Maze of Red Leaves Daemon Analysis: Hansel, Labrys, Minos, Kintaro and Momiji Hime

Maze of Red Leaves Daemon Analysis: Hansel, Labrys, Minos, Kintaro and Momiji Hime




3 ★ Ranged Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 5500/6998

Max/MLB HP: 4500/5724


White Stone Way Marker (MAX): Increases DMG dealt by the ally with highest ATK by 60/77% for a limited time.

Coward (lvl 50): Increases 30% of ATK speed.


For once, the event 3 star has value beyond collection and mochi conversion. Hansel is an excellent beginner’s card, in the vein of budget damage booster Azukiarai from Jewel Summon. Aka ‘Red’ Chochin [X’mas 2] is included for comparison also. Do note that Chochin’s has greater utility being a healer, and as a 4 star has higher base stats.

Daemon Hansel Azukiarai Chochin [X’mas 2]
Attack 5500/6998 4260/5419 6700/8215
HP 4500/5724 4260/5419 6850/8399
DMG boost 60/77% 54/68% 57/70%

+ HP recovery 2927/3587

Targeting Highest ATK Highest ATK Highest ATK
Abilities Increases 30% of ATK speed 30% chances of inflicting Petrification on the enemy with the highest ATK at the start of each wave.

For beginners Hansel is a great support daemon, and very easily acquired. For experienced players Hansel straight out replaces Azukiarai on your low SE conquest team. A 3 star well worth acquiring.



4 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 6000/7356

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8583


Strike and Slice (MAX): Deals 2393/2933 DMG to enemy with highest ATK, target receives 60/74% more DMG for a limited time.

Reliable Sister (lvl 67): All Anima team members take 5% less DMG.


The last jewel summon banner introduced Dryad as a single target debuffer. And here’s another one! Labrys is even better, with a higher debuff percentage – on par with the original Amanojaku, actually. Her skill damage value is decent, similar to Stella: Reticulum (before Stella’s innate 30% Skill DMG boost). Highest ATK targeting is also good; I would rate that equal best targeting as with highest HP for debuffers and nukers.

Also noteworthy is her melee type. Many 4 star debuffers see very limited use in challenging stages like the World Boss because of ranged priority targeting. Labrys would allow players missing premium 5 star debuffers like Amanojaku [V] and Yoshitsune to bring a budget alternative that has greater survivability than the bulk of the 4 star ranged debuffers.

Labrys’ DMG reduction for Anima team members is not particularly outstanding given it is type limited. But hey, if you are in need of making already tanky Anima types already tankier, then put Labrys on your reserve if you still have a vacant slot.

Overall for experienced players Labrys is just yet another 4 star debuffer. But for newer players she is an easy to acquire debuffer one can use until one collects enough resources to be able to afford the 5 star when the next version appears in the future.

Daemon Attack HP Skill DMG Debuff Targeting Other Abilities
Labrys 6000/7356 7000/8583 2393/2933 60%/74% Highest ATK All Anima team members take 5% less DMG
Amanojaku 9,000/11,034 5,600/6,866 3174/3889 60%/74% Highest HP Skill inflicts Virulent Poison
Stella: Reticulum 7,900/9,685 6,200/7,601 2393/2935 45%55% Highest ATK Increases Skill Damage 30%
Dryad 7200/8827 6200/7602 2729/3349 45%/55% Highest HP Increase DMG dealt by 10% to 2 highest attack allies
Ugo 7,800/9,562 6,300/7,723 2729/3347 36%/44% Highest ATK Increases Critical Damage 75%
Danzabura Tanuki 8,300/10,175 6,300/7,723 2729/3347 30%/37% Lowest HP Increases Critical Damage 60%
Zauber Kugel 7,900/9,685 6,400/7,846 2561/3141 30%/37% Lowest HP Increases Skill Damage 10% Increases Critical Damage 50%
Georgius 6,700/8,215 5,500/6,744 2116/2596 45%/55% Lowest HP Increases Attack Speed 5%

