Happy Birthday, Das Bénévolents!

Happy Birthday, Das Bénévolents!

This week marks the first anniversary of our founding, when Desu, Sun and I posted our first collaborative review on Reddit as Team SAD. Since then, we’ve come a long way- let’s take a look at some of our highlights throughout the year! But, before that…



We bid a sad farewell to founding member, Desu, who has retired from Otogi and LINE.

Desu united the English language community, first on Reddit, on LINE, and on the Otogi dB website. Desu wrote numerous opinion and strategy pieces while moderating the Otogi sub-Reddit. When PvP was first introduced into the game, Desu extensively tested and optimized PvP farming, allowing players to obtain the Limit Break Orb more easily. Desu was also the face of the farming community, and managed hundreds of PMs to join the farming groups on LINE. In order to streamline the release and publication of daemon analysis and strategy tips for the game, Desu created the Otogi dB website.

Beyond the herculean effort Desu put into managing the Otogi community on various platforms, we remember Desu best in Desu’s interactions with dB, Otogi LINE Chat, and in guild. Desu was always optimistic, high spirited, and willing to test and try new ideas in-game. Desu’s generosity of spirit meant that everything Desu found out from testing, was shared freely, even to absolute strangers.

As a person, even only through online interactions, Desu’s sunny personality and derpy sense of humour took centre stage. One of Desu’s continued running jokes, was the denial of a gender identity. Desu always refused to identifying as male or female, allowing netizens to make their own assumptions. The community eventually concluded, that Desu’s gender is Desu, hence the pronoun for Desu is likewise, Desu.


It’s bittersweet that we’re celebrating dB’s first birthday with your departure. Knowing your love for crack poetry, I suppose it’s fitting that I should send you off with an extremely crappy poem that I’m sure you would absolutely not be proud of.

There once was a person named Desu,
Who had a great idea while taking a poo,
They recruited some friends:
A model, a hamster lord and one who grows bell-ends,
And thus began the greatest strategy group Otogi ever knew.

Farewell my friend, we’ll miss you dearly.


Desu’s always enthusiastic when discussing strategy and forming meta teams for different game modes. Desu’s ambitious and creative personality, along with the numerous spreadsheet for the players made Desu a well-liked leader within the community. Thanks for the formation and invitation to the best strategy group in Otogi.

It was the middle of the night when I decided to scroll through general chat, skipping towards the end of the usual 999+ messages. The chat was lively and excited over super natural experiences (other than Bani, because who is spooked during the middle of the day?).

Pictures were shared, pictures that I inspected closely with much trepidation. “I’ll give myself a real heart attack one day,” I thought as malicious red eyes surfaced upon zooming in and brightening the phone screen to a degree that would normally blind me. I shuttered and attempted to cast the image out my mind, not successfully. There was an agreement to have a separate chat for sharing scary stories. And so, I was invited some time later to said chat.

“Desu, it is your turn,” the other members said as I entered the chat. So, Desu told the best horror story I have ever heard.

There was once a man who was so fat.
He ate everything and died.
The end.”

When reading through the guides that Desu have written, one would think it was a computer rather than a person writing up these strategies. Yet, Desu was the type to want to share stories, roast people and drop the mic and have the same excitement as others would have for a new movie, but for strategies.

Maybe we’ll pick up from where we left off, or maybe not, but the community will agree that there are plenty of things left to cherish from Desu. As I say to my guild, life comes first, so long as you are not a filthy casual 😛

Thank you for always helping us all improve.


I remember first joining general chat online and randomly deciding to share the spreadsheet I had lovingly created (with my best friend Freya – not Freyr the healer), I mean there’s no point in having a great spreadsheet if it’s just the two creators using it! Instantly the response I got was “pfffff, great another Desu!”. Initially I just thought “…who??”, but thankfully it led me to Desu. It was a pleasure to meet someone so enthusiastic about numbers other than me! I thoroughly enjoyed building the effective stats spreadsheet (is that sad? Yes it’s probably sad…) knowing I had at least one person’s undivided interest in it. It’s sad for someone with such drive and passion to have to leave us, but I wish Desu all the best on whatever future lies in store!


dB pays tribute to Desu for Desu’s contributions to the Otogi Community. We love you, simply for being who you are.

We welcome the community to tribute to Desu in the comments below.



The start of it all

Team SAD
14/11/16- the day it all started with our first review as Team SAD, which was a Top 5 daemon rating for each type of role. Banila joined us shortly after, and we became the BADS strategy group. This quickly became BANDS, with the addition of Nao, and then as we expanded further… well, it was a bit hard to form a name out of all our initials then. So we ended up with Das Bénévolents: something that had all of our initials, plus a few extra letters and a bit of European flair.

