Galaxy Express and the Mysterious Signal Event Daemon Analysis: Giovanni, Magpie, Black Diamond, Steam Locomotive and Raphael

Galaxy Express and the Mysterious Signal Event Daemon Analysis: Giovanni, Magpie, Black Diamond, Steam Locomotive and Raphael

Apologies to all for the very late release of the review. Without further ado, let’s get on with it:


3 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 5400/6869

Max/MLB HP: 4600/5853


Journey of a Dream (MAX): Increases DMG dealt by the ally with the highest ATK by 63/80% for a limited time.

Enlightenment (lvl 51): Increases 3% of battle reward drop rate.


Giovanni is a useful 3 star daemon in the mould of Azukiarai and Hansel. It took several years before Hansel was introduced as a successor to Azukiarai, but it looks like his reign as the best 3 star damage booster is to be short lived.

DaemonAttackHP% BoostTargeting Other boosts?
Azukiarai4300/54764300/547654/68Highest ATK
Hansel5500/69984500/572560/77Highest ATKSelf Speed Boost 30%
Giovanni5400/68694600/585363/80Highest ATKDrop Rate 3%

Giovanni’s 3% drop rate boost is irrelevant during Conquest events when lower SE teams are most relevant, but will serve to increase the yield from towers for new players without other drop rate daemons. The boost, unlocked on the second copy also makes him easily obtainable for new players.

Magpie [Railroad]

4 ★ Healer Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 8000/9808

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8583


Ballard for the beloved (MAX):  Restores 3508/4308 HP to 2 allies with the lowest percentage of HP. Targets receive 51/63% less DMG for a limited time.

Messenger of the Sky Emperor (lvl 67): Restores 2% of HP every 5 seconds by the 2 allies with the highest ATK.


Another space / galaxy themed event, another encounter with Magpie, this time as a 4 star. She retains her class and type as a Healer Phantasma. Magpie has high stats for her class – the average 4 star healer has balanced stats in the mid 6k at baseline. 8k attack is the highest attack attached to a 4 star healer; 7k HP is second only behind Lady Kushinada.

Skill wise Magpie is a classic shield healer for 2 targets, and provides both a sizeable HP boost and damage reduction percentage. Her fellow 2 target shield healers are Wakatoshi, Ono-no-Komachi, and Urania. Magpie trumps all of them in both HP recovered and damage reduction percentage, putting her at the top of her (not very competitive) class.

She adds a passive HP recovery to the 2 highest ATK daemons on your team, which aids Magpie’s healing capacity.

In general while in no way superior to 5 star shield healers like Siren and Cinderella, Magpie is a very solid 4 star healer which is fantastic in aiding new players for survival.

Black Diamond

4 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 5500/6744

Max/MLB HP: 8500/10422


Passionate MAX Bomber (MAX): Deals 3005/3685 DMG to current target, with a high chance of inflicting Stun.

Black Diamond  (lvl 71): Reduces 40% of DMG taken


Black Diamond is a single target melee with stun on her skill. There are plenty of such daemons released and none of them have been particularly useful.

Most interesting about Black diamond would have to be her massive HP. 8500 HP is massive, even for melee 4 star daemons. On top of that she has a further 40% damage reduction on top of the innate 15% that melee types have. 20% boosts or reductions was standard during 2017 to the early part of 2018, but it seems like Mitama is throwing around 40% quite liberally these days.

This makes her MLB EHP = 10422 / (1-0.55) = 23160

Unfortunately other than massive effective HP her attack and skill damage are nothing special. Perhaps newer players will find her to be a budget friendly tank to absorb damage from the big wolf during the climb through towers, but otherwise her utility is limited.

Steam Locomotive

5 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 12500/14916

Max/MLB HP: 9200/10978


The Starliner (MAX): Deals 2080/2480 DMG to 3 enemies (ranged priority).

Youngest son in the family (lvl 80): Increases 15% of Skill DMG dealt at the start of each wave.


Steam Locomotive is a 3 target hitter with a skill damage boost every wave. This makes him ideal for the Endless Challenge mode. As the event’s tower boss (exchangeable for event items), this makes him relatively easily accessible without need for players to rank. With his ability locked at level 80, casual players can also access his ability on a budget – yes some items will be needed but at least it won’t break the bank.

