Exchange Daemon Analysis: Lucky Quiver

Exchange Daemon Analysis: Lucky Quiver

After their visit to the temple, Mira and Sola made their way back down to street level. On the streets, there were a range of carnival stalls set up to entertain temple goers. Mira and Sola approached an archery stall.

“Lucky, lucky, lucky shot!” The stall owner hollered. “Win lots of great prizes, but only if you can hit the target!”

“Oh, I want to try!” Sola exclaimed. “It looks easy!”

Lucky Quiver

5 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 11500/13723

Max/MLB HP: 7700/9188


Exorcism (MAX): Deals 3318/3978 DMG to enemy with highest ATK, target receives 51/61% more DMG for a limited time

Talisman (lvl 75): Moderately increases all Anima team members’ Crit Rate when this daemon is Team Leader.


I had all but given up hope that a debuffer with a good percentage would be released. But apparently, good things come to those who wait. It’s a new dawn, a new day, and with the arrival of 2018, a brand new gift from Mitama. After a long drought, we finally have a winner! In Lucky Quiver players finally find a tankier alternative to Amanojaku, a more obtainable alternative to the elusive Azi Dahaka, while still providing an excellent debuff percentage. Her Anima Crit rate boost is great, the icing on top of the cake.

It’s really quite obvious that Lucky Quiver is a good debuffer, after so many reviews in which the comment about the debuffer has been the low debuff percentage 1, 2, 3, 4. Definitely pick up a copy (or copies to MLB, highly recommended), even if you already have Amanojaku. Greater survivability of your debuffer on the world boss stage cannot be underrated. She’s even better if you use Philosopher’s Stone and Holy Grail on your World Boss team.

MLB if possible! You have 2 months to farm up 625 mochi, better start now!

Nex Rating: One of the best debuffers in the game and excels strongly in World Boss.

Emilio Rating: Yes…..YES! Top tier. JUST, DO IT! (Potential Anima meta too incoming? Just needs a healer)

Ashla Rating: Good stats? Check. Good skill? Check. Good ability? Check. Good art? Check. Cute Anima archer girl? Check. What’s there not to love about her?!

Athora Rating: Great investment, look for Anima power creep. 

The stall owner supplied Sola with a bow and a quiver full of arrows, and demonstrated how to use it. Confidently, Sola attached the arrow to the bow, took aim, and released the arrow. It flew straight and true, hitting the bullseye.

The stall owner applauded Sola. “You’re a great shot! Have you done this before?”

Sola collected her prizes with a huge grin on her face. “This is the first time I’ve attempted archery, but maybe this is a Lucky Quiver.”

12 thoughts on “Exchange Daemon Analysis: Lucky Quiver”

    • Sorry for the late reply.
      I’d strongly encourage you to do your own math and calculate the buffs and how they stack.

      Briefly, I calculated 3 daemons for crit considered normal attacks, and effective skill damage.
      1. Lucky Quiver (as leader)
      2. Azi, with Angra bonded
      3. Azi, with Angra bonded, Angra on reserve
      I assumed MLB, and full skill bonds for the daemons where special bonds are not used.

      1. Lucky Quiver: Normal DMG: 1818, Sklll: 6456
      2. Azi, Angra bonded: Normal DMG: 1969, Skill: 5818
      3. Azi, Angra bonded, Angra reserve: Normal 2566, Skill: 7583

      Once you add Angra reserve, Azi does way more damage, otherwise Lucky and Azi are very close. However, Angra on reserve means you aren’t using another reserve that might boost the team further, eg Chronos, Astaroth; and you dedicate 1 reserve slot to boosting Azi alone.

      Also not considered is the additional crit rate boost to other Anima on the team when Lucky is leader. The boost to crit rate on Philo, Grail should not be discounted, their autos add up to a good deal of damage too.

      • Thank You so much for the reply and the analysis! I’d been troubled by this issue for a while now- reason is, I recently was lucky enough to pull both Azi and Angra. I was over the moon about it, and have been considering investing a couple month’s worth of time to get Azi MLB.

        Then Lucky Quiver was shown to be nearly the same, so I don’t know if there’s a point in having Azi anymore. I’ve looked online, but there’s nothing concrete to tell me which is a definite win over the other.

        And so, Thank You for your reply. It was very helpful.

        I’m a fairly busy person, even if I do make time to play each day, so despite my enthusiasm, I’m sorry to say that I haven’t spent any time calculating buffs and whatnot. Honestly, at this point I haven’t the vaguest idea on how the math works, having never looked into it before. If there’s a post somewhere on buffs and how to calculate everything? Or is it mostly a test-and-run if I happen to have all of them MLB?

  • Would Quiver’s 13723 be a problem with targeting in team with Satan? Because it seems that Restless Ghost’s passive considers pure stats, which mean she’ll boost Quiver and Philo instead of Satan. I’m note sure when Mitama will fix passive targetting (or not).

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