Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Genjo, Atago Tarabo, Tristan

Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Genjo, Atago Tarabo, Tristan


Genjo [Festival]

5 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 12500/14916

Max/MLB HP: 9000/10739


Open Air Concert (MAX): Deals 3319/3959 DMG to a random enemy. Target takes 30/36% more DMG for a limited time.

Alluring Lute (lvl 65): Skill attacks have 100% chance of inflicting Stun.

Shared Treasure (lvl 88): Increases battle reward drop rate by 15%


Genjo returns to the music festival (last year with the Elves) with a 5 star version. Like her 4 star version, she is still a farming daemon, but for drop rate as opposed to experience. She has equal highest drop rate ability compared to Mara and Cosimo de’ Medici at 15%. Unfortunately, unlike Mara, this high percentage drop rate boost is locked behind a high limit break requirement, so multiple copies (or orbs) will be required.

To her primary function, her stats are quite high, just short of Snow White [Demon Hunter]’s 12900/9300 on both stats. Where Genjo disappoints is in her skill damage, debuff and targeting. As a debuffer she is automatically in comparison to the omnipresent Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day]:


Daemon Genjo [Festival] Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day]
Attack 12500/14916 12200/14558
HP 9000/10739 8700/10381
Skill DMG 3319/3959 5279/6299
Targeting Random Highest HP
Debuff % 30/36% 60/72%
Abilities 100% stun on skill

15% drop rate

20% DMG Reduction

40% DMG boost (final wave)

Random targeting is my least favoured targeting – to me it is only suitable for stages with only 1 enemy, ie the World Boss. But with the World Boss immune to status effects like Stun, the penalty Genjo’s skill and debuff takes in order to balance the 100% stun rate attached to her skill is a wasted sacrifice. On every game mode (perhaps excluding Tower, where drop rate actually matters), Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] would be absolutely preferred over Genjo .

Emilio’s Rating: 6.9 / 10 (Below Average 5*) – It’s not just Amano, for a 5* increase damage taken daemon almost every other option I consider better. Genjo’s skill damage, targetting, and debuff % are all weak comparatively.

Athora: Disappointing return to game. Even the drop rate passive, which activates at a much higher level than Mara.

Atago Tarabo

Atago Tarabo

5 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 8900/10620

Max/MLB HP: 10000/11933


Prayer of Protection (MAX): Reduces all enemies DEF by 1040/1240 for a limited time.

Great Tengu (lvl 54): Reduces 5% of DMG dealt by all foes at the start of each wave.

Supreme Power (lvl 77): Increases 5% more DMG by all team members.


It has been a while since the last all target defence reducer was introduced in the form of Kokuanten. Atago Tarabo finally ups the ante on the original defence reducer, Socrates.


Daemon Socrates Kokuanten Atago Tarabo
Class and Type Ranged Divina Ranged Phantasma Melee Phantasma
Attack 9500/11336 11700/13961 8900/10620
HP 8000/9546 8200/9786 10000/11933
DEF reduction 1020/1220 529/629 1040/1240
Abilities 31: Increases all allies’ crit rate 3%

76: Restores 25% HP to 2 allies with the lowest percentage of HP at the start of each wave.

70:Reduces 6% DMG dealt by all foes at the start of each wave. 54: Reduces 5% of DMG dealt by all foes at the start of each wave.

77: Increases 5% more DMG by all team members.

Defence reducers are mainly used in competitive PvP mode. Until Atago Tarabo, Socrates had ruled supreme, which is something to be said for a daemon that was released right at the start of the game. While his abilities were not particularly designed for competitive PvP – PvP mode had not been introduced at that point in time at all – the large active defence reduction skill was the critical factor. Kokuanten’s ability increases the survival of the team on PvP mode, but her defence reduction was disappointing.

Atago Tarabo has a greater defence reduction than Socrates, but not by much. 20 points is practically negligible. She has slightly better abilities for competitive PvP – reducing the opponent team’s attack, while increasing one’s own. But at only 5% (and PvP mode cuts the strength of skills and abilities by half) the effect is fairly minimal. The same can be said for Socrates’s ability that is effective in PvP mode – his team wide 3% crit rate boost (in PvP mode 1.5%, which is undetectable).