Check it out here.

Daemon Analysis

Mazu Scythe Enera SquareFireworks SquareOtogi Lemegeton Analysis

This is probably what we’re best known for- particularly on our website, which has reviewed 145 daemons across 48 posts!

Check out our analyses under the Mechanics & Analysis tag.


Our early days focused on pumping out of a range of spreadsheet-based tools, thanks to our team of intrepid Excel experts. Personal favourites are probably the Effective Stats spreadsheet, and the Tower Calculator.

Check them out here.

Scenario Challenge

Otogi Spirit Agents World Boss Guide

In anticipation of the World Boss being released, dB posed a question to the community- which team of daemons would you bring to survive as long as possible against a World Boss that does increasingly more damage over time? We had some interesting responses from the community on this one!

Check out the question and answers to this scenario.

Well, those are some of our favourite highlights from the year. We’d like to say a big thank you to you, the community, for all the support, feedback and interaction we’ve received! We’ve got plenty of great content in the works, so onwards to the next year and beyond!

57 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Das Bénévolents!”

  • He leído varias veces el post y me da tanta nostalgia, he seguido a Das Benevolents desde sus inicios, han apoyado tanto a la comunidad con sus mecánicas y consejos, pero me resulta realmente indignante que los hayan ofendido de esa forma, los admiro, Nex, Ashla, Banila, Emilio, Qtph21, Desu… y algún día espero ir a Miratogi, un saludo a Haruka flamante vice, que sigan los éxitos y un cálido abrazo sigan haciendo tan geniales post, siempre entro cada día a observar si hay algo nuevo, en verdad amo el trabajo que hacen :’)

  • desu will always remember you as the best strategist, my girlfriend and I, we mourn your departure, I hope someday you return to the game, we look forward to your return, a big hug wherever you are!

  • Been a reader since the first post of this blog. The statistics posted were helpful, analyses were fun to read and they really guided me in deciding tmy item/mochi expenditures as. . A huge thanks to the team for your ‘dedicated hard work in the past nine months 😀

  • Thank you for everything and i never know you close enuff but i will miss you and am truly grateful for everything you have done

  • Thinking about it, this comment does not really belong here.
    Why repost a FB post that slanders Desu’s guild when the discussion here is Desu?
    And why are you digging up old news?
    But if you want to rehash old news, here’s the guild’s response to that particular FB post, both in English and Mandrin.
    Credits: Fuurin and Kusu for writing and translations

    This post shall address the recent antagonism towards Miratogi guild from both the Chinese-speaking and English-speaking Otogi communities, as well as debunk many of the rumours that have been going around.

    They say “all’s fair in love and war”. Strategy is essential to doing well in any game, and Otogi is no different. There is nothing “unscrupulous” or “manipulative” about using strategy to perform better in Otogi, which includes finding strong allies who are keen to help. It is also hypocritical to point fingers at Miratogi only when other top guilds are also recruiting stronger members by any means they can use.

    Due to the way the game is structured, it is natural for strength to beget strength – just like how people with good leader cards can get more friends with good leader cards, strong guilds are more likely to recruit strong players. There is nothing morally wrong about that, it is simply a truth of how the game works. Thus, it is unreasonable to try and place a moral judgment on the action of bringing strong allies into the guild. It is even more unreasonable to only point fingers at Miratogi, and not the other guilds which have been doing the same thing and for an even longer time. If one was to judge the behaviour of guilds, then the same judgment should at least be applied fairly to all. Failing to do so only shows that the person behind this slander – and it is indeed slander – only intends to target one guild in specific, without any care for fairness or reason, and without proper evidence to back up his/her claims which are clearly aimed at swaying the crowd into seeing Miratogi as the “villain”.

    Moving on, let us address the recent series of events in which Miratogi has been repeatedly attacked by a significant portion of the Tieba community. First was the accusation that Miratogi was swapping in a large number of “alt accounts” to hit the World Boss, in order to bolster their total guild damage.

    Link to the thread: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5278150686

    There was quite the outrage from the Tieba community as a response, several people complained to Mitamagames, and they made adjustments accordingly so that total guild damage is now the total damage of all current guild members.

    And the rest, they say, is history.

    For the unaware: after the adjustment, Miratogi went from being ranked #3 to ranked #1. So much for “falsely inflating their score with alt accounts”.

