Exchange Daemon Analysis: Gyobu Tanuki

Exchange Daemon Analysis: Gyobu Tanuki

Gyobu Tanuki

5 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max Attack: 8000

Max HP: 8500


Innumerable Attacks (MAX): Deals 4774 DMG to current target

Great Supernatural Power (lvl 75): Moderately increases battle time limit (10%)


2017 seems to be Mitama’s year of the Phantasma Melee unit, with the release of Astaroth, Ghost Ship, and Ghoula via Jewel Summons; Ravenna, Forge Washington, and Lucifer via events, and now Gyobu Tanuki through mochi exchange. One might recall the time when Nue was the solo flag holder for the Melee Phantasma class, but those days are long over.

Gyobu Tanuki has fair stats for a Melee 5 ★. 8000/8500 is an improvement over Aegis (7000/8100), whose stats are terrible, and better than Juzumaru (7500/8200), and equal to that of Kogitsunemaru. Tanuki’s stats are also comparable to event single target hitters like Ravenna (7500/9000) and Forge Washington (7500/8600).

Tanuki’s skill damage is also fair. 4774 damage isn’t low for a single target skill. Platina Elf, the current event 5 star ranking daemon, has the same base skill damage (bearing in mind that the rest of her kit is vastly different). Ravenna’s and Forge’s skills hit single targets for 4962 damage, while Ghoula’s does 4259. Momotaro, available from Chapter 8 completion, has 4645 skill damage. However, most of these other single target daemons pack a variety of buffs, immunities and crowd control skills which Tanuki lacks. Ravenna and Forge have Damage Reduction + Silence and Poison Immunity respectively, on top of recovering their own HP. Platina can potentially hit for much more, if her passive with Aurum is unlocked. Ghoula debuffs the enemy, making it take more damage. Even Momotaro has a Divina team damage boost.

In exchange for the other passives that the other comparable single target nukers pack, Tanuki has adopted Old Clock Chronos’ battle time improver passive. Chronos was highly sought after as a ranking daemon during the event in which Belphegor was featured. Using Chronos on the reserve allowed players to pull of an extra burst combination during conquest hence increasing damage output against the boss. Added battle time also allows players to achieve the ‘complete stage in ⅓ time’ star rating in story and tower more easily.

175 mochis to unlock a time boosting passive is a steal, considering it would have cost much more than that in equivalent SE items to rank for lb1 Chronos (although the player would have likely achieved multiple copies of Belphegor in the meantime). Do note that on your own reserve, Chronos would be still preferred over Tanuki because of his other passive that provides a slight speed boost to your own daemons.

For players without Chronos, exchanging Tanuki to Lb1 is highly recommended. For players who already have Chronos, it becomes a matter of judgement and team construction as to whether using 2 daemons with time boosting passive on reserve for 20% battle time boost does more damage than placing an alternative daemon with damage / skill damage / crit damage boost on reserve. For players without Ravenna, Forge Washington, or other premium single target hitting daemons at high lb, and despair to rank for Platina, then exchanging for a high Lb of Tanuki for use on the team might be worthwhile: you place the time boosting passive on Tanuki, and free up a reserve slot for Chronos or other damage boosting daemon.

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