Farming and Resource Guide

Farming and Resource Guide

Farming and Resources:

This is going to be a general guide of how to farm currently in Otogi and how to use Resources in a good manner, following on from Qtphi’s analysis of how much 1 mochi is worth in various events. Along the way I’ll try make points for different levels of people. A lot of this might come across as obvious for a lot of players but not everyone plays the same by any means, and actually a lot of this is largely possible because of changes to the game over time (notably the introduction of Challenge mode). On top of this…well we haven’t really written any guides in a long time, and that is what we are here to do as well as judging Daemon 😉

P.S: Before anyone says “omg you’ve been doing all this forever and you only write a guide now” – that’s not true at all. Chunks of this I only started doing in 2019. I will summarise what I personally do at the end of each bit

Events and Dungeons and what to Farm:

Challenge Mode:

Just do it, every single day, without fail, 100 SE every time. This is free SE which is essential to farm everything you need. Anyone of any level can do it, even if you have to kill levels 1-11 10x. Higher levels with Sola, Wukong etc can do 1-40 in under 15 mins. It’s becoming less painful and there’s no excuse not to take the SE, it’s an enabler for all the following.

Personally: I do it every day…except for the 3 times I forgot to do it in February alone…**rolls eyes**

World Boss:

Just do it….every single day…without fail. Even if you are a beginner and do tiny amounts of damage it doesn’t matter. What you want is that 1 free invoker every day (I think there is a damage threshold you have to pass to get one, but it’s very low, 100k?). Store these up alongside other invoker sources for use in guaranteed summons of super strong 5*.

Personally: Every day naturally. Never spend an invoker unless it’s aiming for a 100 guaranteed summon.

Gosanke Dungeon:

This is the lunch time Dungeon for 30 SE vs one of the starter daemon. This is 1 guaranteed Mochi with two small chances to drop a 3* daemon. Set up a team with the highest drop rate bonuses you can and hit this at lunch time (Konohana Sakura, He Shi Bi, Cosimo de Medici, Sherlock Holmes, Mara etc…). If you want you can force close the app when the boss does not drop a 3*, so you can boost your Mochi/SE by only accepting the run when you finally get a drop (see Qtphi’s guide).

Personally: I hit it probably half the time. It is definitely less essential than the others so far. Tend to skip it in favour of storing SE for the EXP dungeon below. I’m never bothered to force close for this, I just get the drop or I don’t.


Magatama Dungeon:

Your daily chance to get magatama drops for 30 SE (okay there’s 2 and 10 SE too but I don’t even consider these as options. I only ever do the first one to knock off a couple of SE for GCQ when I have 22 SE or something). It provides 1 Mochi on the first completion every day but for 30 SE that’s expensive. Only do this if you really need to level something up, and if you do then use the same team as the Gosanke dungeon above. Both these dungeons only give 30 EXP base, so boosting EXP is practically pointless.

Personally: Skip this nearly all the time. Will do it only if I have lots of spare SE for some reason.

EXP Daily Dungeon:

I severely underrated this dungeon previously but nowadays with all the EXP boosts around this is a very good dungeon to repeat. A full exp team can get in excess of 14 EXP per 1 SE. That’s right….FOURTEEN to 1 ratio. If you use a whole stamina bar for this then you are talking about anything in the range of 1,400 to 4,200 exp a day depending on your current level. Now people might not view EXP as a “resource” as such, but you definitely want to farm it for the following reasons:

  • Levelling gives a bigger stamina pool. Over time this makes your Doses and Tonics more efficient, which means in essence a cheaper game for you if you want to rank
  • Every 10 levels provides a jewel reward. This even grows with your level! Between this dungeon and tower events it’s possible to gain 10 levels more than once a month, so this simply equals hundreds or even thousands of free jewels over time.

Simply make a team focused solely on EXP boosts and you are good to go (Cintamani, Sherlock Holmes, Lady Yodo, Dead Sea Scrolls, Hermes, Genjo etc). Additional you can use one wave clearer if you like – I like to have Mercury Elf in absolutely everything. There’s no need to force close even though this can also be a good source of Mochi but if you want to grind out every Mochi possible feel free (it might be harder to spot in this dungeon though with 2 swords that hide behind the boss at the top making it difficult to determine who dropped a reward)

Personally: Attempt to spend a whole stamina bar on this every day (never force closing, not bothered for Mochi here). Honestly wish I started doing this far sooner.