    Let me spell it out clearly for you:
    – The Tieba community, backed by many discontented members of the top three Chinese guilds, accused Miratogi of using alt accounts to increase their World Boss damage.
    – Mitamagames changed the way guild damage was calculated, in order to prevent people from using that exploit.
    – After the adjustment, the cumulative damage from past guild members was removed from all the guilds.
    – And yet, Miratogi ended up going up in guild ranking instead of down.

    So who were the true benefitters from the abovementioned exploit? It’s a simple matter of basic mathematics, which I am sure you all understand.

    Next: the issue of “poaching” members.

    Let us first address this questionable choice of wording, which has been used by certain individuals while slandering Miratogi. Are strong players some species of elusive and endangered creature that can be hunted down, captured and taken away from their natural habitats? Or are they eggs to be boiled, shell-less, in water? Or are they land that is being trampled by hoofs?

    Obviously, none of the above. Putting aside the matter of semantics, however… People move guilds of their own free will. It is very unlikely that any of Miratogi’s allies joined them as a result of coercion – pretty close to impossible, in fact. There’s nothing morally wrong with asking for strong allies to come and help, and if they agree, that is the choice they make of their own free will. Where is the logic in judging Miratogi for this?

    Moreover, what is the point of even pointing fingers at Miratogi for making changes to their guild roster? This particular idea was first brought up in Tieba, right after the damage calculation adjustment. There were people suggesting that very strong players join the top Chinese guild on the last day of the month, in an attempt to spite Miratogi by bumping them down from first place. The top guilds have all seen many changes recently because the guilds want stronger members, and people are jumping ship all over the place in an attempt to move up.

    Why is it “we must defeat Miratogi” when some guilds make roster changes, but “poaching” when Miratogi does the same? The hypocrisy in these slanderous posts only continues.

    Another issue is that people are saying Miratogi claims to be the representative of the English-speaking Otogi community.

    Um, no???

    Miratogi has never claimed to be representing the English-speaking community, and never will. People who believe that they do are sadly misinformed, or worse, deluded. Miratogi is simply a high-profile guild with many high-profile members and allies.

    This brings us to the relevant question which has been asked by many: why is Miratogi so strong?

    There are a lot of people out there who have asked that question and provided their own guesses as answers instead of finding out the truth.

    And the truth is: teamwork and hard work. Miratogi commits itself to helping all – yes, ALL – of their members do better in events, and the amount of effort they put into developing stronger strategies is simply greater than that of other guilds. Is it still surprising that they are strong, popular in the English-speaking community, and have friendly ties with other guilds?

    Finally, what is the point of all this finger-pointing and slander? What could those people possibly achieve by trying to shame Miratogi with false claims and hypocritical reasoning? Like any other player, the members and allies of Miratogi are here to enjoy the game. This continuous stream of toxicity from people who dislike Miratogi, often out of jealousy, does nobody any good and should be put to an end. The strong players who have joined Miratogi are also in no way being held against their will, and can leave any time they wish.

    Both the World Boss and Anniversary events are soon coming to an end, and hopefully the attacks on Miratogi would also cease. Miratogi and allies would like to wish all players good luck and fun gaming in the days ahead.

    – written by an insomniac demon
    – translated by a nocturnal creature








    不知情人士,事情是这样的:官方作出改动后,镜公会由第三名一下跃上了榜首。 「轮人刷分」?没话好说了吧。

    – 中国三大公会众多心有不甘的成员扇动贴吧吧友指责镜公会用小号刷分;
    – 官方改变公会总分计算方法,防止玩家利用漏洞;
    – 改动实施后,所有公会由旧成员打出的积分一并扣除;
    – 然而,镜公会的排名不跌反升。



    有个别玩家污蔑镜公会「偷猎」大佬,我们就先说说这值得非议的字眼。请问,大佬是什么可以被捕猎、捉拿、带离栖息地的濒危动物吗?是剥了壳的水煮蛋(’poach’ 在英语亦解「水煮」)?还是说大佬是遭马群践踏过的荒野?





    呃,哪有? ? ?








  • Oh man how i wished for Marie to be here right now to celebrate this circle-jerking bandwagoning of our “savior” Desu. She always held him in only the highest regards. What many don’t realize is the bone they are getting thrown here instead of the juicy meat that’s secretely being stashed away. Honestly this place feels more like a shrine for worshipping self-proclaimed gods of the scene. It lacks the altruistic touch selfless projects should have especially when they are called “Das Benevolents”,

    Unfortunately the chinese poster is right about everything he said about Miratogi’s actions. I Also can confirm Random Person’s post about the competitive PvP chat. He left a few days, never even tried to mingle with the peeps. I wish people only knew half of the stuff that happened.

