Guild Conquest Daemon Review: Wild Star Thorn

5* Phantom Range

ATK / HP: 11,900 / 8,400

MLB Stats: 14,200 / 10,023

Skill: Deals 2,387 / 2,847 DMG to the 3 enemies with the highest ATK. Decreases targets speed by 30 / 36% for a limited time

Ability 1 (lvl 85): Increases Crit Rate by 30%. Increases Battle Reward Drop rate by 10%

This is a pretty simple review. Wild Star Thorn is a solid wave clearer for your farming teams. His damage output isn’t the highest in the game, he’s about 20% less damage than Mercury Elf overall, but it should be sufficient enough for tower events which is all you need him for anyway. 10% drop rate is a solid boost for farming, and with Thorn being the only high end AoE damage dealer with a farming passive he will slot right in. For other events he doesn’t really have a place since there are better damage dealers for conquest (and that’s even if you still use AoE anyway), and in endless (not that this even matters).

Solid but not spectacular overall as a daemon, but has his specific use.

Rating: 7.7 / 10

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