Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis: Cintamani

Guild Conquest Daemon Analysis: Cintamani


5 ★ Ranged Anima



Max/MLB Attack: 11500/13723

Max/MLB HP: 8700/10381



Sparkling Stone (MAX): Restores 2882/3442 HP to 2 allies (melee priority). Targets receive 45%/53% less DMG for a limited time.

Mani Jewel (lvl 80): Increases 25% of the EXP gained from battle.



Apologies for writing and releasing this review after the daemon is no longer available.

The most recent GCQ released a very simple but useful daemon. Cintamani is a ranged daemon providing HP recovery and shield to 2 melee allies. The value of the recovery and shield is good, comparable to a Hoskawa Tamako, another ranged daemon with similar skill (lower heal, lower HP recovery but targets all allies instead).

What makes Cintamani a winner is his 25% EXP boost from battle. Just in time for the next conquest. So far the greatest EXP boost came from from Orpheus (20%), followed by the recently released Lady Yodo and Dead Sea Scrolls (15%). A plethora of daemons provide 10% or lower EXP boosts. His ability is also unlocked at a reasonably attainable level – lb2 requires 3 copies, which correspond neatly with the 1, 2, and 3 million damage achievements from the event. Or get to level 30 with your guild for 1 copy, whilst doing 2 million damage.  

Unlike many farming daemons, Cintamani’s skill should actually be useful on the tower battles. The skills help with survival, healing up the frontline. And EXP gained from battle allows you to level up faster, gaining more free SE from the level ups.

Overall Cintamani was a fairly obvious ‘should get’, if one is at all interested in EXP and levelling one’s account.

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