Decrease DMG taken by all melee allies 5%

Rudy Red-Nose 8,350/10,238 5,560/6,818 2838/3479 36%/44% Current ‘Slightly’ Increases Phantasma allies’ Skill Damage
Daji [Seductive Swimsuit] 8,500/10,420 6,200/7,602 1671/1996 35%/42% Lowest HP ‘Significiant’ Stun chance on skill
Marshal Tianpeng 6,900/8,459 7,600/9,317 2561/3141 24%/30% Highest HP Increases Skill Damage 35%

Increase DMG dealt 20% when another JTTW is on the team

Arondight [Sports Meet] 5,600/6,866 6,500/7,969 4262/5225 15%/18% Lowest HP ‘Sharply’ Reduces Damage Taken
Usumidori 6,000/7,356 6,500/7,969 3095/3796 27%/33% Melee Life Regen 3% / 5s for 2 highest attack allies
Kagami Mochi 9,100/11,158 6,500/7,969 3105/3804 18%/22% Current ‘Sharply’ Increases Skill Damage
Dragonia Killa 5,150/6,314 6,450/7,908 1691/2071 34%/42% Current



4 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 6500/7969

Max/MLB HP: 7700/9441


Raging Bull (MAX): Deals 2729/3349 DMG to current target, with a moderate chance of inflicting Stun.

God of Destruction (lvl 70): Increases 15% of Crit Rate and 30% of Crit DMG.


Minos is a single target hitter. She is a melee daemon, but with a ranged daemon’s innate crit rate once her ability is unlocked. You could see her as she is: a melee with a crit rate, crit damage boost; or as a ranged with melee stats and 30% DMG reduction.

Either way, despite her ability fixing her type’s key weakness, her attack and skill damage does not compare with the better 5 star nukers. Once again, for absolute beginners without 5 star nukers she is potentially useful. But then the game provides beginners with multiple options for nukers in the form of the starters Okita Soji and Ibaraki Doji and chapter 8 completion reward Momotaro. So that really leaves Minos with minimal utility.


Kintaro [Yokozuna]

5 ★ Melee Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 11000/13126

Max/MLB HP: 9500/11336


Air Demon Strike (MAX): Deals 1466/1746 DMG to further enemies; targets deal 30/36% less DMG for a limited time.

Awakening (lvl 85): Increases 10% of skill DMG at the start of each wave.


Suzuka Gozen must have proven to be a popular trade as a melee daemon with higher base attack than hp. So much so that Mitama has decided to use the same tactic on Kintaro [Yokozuna]. Her skill must have been well received also, since Kintaro has the same targeting.

Daemon Kintaro [Yokozuna] Suzuka Gozen
Attack 11000/13126 12900/15393
HP 9500/11336 8600/10262
Skill DMG 1466/1746

Targets deal 30/36% less DMG for a limited time

Targeting Further Enemies Further Enemies
Ability Increases 10% of skill DMG at the start of each wave. Increase 20% of DMG dealt by the 2 allies with the highest ATK.

Players may have been keen on using Suzuka Gozen on the Endless Challege mode, so Kintaro was tweaked to be even more Endless Challenge friendly. The lower starting skill damage matters less on Endless Challenge, once his ability kicks in and increases it every wave. The damage reduction on his skill serves to improve survival on the Endless Challenge.

Unfortunately, for Kintaro to really be effective on the Endless Challenge, one still needs a Kay Kagen or Grandmaster Shinmen bonded to boost his auto attacks every wave. Having MLB Morin Khurr on the team or reserve is also important, to fix his low innate crit rate.

Divina has been largely neglected for the Endless Challenge. Kintaro and perhaps Suzuka are Mitama’s attempt to bring the Divinas back up to par in that game mode. Unfortunately it would take a lot more than Kintaro, Qilin and Phoenix to make Divina competitive with the behemoths that Anima (with Lady Musk, Morin and Inaba Tenmoku) and Phantasma (with Siren, Sarayashiki, Otakemaru, Kappa and Sutoku) have. However, the attempt is noted, and I hope Mitama continues to introduce Endless inclined Divina daemons to continue to rebalance the game.

