2nd Anniversary Event (1) Daemon Analysis

2nd Anniversary Event (1) Daemon Analysis

Otogi celebrates its second anniversary with a series of events. We know there should be at least one more, because of the announcement ‘ “Otogi 2nd anniversary special episode Incident (1)” event has started’. Combine this with the unusual date of event helper release leads to the conclusion that there should be a second 2nd Anniversary event coming after this first one.

Fuma Shiruken

Fuma Shiruken

3 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 4500/5724

Max/MLB HP: 5000/6361


Ninjutsu – Sano (MAX): Deals 2861/3641 DMG to an enemy (healers priority).

Fuma Clan (lvl 29): Increases Skill DMG by 20% when Fuma Kotaro is on the team.


Comparing with other 3 star melees, Fuma Shiruken has relatively good stats, but still does not compare with 3 star starters Okita and Ibaraki (comparing melee with melee). Her skill damage value is also rather good – superior compared to Okita (but Okita has a high stun rate), even without the activation of her ability.

Her MLB skill damage (with 1 skill bond) and with Fuma Kotaro on the team, crit considered, is:

3641 * 1.(20+05) * 1.075 = 4892

Which is quite good. Only Ibaraki Doji (original) has a higher skill damage among melee 3* daemons.

Having said that, at the end of the day she is still a 3* daemon, and they generally don’t see much use other than in beginner teams or low cost conquest teams. Even for the low cost conquest teams one would typically prefer Amanojaku (original) or 4x 1* cards or Muramasa + Komodo Dragon for the minimal cost. So while Fuma Shiruken isn’t poor among 3* daemons, she isn’t going to rock the boat all that much where team construction in a mature deck is concerned.


Emilo’s Rating: 3.5 / 10 (Above average 3*). At the end of the day a simple 3* like the vast majority of the others.

Charlotte Corday

Charlotte Corday

4 ★ Healer Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 6300/7724

Max/MLB HP: 6500/7969


Silent Kill (MAX): Deals 3619/4439 DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP.

Assasination (lvl 53): Increases Crit Rate by 20%.


Charlotte Corday joins an awkward group of single target damage dealing healers: Tenkai, Georgius [Halloween] and Barometz Tatarica.


Daemon (all healers) Attack HP Skill DMG Targeting Ability
Charlotte Corday 6300/7724 6500/7969 3619/4439 Lowest HP 53: Increases Crit Rate by 20%
Tenkai 6000/7356 6100/7478 3728/4573

Moderate stun chance

Range 67: Reduces DMG dealt by all enemies by 3% at the start of each wave
Barmoetz Tartarica 6400/7846 6400/7846 3530/4330

Moderate stun chance

Current 59: Recover 10% HP to Phantasma type allies at the start of each wave
Georgius [Halloween] 6200/7602 6350/7787 4145//5079

Speed debuff 29/37%

Highest ATK 54: Recover HP to 2 lowest % HP allies at start of each wave

This entire set of daemons is awkward to use – to end up with your healer as your main DPS means it can’t focus on its duo purposes of healing your team and damaging the opponent. It would be difficult to arrange for ‘highest attack’ buffs to target the healer, given typical healers stats. And even if you did, and used the daemon’s skill after that to damage the opponent, the potential damage from rest of the buff period is wasted because the autos following that would likely end up being boosted heals to heal your own team.

Among the group Charlotte Corday deals more damage because of her higher crit rate, but loses out on the moderate stun chance attached to both Tenkai and Barometz Tartarica. But the overall winner would still have to be Georgius [Halloween] with the best targeting, the highest base skill damage (Charlotte does not catch Georgius even with her crit rate boost) plus a slow status effect to boot.


Emilio’s Rating: 4.8 / 10 (Above Average 4*). Another “okay” daemon but nothing special or approaching useable. Awkward targeting.

Fuma Kotaro

Fuma Kotaro

4 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 5900/7234

Max/MLB HP: 6500/7969


Inner 72 Set – Flying Swallow (MAX): Deals 2037/2497 DMG to the row of enemies directly in front.

Legend of Ninja (lvl 53): Reduces DMG taken by 20%.