Boss Arise Dungeon:

This is a daily dungeon with either a 3* or 4* boss that has a chance to drop itself. This dungeon is fantastic for farming Mochi, see Qtphi’s work to see that it has the best Mochi/SE ratio. This is because it is a non event type, so as with Gosanke dungeon you can force close the app if you fail to get a drop. This means you can only accept runs where the boss drops, guaranteeing your Mochi. The 3* bosses provide 1 Mochi per 10 SE and the 4* bosses provide 1 Mochi per 7 SE. This means with a pool of 150 SE if you use all of this you can get 15-21 Mochi each day depending on boss.

Even better is that for some reason this gives the same EXP rate as the EXP dungeon which is absurd.

Which team you use I suppose you can decide. Most efficient would be to take full EXP and simply restart more often for the drop. This is naturally time consuming however. To get 5 drops is likely to take 30 runs even with a drop rate team. How much you do this is up to you but this is definitely the best way to farm Mochi and EXP so I strongly suggest you do it where possible.

Personally: This is currently at 6-8am for me, and I’m just a bit too lazy for that. I don’t skip out however. The 3* bosses are too much effort (multiple restarts just to guarantee 1 mochi?) however on the days when 4* bosses are out I will try to get a whole stamina bars worth of drops with force closing (7 drops for me at the moment).


Now, what is this doing here you might think, but this is actually the best place to farm invokers, which I believe is the prime asset to have out of everything. This does come at a cost however – it’s expensive to farm, especially if you want to do it to the level I want to do it at, but at the same time you are free to choose how much resource you want to push towards it.

There’s also further problems to this for lower level players. Firstly mass farming requires a decent team strength to do it efficiently, and secondly I would suggest this always comes after dealing 3 million damage and getting the level 30 drop from guild – the time taken to do these can vary drastically between players.

Essentially however it works as follows:

  • Deal 3mil dmg and/or get your level 30 reward from guild
  • Leave your guild and make a new one by yourself  (10,000 soulstones cost!)
  • Kill Guild Conquest bosses level 1 and 2 (optionally 3 and 4 as well if you have very strong teams)
  • Receive your rewards and leave this guild
  • Rinse and repeat making a new guild endlessly

The invoker drop rate is ~50%, so for me personally this equates to roughly 2.1 invokers per stamina bar – assuming no quirks/unlucky RNG. What this means is you are simply trading Doses and Tonics for invokers so you can see why this is expensive. Also if you are repeating this constantly spending millions of soulstones making guilds is an additional expensive cost! Thankfully Imari can help with that going forward, and we can also make this a bit less of a burden overall by sharing the load. The drop rate is still the same whether you deal 50% of the bosses HP in damage or kill the whole thing by yourself. As such you can team up with another player and make guilds together, doing 50% of the damage to each boss. In doing this you split the soulstone cost between you (although you make twice the number of guilds if you use the same SE in total…), gain twice the amount of drops in general for each SE spent, every Tonic/Dose drop you receive from the boss becomes twice as effective etc. It’s all much more efficient for the pair of you. Naturally if you have an alt account you can do this all by yourself – although the overall SE/Tonic/Dose cost to you personally will be the same just split between two accounts instead. Of course the same can be said for making guilds between 3 people, or even 4 – although I believe the drop rate will fall once you split the damage too far, and this also requires more coordination between more players which is simply a hassle.

Now this sounds great for experienced players but what about weaker ones who require significantly more SE to kill a boss, or simply don’t have dozens of tonics to throw around nilly willy. My recommendation would be to try to spend as much SE as possible farming during this event – but not by yourself as it simply is not efficient. Try to team up with someone stronger – there should be no reason for them not to accept as long as you take some of the soulstone cost away and at least clean up their bad hits since you don’t adversely affect their drop chances. If you don’t want to spend any Doses or Tonics on this then simply deal some damage to each boss with your partner even if its a simple 20 SE hit (4 x 5* daemon). I like this idea as it encourages everyone to be nice to each other…**stares hard at the community**

Personally: I have done this twice now farming over 100 invokers each time. First time was alone at the cost of ~65 Tonics and second time was using a secondary account that I have access to. I plan on doing this as much as possible going forward but never with 1 account (it’s too expensive and I want 100 + each time which I can’t afford constantly).

