Guild Conquest Daemon – Ambergris

Guild Conquest Daemon – Ambergris


5 ★ Healer Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 9,000 / 10,739

Max/MLB HP: 9,100 / 10,859


Aromatherapy (MAX): Heals 2,778 / 3,313 to the 3 allies with the lowest percentage of HP

Natural Fragrance (Lvl 75): Restores 25% HP to all allies at the start of each wave


This will be an easy review so I’m not going to type any more than I have to. Ambergris is not very useful. It’s very similar to Tiamat (a previous guild conquest reward), and Hestia who was recently (but is no longer) available as a Mochi exchange. Stats wise they are all pretty similar in terms of Auto attack healing and EHP. Skill wise all three have a very simple heal allies ability with no extra perk such as damage reduction, and all 3 have some sort of defensive passive – either a heal per wave or in Tiamat’s case a damage reduction.

Ambergris’ healing overall through both Autos and skill may be superior and her passive is a high percentage for a heal per wave ability, but unless there is a need for this (some sort of survival mode which doesn’t exist yet) this is practically a moot point.

Grab copies for free with 3 mil self damage in a solo guild (levels 1-10) if you wish, but it’s not a card to chase for.


Rating: 6.9/10 (below average 5*)

4 thoughts on “Guild Conquest Daemon – Ambergris”

  • I think the is a great card for new players who do not have good reserve cards. This card at lvl 75 will help weaker team survive longer in the tower and cq events with the passive 25%heal to all at the start of each wave. This is important with the longer wave meta in the last tower event. Imo anyway.

  • I’m still confused why they went from dragons as guild bosses to…the grease stuff produced by a sperm whale?!

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