Event Helper Analysis: Star Mine, Zirco Elf, Diablata

Event Helper Analysis: Star Mine, Zirco Elf, Diablata

This analysis for the helpers was drafted upon their release, but without accurate information especially about Zirco Elf’s ability, the publication was delayed. Here it is, better late than never: 3 helper daemons have been released for the upcoming Spirit Idol Competition event. The event is a tower that is running from 26th April 2017 to 10th May 2017. These helpers aid in the completion of the event, and are currently available in the Jewel Summon pool. Star Mine, Zirco Elf, and Diablata can also be exchanged for 50 mochi on the last 3 days of the event (7th to 10th May). After that they will no longer be available. Their event effect lasts for the length of the Spirit Idol Competition; and increases with each additional copy acquired (33%, 49.75%, 66.5%, 83.25%, 100% for lb0 to mlb respectively).

Star Mine

Star Mine

4★ Ranged Anima


Max Attack: 8500

Max HP: 6100


Event effect: Increases the Skill DMG of all allies by 33%-100%

Firestarter (max): Deals 1503 DMG to all enemies

Firework Shower (lvl 65): Sharply increases Atk Speed and Skill DMG


Skill damage helper daemons usually aren’t very useful in Tower events, especially for players with mature teams who are able to clear the stages without too much difficulty. However, for players with weaker teams, getting lucky and pulling a skill damage helper (or exchanging for a copy) can possibly aid in clearing the event, or clearing with a reduction in revival charm cost, or even in achieving full 3 star clearance of the event.

Stat wise Star Mine has nice stats for a 4 star daemon. It is fast becoming a pattern that the helper daemons have better stats than regular 4 stars that stay long term in the jewel summon pool. Her skill of hitting all enemies also does so for a fair amount of damage for a 4 star, especially if you get her above level 65 and unlock her ability. The level 65 ability also increases Star Mine’s DPS, by increasing her speed.

However, pure DPS on a 4 star will almost always be outshone by pure DPS on a 5 star, and is easily replaceable by other units. So post event there isn’t that much special to recommend keeping Star Mine for.

Conclusion: exchange for her if you really have a great deal of difficulty in clearing the event.


Zirco Elf

Zirco Elf

4★ Ranged Divina


Max Attack: 7800

Max HP: 5750


Event effect: Increases the total Event Points by 33%-100%

Conciliatory Dance (max): Deals 2314 DMG to the 2 enemies with the highest Atk. Targets deal 30% less DMG for a limited time.

Mood Maker (lvl 75): Slightly increases skill DMG by Divina team members at the start of each wave


Zirco Elf is the event points helper. She helps in accumulating event ranking points, and would make the items needed to acquire ranking daemon Platina elf cheaper (depending on where the cut offs are). However, if a large number of players decide to purchase her for ranking purposes, the ranking cut offs are likely to be much inflated in contrast to first half.

Like Star Mine, Zirco Elf’s stats are on the higher end of the scale for a 4 star. Her 2 target skill damage isn’t extremely high, but it combines damage to the enemy with damage reduction as well. However, damage reduction isn’t Zirco Elf’s main selling point. 3 stars Aya Waka and Mata Hari do that job much better.

What makes Zirco Elf special is her passive. At level 75, or LB3, she increases the skill damage by all Divina team members. Abilities of this description that apply to the player’s team members stack, so the skill damage boost would increase each wave, with the largest boost on the final stage. DB finally gained access to our own level 75 Zirco, and after testing, found that the skill damage increase is 3% each wave. On the first wave, Zirco’s ability provides a 3% boost to Divina team skill damage, which grow to 15% on the 5th wave. This boost stacks additively with other skill damage improving abilities (eg, Event helper like Star Mine, George Washington). 3% boost per wave is decent but not spectacular, and given the cost of 200 mochis to unlock that passive if you didn’t draw a copy from summons, a fairly high cost to pay.

With Platina and Aurum Elves available now through the event and exchange cum jewel summon, the Elf team is looking very crowded, with multiple daemons fighting for space on the team and on reserve. If Platina is acquired at LB3+, the preferred reserve daemon would have to be Aurum (preferably also at LB3+). One would still prefer different type of active boosters like Freyr/Orpheus and Qilin/Katsushika/Harp on the team, along with the ever present Titanium Elf. And one would likely prefer a time booster like Chronos or Tanuki over Zirco’s slight per wave skill damage boost, especially for shorter battles with 4 or less stages. If one really needed a skill damage boost, then placing George as leader and AoE hitter would give a better result than Zirco on reserve, unless the battle was 7 or more stages (the longest battle so far is 6 stages on final battles in Tower or Conquest.)  Only if one does not intend to use Platina and Aurum, and need to replace the relatively useless Helium/Nickle/Selenium/Neo Elf in reserve, would Zirco be a recommended reserve replacement.