Fuma Kotaro activates Fuma Shiruken’s passive but does not receive a reciprocating boost from her.

Her stats are on the high end among the melee 4* with ‘deals damage to row of enemies’ skill, as is is skill damage. Her comparators are Diamond, Chaisaw [Halloween], Commander Yashichi, Snake Spear and Ruyi Bang.

Her passive increases her tankiness and effective HP.


Daemon Attack Hp Skill dmg Ability
Diamond 5,000/6,132 6,000/7,356 1681/2061 64: Decreases Damage Taken by 60% when (self) HP is 1/3 or less
Commander Yashichi 6,000/7,356 6,750/8,275 2027/2485 65: Moderately Increases Skill Damage of all Melee Allies
Chainsaw [Halloween] 6,500/7,969 7,500/9,195 1155/1416

Reduces DMG Dealt by 30%/38%

48: Skill targets receive 10% more damage
Princess Iron Fan 5,700/6,988 7,000/8,583 1602/1962

Moderate chance of Burn

53:Increases (self) Damage Dealt by 18%
Snake Spear 5,000/6,131 6,200/7,602 1691/2071 64: Increases (self) Damage dealt by 40%  when HP is under 1/2
Ruyi Bang 5,000/6,131 6,200/7,602 1849/2269 65: Normal Attack have 5% chance of inflicting Stun
Fuma Kotaro 5900/7234 6500/7969 2037/2497 53: Reduces DMG taken by 20%.

However, even being the top daemon her grouping, the ‘row of enemies’ skill is unattractive to use in actual game play. It typically hits at most 3 enemies, and can possibly hit 0, especially if you activate the skill while the daemon is moving from one row to another.


Emilio’s Rating: 4.5 / 10 (Above Average 4*). Rating largely due to tankiness, but otherwise row skills are generally not useful.
Hattori Hanzo Masanari

Hattori Hanzo Masanari

5 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 8000/9546

Max/MLB HP: 9500/11336


Proper Set – Miho (MAX): Deals 2387/2847 DMG to nearby enemies, with a high chance of inflicting Burn.

Ninja at the Peak (lvl 46): Increases ATK speed by 50%.

Hanzo Clan (lvl 79): Increases Max HP by 20%.


The targeting for melee daemons is frequently quite vague. For ‘nearby enemies’ it seems like when confronted with a single melee enemy, the activation of this skill will hit it, plus a single ranged enemy behind. But if there are multiple melee enemies surrounding the daemon, it will affect only the surrounding melee. If facing only ranged daemons, it will hit the 2 closest enemies. I think this skill can approximate to: hit the 2 closest enemies.

Among 5 stars it seems like only Hikoboshi [Formal Wear] has a similar targeting; the ‘nearby enemies’ descriptor can be more commonly found among 4* daemons. For more extensive comparison, I have included Helmetta Egil (triple target debuff) and Onimaru Kunitsuna, with ‘further enemies’ targeting, because they are reasonably similar daemons with large innate speed boost. ‘Further enemies’ skill hits more targets, multiple ranged daemons sitting behind the frontline all get hit along with the melee daemons in front.


Daemon Hattori Hanzo Masanari Hikoboshi [Formal Wear] Helmetta Egil Onimaru Kunitsuna
Atk 8000/9546 9300/11097 8800/10501 7200/8591
HP 9500/11336 10600/12649 8900/10620 9000/10739
Skill DMG 2387/2847 (nearby) 1238/1479 (nearby) 1129/1349 (3 targets, lowest HP) 2080/2480 (further enemies)
Skill effect High chance burn Targets receive 32%/38% more DMG for a limited time. Targets receive 30/36% more DMG for a limited time.
Abilities 46: Increases ATK speed by 50%

79: Increases Max HP by 20%

55: Reduces 20% of DMG taken.

83: Increases 25% of DMG dealt when Orihime [Formal Wear] is on the team.

29: Increases ATK speed by 50% at the start of the final wave.

72: Normal attacks have 10% chance of inflicting Stun.

30: Increases 15% of DMG dealt when one of the Five Swords Under Heaven is on the team.