P.S First come first serve if someone wants to team with me, but I will likely do it all in one go throughout Saturday so be prepared!

Otogi Tower Calculator


These are very simple explanations but should be here for completeness. Basically you are going to take part in these regardless, if you don’t why are you playing? Tower might have a low EXP/SE ratio (half of EXP dungeon) but it is technically the fastest way to level in real time since you can use 240 stamina at a time. Similarly to the Boss Arise dungeon which farm team you take is up to you. You can prioritise EXP to level more frequently or you can take some drop rate daemon as well to get more of the event item to trade. Personally my preference is to maximise EXP, and at best I will take Cosimo for efficient drop rate boost.

CQ meanwhile is a fantastic source of Mochi as you simply get it additionally by killing bosses, however it is significantly luck based and I wouldn’t specifically spend items to kill bosses simply to get more drops – it should be to rank firstly and drops come from that naturally (of course if you are filthy rich then blow as many Tonics as you like, although I would rather blow them on GCQ). Again you will always take part in the event.

I should say that during these events I suggest focusing solely on these events, with the exception of World Boss every day.

Personally: Conquest is a free rank but tower costs a significant amount of tonics. I will not spend SE on Gosanke, EXP Dungeon, Maga Dungeon, or Boss Arise when these events are on. Absolutely everything goes into rank.

Otogi PVP Tutorial


Now after all that we still have to farm for our monthly orbs right? This is troublesome but this is exactly why I said at the start that Challenge mode is essential. Without it there simply wouldn’t be enough free SE to go around for everything. PVP to me is not optional. You will simply always need every 5* orb to compete in the end so get yourself into a farming group! Every spare SE you have should be put into PVP to get the 4,800 points each month (or at the very least 4,000 for the 5*). If you are doing 25 pt farming this is 192 victories – or 1,920 SE. This is ~16% of your free SE each month (including 100 from Challenge) so it possible for sure at 6-7 victories a day on average, but then remember no PVP during CQ/Tower!

Personally: I squeeze it in where I can. If I’m farming EXP dungeon and I’m about to level up but have 100 SE still – well that’s 9 PVP victories first. Most of my farming comes on the 3* Boss Arise days, since I do not spend SE in the morning for it – it goes to PVP instead.

My Personal overall “rough” routine:

Non event time:

  • Sleep with the intention of waking up near max SE
  • Wake up – World Boss
  • If 4* Boss Arise use whole stamina bar for drops. If 3* use stamina for PVP
  • Optionally do Gosanke at lunch (don’t forget your lunch summon!)
  • Do Challenge mode (afk it at work) to have near full stamina for EXP dungeon
  • Use whole stamina bar for EXP dungeon (5pm – just after work ;)). PVP to cover any level ups
  • PVP before bed, but only enough to cover overnight. Aim to wake up near max SE!

Event time:

  • World Boss in morning
  • All other SE goes solely to event, be it Conquest, Tower or GCQ
  • Challenge mode every day

Resource expenditure/Planning:

So the above is all the detail about farming the resources, but how should we really be spending them? Now obviously I’m not some dictator and if everyone was identical the game would be pretty boring, but the following is all my suggestions for the best results.


You will always get these naturally over time (side note I have DSS in every farming team, even my drop rate ones). If you do the GCQ farming this will be a massive drain on soulstones. I would suggest always donating to guild every day. This also generates free Mochi over time through the achievement and the free summons it provides giving occasional 3*. 20 donations a day should be achievable by everyone. Preferable in my opinion is 40.


I would aim to always have a stack of at least 1,000, preferably even 1,500+. This is to insta buy an overpowered helper, LJS or Mochi exchange (Stella: Leo right now?). You might currently have a very low stock but hopefully the above will help you farm up relatively quickly!

Other than this though you can additionally buy perks, invoker, storage space, and magatamas with Mochi. I would say to never buy magatamas with Mochi, there is simply no need. If you are desperate you either run the dungeon or even feed your free summons into whatever you are trying to level. Storage space if you are rich and don’t want to sort out/purge your collection. Perks I try to buy once a day. It’s relatively good value and you will find them very useful in being efficient whilst farming GCQ (trust me the pain when you use an entire Tonic and your next hit fails to kill the boss…RIP 50 SE to do 5k damage). Invokers I personally have not bought since in terms of value they are really bad however if you have a significant stash of Mochi and are simply overflowing I think it’s fine to buy them occasionally. Doing so simply allows more frequent guaranteed summons.


