Guild Conquest Daemon Review – Kada

Guild Conquest Daemon Review – Kada


5 ★ Range Phantom


Max/MLB Attack: 11,300 / 13,484

Max/MLB HP: 7,800 / 9,307


H2O Blast (MAX): Deals 2,387 / 2,847 DMG to 3 enemies (ranged priority), with a low chance of inflicting Freeze.

Flood Warning (lvl 77): Normal attacks have a 15% chance of inflicting Freeze


Everything just looks kind of average with this one right? That’s because it actually is. 3 target daemon are generally secondary to all enemy hitters but that’s not to say they’re useless. Strong ones will definitely make the cut such as Yatagarasu [Festival] and Antikythera. Let’s look at roughly how Kada compares to these two high end Daemon and a more mediocre one:



Medusa (6.8) Antikythera (8.3)

Yatagarasu (8.4)

  Auto Attack


1,681 1,953


  Skill Damage


4,272 6,166


  Skill Effect

Freeze (Low)

Petrify (Low) None

Burn (High)

  Team Boost/Other

15% Freeze on Auto Attack

18% Melee Petrify on Wave Start 20% Anima Crit DMG

10% Phantom DMG



8,325 8,658



*All stats are Effective Stats at MLB*

*Numbers in brackets are my ratings for these daemon*


So what do we see. Kada is certainly quite far off the pace of the top tier 3 target hitters. Much less auto damage, much less skill damage, a weaker side effect than Yatagarasu, weaker other effect/team boost and less tanky. She is actually almost identical to Medusa just swapping petrify for freeze, but with both having low chances they are almost insignificant benefits to have. What makes Antikythera and Yatagarasu so strong is dishing out more damage, clearing waves better and at the same time providing significant damage boosts for their allies.

Sadly then she won’t see much use. I would actually prefer even Arsene Lupin [True Form] who was just available and Belphegor who is currently available in the auction house. Newer players can work together with their guilds to obtain a few copies and for veterans this is pretty much just a collection filler.


Emilio’s Rating: 6.8/10 (Below Average 5*)

3 thoughts on “Guild Conquest Daemon Review – Kada”

  • At this point I’m wondering if Otogi is actually getting newbies =^=
    Events after events after events is fine for veterans with high-level daemons and SE to spare, but newer players can’t keep up with the pace.

  • i usually have the same opinion as otogidb, but this time i have to disagree
    my point is based on the debuff
    i agree about the stat and skill dmg, but freeze is a rare debuff on 5* ranged daemon
    and on top of that it is applied on normal atk 15%

    freeze not only stop the ennemi, it also increase the dmg you deal
    i would give her 8/10, of course she may not be suitable in killing mobs quickly, but she is useful vs mini bosses and bosses
    its easier to mlb her than other daemons stated on the table

    • True that the freeze is slightly more useful than I gave it credit for but don’t over estimate it. The damage amp is only 10%. 15% chance means 1 in 7 hits, so once every 14 seconds. The issue is unreliability. You would much rather have a high chance on skill use than a small chance on auto (for example Restless Ghost’s Freeze is really good in my opinion). You can’t time the damage amp to line up with your combo – it’s just chance, the same way you can’t time the freeze to stop say the wolf from doing nuke – it’s just chance. If you forced me to change my rating, honestly would only put 6.9 or 7.0, nothing higher. Also Yatagarasu was quite readily available and a level 80 version is still literally better than almost every other 3 target daemon.

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