85: Increases 43%% of ATK speed.

Hattori Hanzo Masanari’s base stats are not particularly outstanding. Sure they beat Onimaru, but bear in mind that Onimaru was released at game start, which is more than 2 years ago, given this is a 2nd Anniversary event, celebrating the international release. Masanari also has a greater speed boost, the IAS (like with Onimaru) significantly boosting an otherwise pale attack stat.

He has good HP (not as great as Hikoboshi, but still quite good), and the burn adds extra damage. While the speed boost makes up for otherwise low-ish base attack, one cannot get past the ‘nearby enemy’ targeting. While the damage isn’t terrible (unlike Hikoboshi and Helmetta, thanks to the attachment of the damage debuff on their skill), one can’t really use Masanari effectively as a multi-target hitter. Hitting (typically) only 2 enemies for diluted damage is quite poor, when there are 3 target or all target hitters who are capable of dealing larger quantum of skill damage available.


Emilio’s Rating: 6.9 / 10 (Below Average 5*). The giant speed boost would only be useful if an assist daemon with a useful CC/debuff ability appears, but other than that only serves to patch up his low attack stat. Nearby targeting makes the skill practically useless.

Hibiki [Sun Spear]

5 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 13000/15513

Max/MLB HP: 8200/9786


The Discovery (MAX): Deals 5081/6061 DMG to the enemy with the highest ATK, reduces target’s DEF by 411/491 for a limited time.

Sakuma Clan (lvl 70): At the start of the final wave, all foes take 20% more damage.

Sound of Echo (lvl 85): Increases 50% of Skill DMG at the start of the final wave.


After 2 years, Echo, or Hibiki, is finally available to join your team. Echo seems to be the powerful Anima nuker that we’ve all been waiting for. Anima type has been lacking an outstanding nuker since Guillotine was overshadowed by Leonardo and Titania (New Year) in early 2017. Before Echo, the list of existing Anima type ranged nukers reads like this: Lucky Quiver, Guillotine, Scarlett Shott [Halloween], Oda Tenmoku, Sessho Seki, Iron Maiden, Genjo [Festival], and Dead Sea Scrolls. Quiver and Genjo are primarily debuffers. Guillotine is decent but phased out by power creep. Dead Sea Scrolls is the main nuker on towers for farming purposes. And the others are all rather forgettable (other than for art collectors) out of sheer mediocrity.

Echo takes his massive attack stat and skill damage, combines it with a fairly unusual debuff – defence down, albeit by a rather small quantum (a Socrates debuff reduces 1020/1220 points of defence to all enemies). On the final wave, his abilities add an innate multi-target damage debuff, and further boosts his already spectacular skill damage by another 50%. And best of all, he isn’t jinxed with poor targeting like so many other promising nukers (like Amor and Snow White [Demon Hunter]).

So, how does Echo compare to the current top tier single target ranged nukers?


Daemon Attack HP Skill DMG Skill Effect Abilities Targeting MLB True Auto MLB Effective HP MLB Effective Skill DMG
Hibiki [Sun Spear] 13000/15513 8200/9786 5081/6061 reduces target’s DEF by 411/491 70: At the start of the final wave, all foes take 20% more damage.

85:  Increases 50% of Skill DMG at the start of the final wave.

highest ATK 1900

2280 (final wave, no other debuffs)

9103 9095

15369 (final wave) not including defence reduction

Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] 12,200/14,558 8,700/10,381 5279/6297 Target receives 60/72% more DMG 58: Reduce DMG taken (self) by 20%

73: Increase DMG Dealt at the start of the final wave by 40%

Highest HP 2,497 11864 9449

13,229 (final wave)

Amor 12,200/14,558 8,900/10,620 5189/6187 High chance Stun 44: 50% chance of 10% increase to damage dealt at the start of every wave.

79: Increase skill DMG of 2 highest ATK allies by 50% at the start of the final wave.