Save save save! You only want to use these if you can achieve a guaranteed summon for something that will make a difference to your team, or is OP but limited and you can orb in the future.


I do not recommend summoning with Jewels – period. It’s super expensive and much better spent on tonics and doses to sustain you in events. Buying the daily promotions and packs of 10 Tonics when in need are significantly better options.

Tonic/Dose/General Planning:

I’ll split this into 3 tiers:


If you have read up to this point your likely thought is “none of this matters, I’ll just spend when I need to”. Buy as many tonics as you like and farm as you please! If you still want to know then read the next bit

Dolphin (my level):

The most efficient spend is to buy the daily promotion of 100 jewels and 1 mochi for (varying by location) £0.99. This can cover all needs by itself as the daily Tonic and Dose promotions are 105 jewels, so you can buy these every day too (with jewels from login and level ups you will not run out). You should also have enough Mochi to buy the 15 perks every day. After this it’s probably best to buy the £9.99 weekly pack if you really want more. Anything past this and….are you really a dolphin?

Doing this every day, and with the event rewards in the news and such, you essentially end up with around 50 Tonics and 450 Perks a month to play with. Consider how much you want to spend for each event (or how much you think you need for your desired rank based on previous experience) and plan accordingly. If you level up a lot through your farming you will find your jewel pool growing over time. Use this to top up on Tonics (10 packs only please..) when in need.

Personally: I do buy all the daily promotions – jewels + tonic and dose. I also trade the 15 perks daily (once only). Perks I will use only in GCQ for efficient killing. Over 2 months it’s 100 tonics then to split between 2 GCQ events, one tower and one CQ. I view it as 5 for CQ, 35-40 for Tower and 55-60 for the two GCQ (but also additional costs on the spare account I have, however that has a much bigger stockpile thankfully). This of course all gets tweaked during events depending on how high the ranking bars are.


“The hardest choices require the strongest wills”.

In other words you are going to have to choose to prioritise on something (I know there are high end F2P players but they have been around since the start, I guess this bit is more tapered to weaker/newer F2P). You still earn jewels over time through levelling (which if you weren’t doing before you will do a lot faster now abusing the Boss Arise and EXP dungeon) and through daily login. The best use of these is to buy the Dose promotion each day for 25 jewels as much as you can. If you have sufficient mochi then buy the perks here and there – but always maintain a buffer to not get caught out by an OP daemon. If you are a low level then avoid using the Doses first. Use perks as much as possible until your stamina bar grows and doses become more effective.

I would avoid using items for GCQ as it is simply too expensive, even more so if you have a weaker team line up (sub 100k ATK). Do the best you can with your free SE each day, even doing the pairing up described above to try get as many rewards as possible.

CQ and tower ranks can potentially be skipped if the daemon is of no use to you. You only want to chase daemons that make a significant difference to you – this is how you become stronger and in turn more efficient over time. I wouldn’t say skip entire events though! Still use your free SE in each event. Also definitely pick up daemon with EXP and Drop rate boosts where you can as these aid your growth significantly over time.

I hope this piece will be of use to people whether they are new players or veterans, and all the best in your daily grind!


Qtphi21’s Comment: Every day I make sure to complete: World Boss and Endless Challenge, hoard the Invokers for a worthwhile guaranteed summon. I make 20-40 daily Guild contributions depending on my Soulstone availability. I trade the daily discount dose (25 Jewels) and possibly the discount tonic (80 Jewels), once again depending on my Jewel stock. Unlike Emilio I do not buy Jewels regularly. I try to sell old LJS and event helpers on the Auction House to maintain Jewels for regular trading, but the income from the AH can be erratic. I keep the free summon points and draw for free summons for sale when I am particularly short of Soulstones, typically during Conquest events when lots of Magatamas are received through the climb. Despite the short term Magatama windfall that comes during Conquest, I find that I am frequently in a Magatama shortage, so despite the poor ratio and maximum yield of 1 Mochi per 30 SE I do the Magatama dungeons quite regularly if I have daemons in need of maxing. The other advantage of the Magatama dungeon is that it is available all day throughout the day, so when I have no time to clear SE, I can always engage the dungeon for quick 30 SE expenditure. During event times I skip both Magatama dungeon and Gosanke so as to commit more SE to events. Gosanke I will do during the non-event week of each month. The Boss Arise and Evening EXP dungeons are at inconvenient timing for my schedule so I never do them (despite their profitability). Excess SE at any time is committed to PvP farming to acquire those precious Orbs. For Conquest and Tower I rank occasionally depending on the quality of the ranking daemon and its impact on my team.

