Event Daemon Analysis: Romance of the Demon and Sword Part 2

Event Daemon Analysis: Romance of the Demon and Sword Part 2

Usually the ranking daemon gets a separate post compared to the other daemons that can be acquired through events, with the conquest or tower 5 star placed with the other event daemons. However, this round I couldn’t bear separating this pair, so here is Dojigiri and Shuten Doji, presented together, as they ought to be.


Dojigiri Bride

Dojigiri Yasutsuna [Bride]

5★Melee Anima


Max Attack: 7900

Max HP: 9200


Secret Oath Slash (MAX): Deals 1981 DMG to further enemies

The Five Swords under Heaven (lvl 45): Moderately increases DMG dealt when one of the Five Swords under Heaven is on the team

Demon Lord’s Bride (lvl 80): Increases own level by 10 when Shuten Doji is on the team


Dojigiri returns from Story mode in this event. Stat wise Dojigiri has comparable stats to the previous 3 melee event daemons released recently: Ravenna 7500/9000; Forge Washington 7500/8600; Lucifer 7800/9300.

In terms of skill, ‘DMG to further enemies’ typically hits 2 rows of enemies in front of the daemon. That typically catches all the enemy daemons, except when your daemon gets flanked, or if your daemon runs to the extreme right column when there are still enemies in front. This sets up a close comparison to Lucifer, with his skill that hits all targets. Lucifer does 1654 DMG to all enemies, and has a level 80 ability that sharply increases that value (20%). At LB0, Dojigiri would be a more effective damage dealer than Lucifer, with her higher base skill and auto attack, and also because her first ability is unlocked on her first copy.

The Five Swords under Heaven include Dojigiri, Onimaru, Outenta and Juzumaru. The last member of the group has yet to be released (Mikazuchi). Onimaru and Juzumaru have similar ‘Five Swords’ abilities – moderate increase to damage dealt. This has been tested previously to be a 15% auto and skill damage boost. The same ability should apply to Dojigiri. (Outenta’s ‘Five Swords’ ability gives her a sharp damage boost, but requires a higher limit break to unlock – lvl 78.) Effectively, if Dojigiri has her first ability activated with a fellow Five Sword placed in the team, her max damage stat would be 9085, and skill damage 2278, which is decent for a skill that almost always hits all the enemies. (She’s better than Lucifer, and better than Demonic Perry as well.) Do note that Dojigiri’s 5 Sword ability can be activated by her 4 star version available via story chapter 7, morning dungeons and jewel summons.

At level 80, Dojigiri gains further synergy with her groom, Shuten Doji. They boost each other’s level by 10. That means you get units with MLB stats at lb2 cost, or level 100 stats, if they start of at MLB. At level 100 she would have 10191/11867 attack/hp, and 2551 skill damage. If her Five Swords ability is also activated, her attack and skill get boosted to 11790 and 2934 respectively.

At first glance Dojigiri’s damage output appears fairly average, but once her abilities are unlocked, her output is very good. The trade off, of course, is the lack of flexibility in team building in order to unlock Dojigiri’s abilities effectively. 2 precious slots in team or reserve are taken up by the other units needed to unlock Dojigiri’s potential; with Shuten Doji also needing to be in the coveted leader spot to unlock his ability. With Shuten also providing an all-target damage skill, one would likely lack spaces on team for daemons with other skills.

Dojigiri seems to fit in best on the competitive PvP player’s team, with one of the other 5 swords, Juzumaru, a perennial in competitive PvP. Having multiple melee, and multi-target skills is also a strategy used commonly in competitive PvP. However, for tower/story and conquest modes, Dojigiri with all her ensemble, would probably take up too much space and limit the flexibility of your team, and therefore might not be the best choice for those modes.


Shuten Doji Bridegroom

Shuten Doji [Bridegroom]

5★ Ranged Phantasma


Max Attack: 10500

Max HP: 7700


Song of Hidden Resolve (MAX): Deals 1743 DMG to all enemies, with a moderate chance of inflicting Poison

Demon Leader (lvl 65): Sharply increases all allies’ Crit DMG when this daemon is Team Leader

Sword Princess’s Groom (lvl 80): Increases own level by 10 when Dojigiri Yasutsuna is on the team


Shuten Doji has decent stats for a ranged ranking daemon. Like his bride Dojigiri, Shuten provides an all-target damage skill – the difference being that Shuten’s is programmed to always hit all enemy targets, while Dojigiri’s usually hits all enemy targets. 1743 skill damage for an all target damage skill is average compared to other 5 stars with similar skills. Similar daemons include Mjolnir (1951), QSH Tomb (1664), Amano Iwato (1664), Azuchi (1852), Poison S. Brew [flower viewing] (1773), Commodore Perry [Demonic] (1773), Astaroth (2080) to name a few. Shuten boosts his all target skill damage by poisoning the enemies at a moderate chance. However, one generally shouldn’t depend on Poison (or Burn) to provide reliable increase to damage output.

Shuten Doji also provides a valuable leader skill, similar to what Mayflower has. As team leader, Mayflower provides 20% Crit Damage boost for the entire team; a similar quantity of Crit Damage boost is expected of Shuten Doji as well. Key differences between Mayflower and Shuten other than the amount skill damage and number of targets hit by the skill would be in their accessibility. Mayflower was accessible as a tower boss – clearing the Thanksgiving tower guaranteed players at least 1 copy. On the other hand, Shuten is available only through ranking in the current event. With his leader skill, Shuten is a possible alternative to Mayflower and George Washington in the leader spot.

At level 80, Shuten has the same ability as Dojigiri. They mutually increase each other’s level by 10 when they are on the same team. At MLB and with Dojigiri present (effectively level 100), Shuten’s stats grow to 13543/9933 with 2253 skill damage.

Once again, similar to Dojigiri, Shuten has some impressive stats once his abilities are unlocked. Also similarly, needing Dojigiri present on the team limits Shuten’s team building flexibility compared to team construction with Mayflower or George Washington. Flexibility is further cramped if one decides to optimize Dojigiri’s abilities as well, and carry another 5 Sword on the team. 4 star Dojigiri should be able to activate Shuten’s level 80 ability.

Also noteworthy is that Shuten Doji is required to activate Ibaraki Doji [Lunar New Year]’s ability. Ibaraki’s second ability, unlocked at level 80 (MLB) is this: ‘Sharply increases DMG dealt when Shuten Doji is on the team.’ Ibaraki is yet another all target hitting melee daemon, providing a very slight 613 skill damage at maximum (751 at MLB), along with high chance of silence.

A team construction to maximize all the passives associated with Shuten and Dojigiri might look like this: Shuten Doji, Dojigiri, Juzumaru, Ibaraki, along with a healer or damage booster or debuffer like Freyr or Titanium Elf. Such a team might be viable in PvP, but would likely struggle with conquest, tower and story modes. It would likely be more viable to run Shuten simply as leader with Dojigiri on the reserve to activate his level 80 ability, leaving 3 more spots on the team for other buffers or debuffers as appropriate.

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