Event Helpers Analysis: Uyuni, Avnas and Kukunochi

Event Helpers Analysis: Uyuni, Avnas and Kukunochi

Uyni, Avnas, and Kukunochi have been released as limited time summons and exchange (50 mochis / copy between 9th to 12th April 2017). They are helpers in the Chopping trees? Stop, Please! event.  In this post we discuss the helpers and their skill sets.



4 stars Melee Anima Divina

On the 12th April 2017, the very last day of the Chopping Trees? Stop Please! event, for which Uyuni is a helper, Mitama corrected Uyuni’s type from Anima to Divina. 

Event effect: Increases Skill DMG of all allies by 33% – 100%

Max Attack: 5700

Max HP: 6800

Skill [Magnified Sunlight] (MAX): Deals 3797 DMG to current target. Target deals 30% less DMG for a limited time.

Ability [Sky Mirror] Lv75: Moderately increases skill DMG by all melee allies.


As an event helper, Uyuni increases skill damage of your team in the upcoming event. This increases damage done to the boss, as well as increases the amount of time you have with the boss if you use skills on the initial waves of brutes prior to the boss.

Uyuni is a replacement for the Order of the Rising Sun, an Order given by the Japanese Government. It was a very politically sensitive Order to be made into a daemon, and due to backlash from the player base, withdrawn.

The stats on this daemon are decent for a 4 star melee. Single target damage is also reasonable. The skill that reduces damage of the target also aids in the survival of your team, but the reduction is not as significant as Ravenna’s (single target 45%), Aya Waka’s (3 target 84%) or Juzumaru’s (all targets 54%).

The level 75 passive increases skill damage by melee allies. This is useful particularly if one is running a melee based burst team. Do note that the affect is on Skill damage only, so damage from auto attacks remain unchanged. At this moment there is fairly limited use of this passive, given the wider appeal of ranged nukers and multi target hitters. But with Mitama releasing so many melee type daemons and boosters for melees, they are clearly trying to level the playing field.



4 stars Ranged Phantom 

Event effect: Increases total event points by 33% – 100%

Max Attack: 8000

Max HP: 5700

Skill [Angel of Deceit] (max): Deals 4786 DMG to a random enemy, with a very high chance of inflicting Silence.

Ability [Fallen Angel] Lv73: All melee foes take moderately more DMG at the start of each wave.


First of all, there was yet another error in Mitama’s news announcement, which has been now corrected. Avnas hits 1 target, at random, not 2, as was initially announced. Mitama really needs to proofread their English language translations, and make sure that these are updated to cover any last minute changes, otherwise it would be basically false advertising on their part.

Avnas has good stats for a 4 star ranged daemon. The single target damage is high too (it would have been an incredibly unbalanced if Avnas actually hit 2 targets at this damage). Avnas’ skill damage hits harder than Gabriel (4140), but not as hard as Knecth Rupretch (5576), all 3 of them with high (100% chance in Gabriel’s case) rate of silencing the opponent. For players who missed out on Gabriel and Knecth Rupretch, and do not have Himiko or Emporor Sutoku, and are in need of a skill silencer for crowd control, consider exchanging for Avnas.

Avnas’ passive at lv 73 increases damage taken by melee foes at the start of each wave. This is the same passive that Excalibur has at lv83. If a conquest boss is a melee daemon, running Avnas with her passive in reserve would mean that the boss automatically takes 10% more damage, whether from skill attacks, auto attacks, or crits. The release of Avnas means that Excalibur’s passive is now available for use at the cost of 200 mochis.

Avnas’ event skill is event point boost. Whilst this does help ranking, it alone does not make killing any of the bosses any easier, nor does it reduce items spent in clearing the event, or in farming bosses for drops. Of course, if you purchase 4 copies or more of Avnas, and actually use her on the reserve, Forge Washington (likely melee), would take more damage, but one would need to make sure to hoard enough magatamas and soulstones to max Avnas to 73 or higher after purchase for immediate use.



4 stars Melee Divina

Event effect: Increases battle time limit by 33% – 100%

Max Attack: 5400

Max HP: 6500

Skill [Out of Season] (max): Deals 2393 DMG to nearby enemies

Ability [God of Trees] lv71: Restores 2.5% HP to all melee allies every 5 seconds.