How do you manage your resources? Please comment below.

12 thoughts on “Farming and Resource Guide”

    • Because you have a chance of getting a boss drop on the EXP dungeon, and that is worth mochi, as opposed to Story mode where you ONLY get EXP

  • Finally went thru and tried what ever I could…
    Here are some queries and comments:
    CHALLENGE MODE – Doing it daily whenever possible. But if work ends late and I have close to full SE, or when I end up with low battery, I’ll skip it…
    WORLD BOSS – Doing it daily
    GOSANKE DUNGEON – Doing it for the Mochi, so hit it once daily, whether I get the drop… or not. Is it good to farm this though? Although I’m always farming, I keep getting the impression that its kinda expensive…
    MAGATAMA DUNGEON – I’ve still got like 20+Daemons to level… so yeah, daily 30-42 SE goes here, and triple that on weekends
    EXP DAILY DUNGEON – Actually, haven’t really farmed it yet, mainly keeping the SE for challenge point
    BOSS ARISE DUNGEON – Only 4* and above.
    SOULSTONES – Currently I’m stocking close to close to 8000k
    MOCHI – 1000…. that’s like so far away… I’m only getting 4/500 or so now… As most of the Daemons in my going to sell list is still far from mlb, guess its gonna be a while until I can sell enough to get 1000+ mochi…
    INVOKERS – Chesire LJS just emptied my stock, hoping to use guild farming to recover it…
    JEWELS – Not much left already
    TONIC/DOSE/GENERAL PLANNING – I kinda only dolphin once a while, when I have excess funds (like in December or near festive season), so I’m mostly going the F2P route… In that case, better to go Perks or Dose?

    • Think of it as Boss Arise > EXP dungeon > Gosanke/Magatama. If you change 1 Gosanke a day to 3 exp dungeons a day you are simply getting 10x the exp and with 3 chances for a 3* drop. I used to do Gosanke and maga dungeon all the time but it’s actually a waste. If you aim to get as much exp as possible you will get more and more jewels which allows you to buy more and more pots…which allows you to farm better daemon in the end….

  • Thnak you very much for the contribution! This is a very good help for all of us.
    As a free to play, I don’t buy any jewels sale, and I purchase both the 50% dose and the x15 perks as long as I can. I do Major Maga and Gosanke everyday, and the same goes for WB and lunch summon. I save my invokers (I just got a LB2 T.Elf Furisode thanks to that) and only use it for OP cards or pulls for event helpers. Anyway, I don’t rank very often so I can assure a good position, but I don’t skip any event. Don’t stop farming, tho. Endless mode is a great help to do everything I need to! Thanks to that I’m able to farm orbs as well. I didn’t know about the utility of Boss Arise Dungeon, but seems I’ll try it.

  • I’ve done almost everything you have mentioned with exception of pvp, due to work constraints. PvP despite what some my guildmates and online sources taught, I seemingly unable to do in auto battle (and lose in all auto battles)
    And maybe due to my own luck nature I didn’t save any invokers for more than 50, and usually opened them as soon as I saw good art daemon or event boost daemons are out, but it might change in the future to save up for up coming anniversary draws….

    Not quite sure, but I had been purchasing weekly tonics off the shelves 2 weeks before tower event starts, usually if I’m aiming to be the top ranking of 400….. I guess that makes me a whale too? XD”

    • Anyway, what I want to really say is thank you for the awesome guides and hope that you guys can continue to share as much insight as you can no matter how late it comes…. better than none, I guess^^;

  • Very good guide. I’m looking it through it at work, so will need time to go n digest and look through a few things before deciding which to follow… But that 1000+ mochi…. A bit difficult for me right now… Only 300+ after Leo lb1…

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