Conclusion: exchange for her if you need to save items in ranking for Platina. Post event use on Elf team is possible, but there are many other reserve and team alternatives which you might prefer, especially if you rank and acquire Platina and Aurum this event.



4★ Melee Phantasma


Max Attack: 5800

Max HP: 6750


Event effect: Increase Voting Slip drops by 33% to 100%

A Demon’s Passion (max): Restores 969 HP to all allies; increase target’s speed by 30% for a limited time

Gaudy Mask (lvl 60): Sharply increases DMG dealt


Diablata is the drop rate helper daemon. Drop rate helpers are typically the most sought after helper daemon as it aids the player’s progress to collecting sufficient event items for exchange of the tower boss. Last tower, it was highly recommended to purchase a copy of Snow White, not just for her drop rate boost, but for post event use as a special bond to the event boss, Ravenna. There has not been any special bond or synergy announced between Diablata and any other daemon, so his utility this time is more limited to the event drop rate boost only. Similar calculations can apply as to how many copies of Diablata one can or should purchase depending on the existing drop rate of the voting slips, and the total amount of voting slips one is aiming for. However, with Lucifer being fairly lackluster compared to Ravenna, I do not see many players investing hard earned mochi into acquiring Diablata.

Stat wise, Diablata has fair stats for a melee 4 star daemon. His skill is a combination of full team heal and DPS increase through a boost in speed. If the helper daemons for last event had a consistent theme running through the type of skills and abilities they were packaged with, it was ‘melee boost’. Both Star Mine and Diablata have skills and abilities that provide speed boost. Diablata’s ability is unlocked with the first copy, unlike Zirco Elf (needs LB3) and Star Mine (needs LB1). His ability’s boost to his damage dealt means that his full team heal is of a larger amount, and that his regular attacks are stronger too.

Overall, other than his event specific drop rate improvement skill that might make Diablata worth his value in mochis (in terms of SE items saved), it is difficult to recommend a melee 4 star daemon with a skill that provides only slight full team heal, slight full team DPS boost (in terms of speed).

Conclusion: exchange for him if you need to reduce item expenditure in getting to your voting slip goal.

9 thoughts on “Event Helper Analysis: Star Mine, Zirco Elf, Diablata”

  • Imo zirco ability is awesome though the cost is high. First of its kind for divinia. Zirco stacked with george 20% , high damage divinia bursters like Leonardo with self boost 20% will gain over 50% skill damage which is quite op. Highly recommend for people who has excess mochi to get her as that will close up the gap that red teams boosts have currently

    • If there’s type advantage it could mean over 60% skill damage boost for divinia. Every little boost is appreciated. **Zirco seems to be useful for divinia teams outside elf team due to the lack of team slots in elf teams.

      • Unlike George, Zirco only boosts Divina. (Most players still run mixed teams, there isn’t that big an advantage in going pure, other than with Phantoms thanks to Titania NY, Cherry, and Astaroth).
        Unlike Momotaro and Joan, Zirco only boost skill damage (Momo and Joan boost autos and skills).
        For 200 mochi she isn’t quite as good value as Amanojaku, whom many players use now on their main teams. Even Amanojaku’s poison ability unlocked at lb2, so players could Min spend 150 and get her already.
        If there are better options than Zirco on reserve on an Elf team, aren’t there also better options for non Elf teams? Time boosters, Crit DMG boosters…
        I’d also be very reluctant to recommend the exchange of Zirco for reserve, for players not ranking (and this is the group who actually do NOT have Elf teams). Like, why buy an event helper daemon when you aren’t trying to rank in an event at all?

    • Don’t forget that you can get extra copies of titania 4* (and MLB her) in the morning dungeons. The final decision it’s up to you.

      My (personal) opinion is “SAVE MOCHIS” . Bye pal!

        • If you really have no AoE daemon to use in conquest, then consider getting lb2 Lucifer rather than spending mochi on Star Mine. (But don’t forget Ame-no-Uzume and Genjo too.) Mlb 4 star Titania isn’t a bad choice either.

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