The following table shows Steam Locomotive compared to other daemons designed for Endless Mode, and to Mercury Aurum Elf, a very good standard 3 target hitter:

DaemonAttack (MLB)HP (MLB)Skill DMG  (MLB)TargetingPer wave boostOther Abilities
Steam Locomotive149161097824803 Ranged15% Skill (self)
Sun Wukong [Lunar New Year]15872107392481All10% DMG (self)20% Phantasma Crit DMG
Kappa143191073925993 Ranged6% DMG (self)20% Skill DMG (self)
Emperor Sutoku1288793071468All5% DMG (self)Silence on skill
Mercury Aurum Elf149161002328473 Highest ATKSleep on skillIncrease Crit Rate (20%), Crit DMG (50%) (self)

It takes Steam Locomotive only 1 wave to match Mercury Aurum Elf’s base skill damage. However, because of her second passive, Mercury Aurum would crit for greater damage and crit more frequently, this boost being flat throughout the battle. Disregarding other passives – like Mercury Elf’s Sleep and Sutoku’s Silence, Steam Locomotive provides a good skill damage output for 3 targets. Unlike Sun Wukong, Kappa and Emperor Sutoku, who have boosts that increase both their skill and auto attacks, Steam Locomotive’s boost applies only to his skill. Phantasma still seem to have the best per wave boost stacking – with Siren and Otakemaru stacking skill damage on top of Kappa and Emperor Sutoku’s damage boost.


5 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 12300/14677

Max/MLB HP: 9500/11336


Guided Enlightenment (MAX): Restores 1466/1746 HP to 2 allies with the highest ATK. Targets deal 60/72% more DMG for a limited time.

Seraphim (lvl 70): Increases 20% of Crit DMG by 2 Divina team allies at the start of each wave.

Owner of the Galaxy Express (lvl 85): Increase 25% of DMG dealt by the 2 allies with the highest ATK.


Raphael provides a damage boost and HP recovery to 2 daemons on the team. This makes her very similar to the Ranking daemon released last Tower, Alice.

Targeting2 Highest ATK daemons2 Highest ATK daemons
% DMG Boost on Skill60/72%75/89%
HP recovery on Skill1466/17460
Ability 120% Crit DMG for Divina Allies at the start of each wave15% Skill DMG for Divina
Ability 225% DMG Boost for 2 Highest ATK alliesAt the start of the final wave all enemies take 20% more DMG
Combined boost (non Divina)Skill boost: 72% + 25% = 97% Passive boost: 25% Skill boost: 89%Skill boost (final wave): 1.89 * 1.2 = 2.268 = 127% Passive boost (final wave): 20%
Extra boost for Divina Assume Ranged Divina, 22.5% Crit RateWave 1:Skill boost: 111%Passive boost: 34%
Wave 5:Skill boost: 169%Passive boost: 71%
Normal WavePassive Boost toAuto DMG 0%Skill DMG 15%Skill boost to Auto DMG 89%Skill DMG 117%
Final WavePassive Boost toAuto DMG 20%Skill DMG 38%Skill Boost toAuto DMG 127%Skill DMG 160%

Superficially Raphael and Alice are very similar, with Raphael sacrificing some percentage of damage boost for some HP recovery for her targets. Their abilities are both split 2 ways – one limited to Divina, and one applicable to the entire team. One each of their abilities apply depending on the wave of the battle.

For non-Divina types, Alice provides a higher percentage damage boost once her final wave ability kick in. Alice’s 2 different boosts (DMG dealt boost with her activation, and increase DMG taken on her passive) are multiplicative. On waves prior to the final wave, Raphael’s second ability makes up for the lower percentage damage boost. However her passive and her active skill boosts are additive to each other. Put simply: for non Divina type, on non-final waves, Raphael is as good as, if not better than Alice. On the Final wave, Alice would be superior.

The Divina based boosts differ between the 2 daemons. Alice has a simple 15% Skill DMG boost. Raphael’s boost is for Crit DMG, and it stacks every wave. For multiple wave stages Raphael’s stackable boost would be preferred, the longer the battle the higher Raphael’s boost for Divina will be. The table above shows  Raphael’s boost surpassing Alice’s boost on skill to skill damage at the 5th wave (if equivalent to the final wave).

Overall to me Alice and Raphael are roughly similar. One would choose one over the other in various different scenarios:

  • World Boss – either will do, Alice for maximum damage boost, Raphael if her HP recovery improves your survival
  • Conquest – if using Divina, Raphael for the 5 and 6 wave battles, Alice for shorter battles; for non-Divina, prefer Alice
  • Tower – damage booster is not critical to be used in Tower, but Raphael preferred given 10 waves on the final tower chapter
  • Endless Challenge – Raphael preferred, given unlimited wave count and no ‘final wave’

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