    • Well if we don’t celebrate our own Birthday, who will? XD

      ‘It lacks the altruistic touch selfless projects should have especially when they are called “Das Benevolents”,’
      – What else do you suggest we do? I would have liked to produce more creative content rather than the non stop stream of daemon reviews, but given manpower and time limitations, that was what I ended up focusing on. If you have ideas for more ‘altruistic’ projects or content, suggestions are always welcome.

      Unfortunately the Chinese poster is wrong about the implications of Miratogi’s actions. Superficially outsiders see a movement in players between guilds. But all the insinuations about our motives are just that – interpretation of the incident from a salty outsider’s standpoint.

      • I humbly suggest to skip demon reviews, which are nice and fine, for substantial information about new event types when such arise. I’m pretty sure you have all the information at hand. Newer players and newer guilds are looking up to you, I mean you guys have united the community as you state in your post above. Leaders, like it is also in the free world, carry the burden of responsibility. Even Spiderman’s Grandpa said: ” With great power comes great responsibility”.

        I’m pretty sure you also understand that the backlash against Miratogi and especially Desu comes from his “two-face” policy. On the one hand he’s the savior, who united the English community, a leading figure, a demi-god, the representation of good, on the other hand he is/was a Miratogi executive who didn’t give a shit about any code of conduct. Moreover he used his popularity and image to recruit ( i will not call it poaching) strong players. Are you really telling me that those players would not have switched if it hadn’t been Desu?

        Well in one point you were right. It was not ok to mingle DB with Desu, I apologize for that and happy birthday to you.

  • lol op translation of the tieba post

    祝贺Miratogi和英文社团。 没有英文社团的协助,他们是无法取得胜利。即使Miratogi能靠自己的力量取胜,依然作出最后决定,只与实力非凡玩家们一起获胜。

    【Thaiotogi】 Karn
    【Touhou】 Sen
    【Last Exile】 Sakurako
    【Tami Phoenix】 Sy
    【Bushido】 Ryan
    【Uzumaki】 Fuurin



      • To outsiders, it gets difficult to separate Desu’s role in DB and Desu’s role in guild. DB is not Mira or Miratogi, even though there are several members of DB in that guild, including myself. The guild does not need to explain guild management or strategy to non guildies. It’s separate and different from what DB does.

  • From the guild perspective, Desu joined my guild just before the Bel Conquest early this year. At that point most of us didn’t have the right daemons to build a good conquest team – getting to 150 was a huge struggle already. Desu and an few other players enthusiastically carried the bulk of active players to 150. I still remember that conquest as being one of the best ever despite dealing poor damage myself, simply because of the infectious excitement inspired by Desu.

    Desu also put in a lot of effort on the first month when World Boss was released. Desu together with Bani tutored practically the entire guild in the team construction and battling against the World Boss. They took videos on how to battle the World Boss (when it was still a new thing) and Desu shared the videos with guild. Now that Kinoe has been replaced by Hinoto, the videos have gone public: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHUM7PS7zxa-g2TFkWo0lsg

  • This is an interesting side of desu that i got from pm today.

    I quote

    “maybe I am a bit unfair with my Desu bashing, because a lot of peeps seem to hold him very dearly and in high regard … but the few times I met him online, he was a pretentious, powerhungry and controlling prick, so I never got to know this awesome Desu that everyone talks about

    I only knew Desu from competitive pvp chat

    He joined, yes to change our ways, then left and opened his own competitive pvp chat. This rubbed me all the wrong way.

    It was a power play, I tell you”

    • I don’t really see the problem with opening a competitive pvp chat…?
      What’s wrong with wanting to play pvp competitively?

      • Desu joined the established competitive chat of Papa, Ryan, Nina-whale, Dane etc to see what they were doing. And when he couldn’t control them, he opened his own competitive chat within the hour of leaving, to be again surrounded by nothing but his lackeys, sycophants and fan club.

        • hi muppy

          i just copy pasted that thing. lol.
          not my opinion

          plus, dont think the person who wrote that block text was part of the tacocats

          • Unfortunately when you copy-paste other people’s comments, you imply that you approve and agree with the comment, or at least believe it to be true. Don’t re-share / re-post comments that malign other entities unless you want that opinion to be attributed to yourself as well.