Lowest HP 2,140 9,879 9284 (early wave, no DMG buff)

13073 (final wave, no DMG buff)

14380 (final wave + 10% DMG buff)

15,689 (final wave + 20% DMG buff)

Simply based on his own abilities, Hibiki challenges Amanojaku and Amor as top nukers in the game. He is an incredibly strong nuker with no major flaws. He even has a team wide effect – 20% extra damage dealt (which is the same type of debuff that Amanojaku inflicts on her skill) throughout the entire final wave. This would increase damage from autos that occur outside of a skill combo. Burn and Poison on the final stage should also do more damage. Even LB0 Hibiki might be worth using on reserve, especially for players lacking top tier reserves – it is a 20% Amanojaku type debuff applied to all enemies on the final wave.

Hibiki would synergise well with other top nukers, including the 2 listed above. One could potentially run: Hibiki, Amanojaku, Gjallarhorn, Cinderella and Morin (borrow one of the healers from a friend), with Amor and another copy of Morin or Cinderella in reserve. A team like this would fully utilize the 2 target nature of the boosts from Cinderella, Amor and Gjallarhorn, unlike the current meta of Holy Grail – Amanojaku focused teams that neglects the second target of those abilities.

For whales and veterans with all the cards to choose from, it becomes important to note that there eventually hits a point where diminishing returns reduces further gains from a duplicate boost. In other words, if you run ALL of Cinderella, Amor, plus an ally Cinderella (totalling 160% Skill boost already) and add Hibiki to that mix, Hibiki would receive a whooping 210% Skill boost even before skill bonds. At this point one would have to calculate whether it would be more worthwhile to boost his crit rate, crit damage or damage dealt with other types of boosts and bonds as opposed to stacking skill damage ad infinitum. The final 50% skill damage boost when added to an already high existing 160% is effectively an approximately 30% multiplier because skill damage boosts stack additively to other skill damage boosts, while adding different types of boosts multiply the boost instead. Crit DMG assist bond like Saigyo would be ideal on Hibiki as opposed to more standard skill damage bonds (he has more than enough skill damage already).

In conclusion: Echo is clearly the most worthwhile daemon to acquire from this event. But with a second event likely coming hot on the heels of this one (and if Sola is released there and more OP than ever) – it becomes a resource rationing issue as to whether to rank hard for Echo or save for the next event instead. While Echo competes with Amanojaku and Amor as a quality nuker he isn’t precisely game changing.


Emilio’s Rating: 8.8 / 10 (V. High Tier). The best nuker released for a long time but ditto Qtphi’s remarks about possibly waiting for Sola.

16 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary Event (1) Daemon Analysis”

  • Do you think Hibiki better than Titania NY in a 2 nukers team ?
    There is a good sinergy with Valmano.
    And if Sola is God Tier leader ? Hibiki take the lead and my TNY become useless 🙁

    • Titania has that 25% Phantasma Crit DMG boost that Amanojaku desperately needs especially if Grail isn’t used in a 2 nuker team. Hibiki has that 20% final wave debuff, which is also very good, except for modes with debuff caps like World Boss where that would be maxed out by a single proc of Amanojaku’s skill.

      As for what will happen when Sola comes… we shall see when it actually happens…

  • Expected hibiki stats are good. No doubt he is that good to rival top nukers base on 1 to 1 comparison.

    In 1 nuker teams Vamano the clear winner to debuff.

    In 2 nuker team i wont consider hibiki but Amor. Amor has high auto high skill dmg that depends on her passive. Using amor on team basically free up a reserve slot, Which means amor amano can be further boosted by other op reserve unlike hibiki.

    • His hp at 9786 is something to consider as well if one decides to use him in world boss when nukers might not always have full hp when facing nukes during berserk phrase. He is easiler be killed vs amano/amor

        • Yes it helps , but you might be losing some damage if you’re using hp bond/assist with hp% e.g. using niccolo instead of t-rex/saigyo

      • Perhaps I should have mentioned my ratings for the others. Amano sits at 10/10 by herself with no one close, Amor is 8.9, so slightly higher than Hibiki. I agree in that overall Amor is slightly better but the gap I don’t think is that big, and compared to other nukers these are the top 3 imo, with TNY just behind (8.7). For Beans below, having to use a HP bond means less damage which is bad 🙁

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