Momiji Hime
Momiji Hime

5 ★ Ranged Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12800/15274

Max/MLB HP: 8900/10620


Scheme and Machination (MAX): Deals 614/734 DMG to all enemies; decreases targets’ speed by 60/72% for a limited time.

Legend of the Red Leaves (lvl 70): At the start of the final wave, all foes take 18% more damage.

Lineage of Mara (lvl 84): Increases 10% of DMG dealt by Phantasma team members at the start of the final wave.


The ranking daemon for this event is a multi-target CC focused ranged phantasma daemon. She has really low skill damage but a large percentage speed reduction. Her abilities provide a team based buff to damage which is a compensation for her miserable skill damage.

Momiji Hime’s skill damage is miserable. Even among other all target CC focused daemons, 614/734 base damage is very very low. For a baseline comparison, have a look at Nurarihyon, one of the daemons present right from the start of the game, also with a large speed debuff attached to her skill:

Daemon Momiji Hime Nurarihyon
Attack 12800/15274 10550/12589
HP 8900/10620 7600/9070
Skill DMG 614/734 1545/1845
Speed debuff 60/72% 77/91%
Abilities At the start of the final wave, all foes take 18% more damage.

Increases 10% of DMG dealt by Phantasma team members at the start of the final wave.

Increases 5% of max HP of Phantasma team members.

Momiji Hime has higher base stats than Nurarihyon. But one needs to consider that a lot of power creep has happened since the game was released, so better stats are only to be expected. Momiji Hime has a better set of abilities that can increase her damage output. Her first ability is identical to that of Echo, but with 2% less debuff. Her second ability is a simple damage boost for Phantasma type. Furthermore it is locked at LB3 which in my opinion is quite steep – Yatagarasu’s 10% non wave limited Phantasma boost was locked at level 80 and Astaroth’s final wave boost, also locked at 80, is much larger, at 25%, albeit with Silence attached. So assuming that Momiji Hime’s abilities are activated, would she come any closer to Nurarihyon in terms of damage?

MLB Momiji Hime, with her 2 abilities activated:

734 * 1.10 * 1.18 = 952

Which is still barely over half of MLB Nurarihyon’s base skill damage.

Sure, skill damage from the AOE daemon isn’t everything; on the final wave Momiji Hime’s abilities affect other Phantasma types, and all of the enemies. So if one carries multiple other Phantasma daemons they would also do more damage with both their skills and autos. And all of the foes would take 18% more damage. But Momiji Hime’s active skill is so poor that it makes her such a deadweight that once you have better alternatives she would be quickly relegated to the reserve or completely taken off the team.

Frankly, high percentage multi target speed reduction is most likely to be useful on the Endless Challenge (where crowd control against multiple mobs is useful) or on competitive PvP (where the enemy’s fire power is generally relatively evenly spread out). However, on Endless Challenge Momiji Hime’s more useful abilities never or almost never activate. (No one has reached 100 yet so we don’t know whether 100 counts as the ‘final wave’.) And competitive PvP mode halves all skill damage and percentages, rendering Momiji Hime’s skill damage even less significant.

One could use her to some effect on the reserve for World Boss or Conquest. But on World Boss the debuff cap is 75%, breached by a single activation of Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day]’s skill. Yoshitsune does not breach the cap on his first skill, but being Divina he would not gain from the 10% Phantasma damage boost. On conquest, one would also prefer high percentage per wave damage boosters like Siren, Morin, Sarayashiki and Otakemaru for reserve. Granted newer players without decent reserves (like those still using Poison S. Brew or Zhuge Ling) Momiji Hime would be an improvement. But with so many reserve options available for veterans, one can easily give Momiji Hime a skip.

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