The main difference between Atago Tarabo and Socrates would have to be in their class and type. Fragile ranged daemons Socrates and Kokuanten can be positioned as ranged daemons on the backline, out of range of the opponent’s auto attacks. However, Atago Tarabo is a melee, with melee stats and tankiness to match. She will rush to the frontlines even if there are other daemons positioned in front of her, making her an easier target for auto attacks than the other 2 defence reducers. Given that most of the time the melee daemons are killed before their ranged team mates, it might be a strategic weakness to place the most powerful skill of your party on a melee daemon who is more prone to be knocked out early in the battle. However this does not exclude the possibility of using Atago Tarabo together with Socrates or Kokuanten on the same team. With the plethora of shield daemons released at regular intervals, double or triple defence reducers might be the way to go for attackers on the competitive PvP circuit.

P.S. I do no competitive PvP myself, thus would welcome further opinions on Atago Tarabo from actual competitive PvP players.


Emilio’s Rating: 8.1 / 10 (High Tier 5* – for competitive PvP anyway). A slight buff to the old Socrates, although limited application to PvE.

Athora Rating: Socrates 2.0, for the competitive pvp. Lovely art as well



4 ★ Assist Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8583

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Max HP

Knights of the Round Table (lvl 51): Increases 10% of Skill DMG


Assist daemon Tristan really should have been given a special bond to the other Knights of the Round Table, or at the very least, Arthur Pendragon. Unfortunately it was not to be. His stats as a 4 star are irrelevant (since they are only used for GCQ). He provides a 4%/6% HP boost to Phantasma and Anima / Divina type daemons. On top of that his ability as an assist daemon provides a 10% skill damage boost.

The math for his boost seems quite simple: it is additive to other Skill (ranged) and HP (healer) bonds placed on the main daemon and also additive to daemons with based abilities that boost their skill damage.

While 10% Skill DMG with 4 or 6% HP boost is better than using a plain ranged or HP bond, the opportunity cost of the use of an assist daemon like Tristan is the use of an alternative assist daemon with other boosts of greater effect. If HP and survivability was critical, Nibelunga Ring with base HP boost and damage reduction assist would be preferable. If the damage dealer is run with Amor or Cinderella abilities on team, an additional 2.5% Skill DMG boost over a standard 7.5% Skill DMG boost from a 5 star ranged daemon would be negligible, and other boosts like Crit rate (Tee Rex) or Crit damage (Saigyo) or speed (Ono-no-Komachi)  would make a greater impact.

In short, while better than using non-assist daemons as bonds, there are already better assist daemons available, and likely with more to come in the near future. Tristan is just mediocre.


Emilio’s Rating: 4.5 / 10 – The weakest assist daemon so far in my opinion (and instantly redundant thanks to Tee-Rex).

Athora Rating: I don’t think it’s worth trying to pull, as there are leader type cards that does what he does, but better. An assist slot would be wasted for a mere 10% more damage. Other assist cards provide better utility, such as higher crit buffs and even speed boosts


7 thoughts on “Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Genjo, Atago Tarabo, Tristan”

    • Thank you for the warm welcome back, Goascha! I’m happy to help the community 🙂 I will do my best to be more active here. I am always available to help anyone via Line

  • I have fought Atago on serveral whales team or lucky players. Imo pvp perspective. For those who have always wanted a good def reducer but didnt have the luck to get socrates, she is easily obtainable at 100summons(if you are lucky with 50:50 genjo :D)

    1) High hp
    2) Being melee, she will be at frontline hence her skill is always triggered first then the backline which give the backline always hit after debuffed is applied for maximised dmg unlike socrates who can activate at the last after all skills have been casted if he is at backrow. (This advantage can be remove by clever battle tactics refer to cons 1)
    3) phantasm synergy

    1) to add on to the above mention analysis, she is also an easy target to nuke & inflict status on (e.g philo slow/nylar silence/sun wukong stuns/amor stuns), which can disrupt the team synergy and also make her useless.
    2) like socrates/any def reducer/debuffer/status demon that cast onto opponent team, they have a weakness to cards that remove their debuff e.g philo, binbogami.
    3) she has no special bonds or special synergy(other than phantasm).
    Socrates has an additional 10% atk on top of normal 5% atk if bonded to nekomata and when both are on team nekomata increase allies speed by total of 16% atk speed(in pvp its 8% which is decent)

    Some battles with Atago

    Lastly feel free to hit my defence. Ign: FP 猫* test my def!

  • can’t believe that my wish for a Naryuu 5* come true through Atago. That artist’s 3* and 4* are sometimes too good for those levels.

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