. However, single targets aren’t the preference in this mode (if you are going long haul) since they will hit the same damage cap as AOE skills, so you might as well use daemons who will do the same damage to more targets.


Inaba Tenmoku:

6% damage per wave to self and 2% to all Anima additionally means she can boost all healing whilst being a decent damage source herself (Sola and Morin generally get used a lot who are both Anima, and Pearl/Edo are shield options). Was pretty much made with this mode in mind by Mitama.



CC Options. Both Phantom 3 target skills – so synergises well with Siren, and both with 2 CC abilities. Kada has freeze on Auto attacks and skill, whilst Medusa has a petrification on wave entry and on her skill. Since Medusa targets Melee daemon (on passive and skill) as a priority she is definitely the preference over Kada for the reasons stated in Amor.



5% critical damage per wave to Divina can aid in hitting damage caps especially if you are Morin-less. A good AoE daemon by himself but as usual Phantom’s tend to rule supreme so he is more an option for individuals who happen to have him and few other options.


Defensive Options:

Sun Wukong:

You will probably notice this a lot in the rankings list and might wonder why, but if you think about it he is sort of the only daemon that fits this list of criteria: Phantom, Melee, 5*, AoE skill, CC on skill. The only other one is Ibaraki Doji [2nd Anniversary] but I doubt many people at all have him. Also his first passive is apparently bugged and stuns even when he is at full hp…which sort of helps! As such he sits at the front, soaks up damage whilst providing damage and extra defensive options all in one.



3% Critical Rate to Anima per wave. This is more an option to boost all those auto heals from Morin, Edo, Sola, and Pearl but can also bring offensive Anima units to maximum crit rate too.


Zeus/Miss Santa

These both come with “Enemies deal 25% less critical damage at the start of each wave”. A good defensive reserve option to prevent massive damage spikes in later waves


Guillotine/Odawara Casella

These have a passive that will reduce the bosses damage by 20%/15% respectively on each wave. Useful for preventing large AoE damage hits from certain bosses.


Amano Iwato

Not quite as saving as the above options but does have two defensive passives – reducing all enemies damage by 5%, and having a 24% chance to silence them all at the start of each wave.


Other Daemons* with Wave Stacking Abilities (not as strong as the above):

*non exhaustive list


Gains 5% damage per wave but is a single target melee with no CC


Zirco Elf

Gives Divina allies 3% skill damage per wave. Better than nothing but pales in comparison to the Phantom options


Susanoo [Studious]

Gains 10% damage per wave but only has auto attacks for damage.



Like amor 50% chance to gain 10% damage per wave but only has a self buffing ability like Susanoo.



5% Critical damage to Divina per wave will serve well in a Divina based time alongside Phoenix



2% crit rate to self per wave. Allows for a good damage dealer if you only have LB0 Morin available.


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