Enemy Skill Cancel and Interruption

Enemy Skill Cancel and Interruption

Nex made a video showcasing how to cancel your enemy’s skill. This helps especially when you are not able to tank the enemy wolf’s skill hits. It takes time and practice to get this right. So don’t give up, practice and keep trying! The time stamps below show the process of skill cancellation. Read the descriptions first before watching the video. Maybe watch the video on 0.5x or 0.25x speed to see what happens a little more clearly.


(0:04s) An enemy will blink 3 times before using it’s skill.

(0:06s) Inflicting a skill dmg mid-way through it’s animation will interrupt and deny it from executing it’s skill. I use a daemon with an instant skill so that it’s easier.

(0:09s) The wolf will attempt to recast it’s skill immediately as I had interrupted it. It starts to blink 3 times.

(0:11s) I rotate between using shielding/healing skills and skill cancelling as it is mana cost effective.

The wolf successfully casts it’s skill and it will go on cooldown for about 10s.

(0:21s) The wolf blinks 3 times again and i prepare to use Amanojaku’s skill.

(0:22s) I cast Amanojaku’s skill midway through the wolf’s skill animation and interrupt it.


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