As battle time booster, Kukunochi is probably the most useful event helper daemon in terms of aiding clearance of the event, as long as your team does not have any survival problems at higher levels. More time on the clock means more time to pull off another string of attacks and do more damage to the boss. However, if your team is already KO within the regular time limit, you would probably be better off with the damage booster, Uyni.

Stat wise, Kukunochi is average for a 4 star melee unit. The skill – damage to nearby enemies can be challenging to use, and only effective in dealing damage to more than 1 opponent if Kukunochi is ambushed.

Kukunochi is attractive for her level 71 passive, restoring 2.5% HP to all melee allies. Ravenna has this same HP recovery passive, applying only to herself. Obtaining Kukunochi and using her on reserve would allow that same ability to be applicable to all other melee units, and would make Ravenna, Ghoula, Astaroth, Ghost Ship, Elaphure and Snow White’s effective HP increase further.


For beginner players who have difficulty obtaining 5 stars from jewel summons and events, the event limited summons and exchange for 50 mochis allows access to some really good 4 star daemons with 5 star level stats or skills / abilities (see Snow White, Amanojaku from previous events). This event’s daemons have a melee focus in improving damage to melee enemies, damage done by your own melees, and effective HP of your own team. Of the 3 event helpers the one with the most likely useful passive post event is probably Avnas. Whereas the helper with the most effect in aiding clearance of the event itself is Kukunochi.

Is this foreshadowing of a melee focused meta in near future? Should one start building a melee heavy team? We can’t predict exactly what Mitama will release in the future, but the daemons released in the recent events and jewel summons is probably a strong hint. The passives are definitely good passives to have, but at lb3, costing 200 mochis to unlock, the price for exchange seems a tad steep. For Mochi exchange, one should consider the alternatives, Lemegaton and Loki (and his replacement Aegis) before making any decision to invest your mochi in these 3 daemons.

10 thoughts on “Event Helpers Analysis: Uyuni, Avnas and Kukunochi”

  • Hello. Un order to turn in tanks units who isnt used to be (like onimaru, masamune, momotaro, juzu lb0, others), which are best reserve: Lb2 Lemegeton or Lb3 Kukonochi? Thanks for your answer and advice.

    Ps. Im spanish… How i hate the fuc****ING Google keyboard!! Mobile phones and poor grammar is bad combinación.

      • You could always use both Lemegeton AND Kukunochi on reserve. That way, your melees gain back HP from damage dealt, as well as passively over time. As for which would be more effective, it would depend on your melee unit and how they are used in battle. The recovery of HP over time would depend on the max HP of your melee unit; the recovery of HP as a portion of damage dealt would depend on the attack, skill stats of your melee unit, as well as any other buffs (on your unit) and debuffs (on your enemies) to be determined.

        • Hello again Qtphi21. Sadly i have got insufficient mochis. Only can acquire Lemegeton lb2 or Kukunochi lb3. Not both of them.

          Well, if i understand properly, Kukunochi works in Ravenna’s way but for all melles… i mean constant healing HP * 0.025 * (60sec /5sec) = total heal per minute.
          But i don’t know how Lemegeton works … variable healing in function of number of attacks per minute and amount of punch or something like Astaroth but for all melees??

          I think that Kukunochi is “a more reliable healing reserve” unit.

          What are your thoughts? Your advice is always appreciated . Thanks for your help. And sorry for my bad manners and poor grammar . I put the best on my to write this. Bye.

          • Lemegeton gives all melee units Astaroth’s passive (absorb portion of damage dealt as HP.) However Astaroth’s own passive is a 10% absorbtion, while Lemegeton’s is a 5% absorbtion. The precise amount of HP that Lemegeton will increase your melee unit’s effective HP by is very difficult to calculate. It depends on the attack of your melee units, whether they are buffed or debuffed, and whether the enemy is buffed or debuffed.

            Kukunochi provides a heal more similar to that of Snow White and Ravenna. Constant heal of total HP over time. This would typically be more stable but the player would have less ability to trigger a spike to the HP via damage.

            When considering purchasing daemons for mochi, please consider the entire skill kit of the daemon, rather than single passives. I would consider these HP boosting passives as icing on top of the cake, rather than the reason to purchase either of these 2 daemons.

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