        • oh. i thought it was possible to copy paste without agreeing or disagreeing with it. like sharing links of analysis and stuff

        • what do i do…?
          i copy paste /screenshot a lot of comments of other people even tho i dont necessarily agree or disagree with them

        • The only thing you can do is just remain lurking in any community chats, just lurk will do, dont comment, dont ask questions, just don’t do anything. Youll probably think that theres no fun in doing that, but it’ll be beneficial to so many players. Especially chatrooms that you spam with your *acts innocent*; oh i didnt know this, didnt know that…. its repulsive.

        • Your comment reminds me of someone’s comment 9 to 10 months ago.

          I quote

          “Are we allowed to have a different opinion, or are we mindless sheep that’s supposed to follow everything you say even if it costs our enjoyment of the game?”

        • And what opinions are you bringing to the table?
          The constant shuffling between ‘I need drama’ and ‘I don’t know if … blahblahblah’ speaks volume of your intention, there are people that actually want constructive feedback and such but all you’re doing is twisting words in hope that someone ‘catches your bait’ for your entertainment.
          Who asked you to be a sheep, seems to me that youve liken yourself as a sheep with your recent comments like ‘spoonfeed me plz’, well… cant seem to fault anyone else on that part since that decision seems to be yours.

      • Desu joined the established competitive chat of Papa, Ryan, Nina-whale, Dane etc to see what they were doing. And when he couldn’t control them, he opened his own competitive chat after a few days of leaving, to be again surrounded by nothing but his lackeys, sycophants and fan club.

        • i double checked and it seems it was a few days and not an hour after leaving lol.

          that was quoted from someone’s pm. just edited the time part

  • Happy Birthday, dB 🙂

    Good bye, Desu.
    And @Ashla, I still like your little lovely poem more than Typhon the latest exchange daemon…

    Sincerely, though, thank you so much for the efforts y’all have put in over the year.

  • Back when I was a n00b, Desu was the one who reached out to me on reddit by adding me in-game so that I could clear a tower with Desu’s (this is a pronoun) Luminous Pearl. Then I somehow ended up joining Desu’s guild and became friends with Desu (I still don’t really know how). It’s also fair to say that Desu was singlehandedly responsible for raising me from a true scrub to a not-so-scrubby scrub for two reasons: 1. Desu carried me to lv.200 during Bel CQ to ‘return a favour’ (which I didn’t really think was much of a favour tbh); and 2. after acquiring a proper whale account, Desu gave Mochi Mochi Desu (a very efficiently managed dolphin account) to me, no strings attached, trusting me to take good care of it.
    It was saddening, to say the least, to receive such a hasty goodbye from Desu on Line one day. Desu will always be missed for Desu’s great personality, incredible generosity, valuable insights and god-tier dedication. So here are a few haikus written in Desu’s memory:

    I will remember
    The fun we had when we were
    Roasting big fat Min

    Desu how dare you
    Leave like that before we have
    Desu AMA

    Desu’s glasses flashed
    As Desu figured out how
    To farm PVP / To trash Kinoe

    And happy birthday to Das Ben 🙂

      • Yeah I remembered and Lisa keep on fueling fire on the general chat , princess to remember especially desu x bani theme . 999 chats per hour was insane ,. And got kicked by desu during announcement

        You will be remembered desu aka” villain in glasses”

        You will be missed. Be blessed

  • i remember the early days of farm chat, desu was spending a lot of time talking to noobs about possible farm setups coz a lot of noobs didnt have the required farm cards. so godlike patience.

    ff after a few months, either u have the card or no access to farm chat lol

    • Desu is also the shepherd who guides us sheep to enlightenment

      Tho, in the case of pvp farming, it is beneficial if more people set farm def.

      Meanwhile, for wb, more knowledge about how to play wb will mean harder wb rankings, harder to get top 1 guild if info from testing is spread freely

      i remember the early days of farm chat, desu was spending a lot of time talking to noobs about possible farm setups coz a lot of noobs didnt have the required farm cards. so godlike patience.

      ff after a few months, either u have the card or no access to farm chat lol

  • i still remember that desu futanari joke in genchat. probably made desu uncomfortable lol

    and the “loki is the sign of the new meta”

    and ofc the famous desuban/tezupani ship which has a lot of fans

    rip db

    qtp senpai forgot to mention desu took over otogi fam fb group too xD

    speaking of the early days of farming group, i remember the times when desu would send a welcome message every time someone would join the farm group. so dedicated lol.

    and then calvin or someone took over sending the welcome message and wrote huehue at the end.

    desu didnt notice it and copy pasted that welcome message. desu and hue hue. so funny. coz it seems so off character

    (consolidating all of this into one post ~Ashla)

        • speaking of the early days of farming group, i remember the times when desu would send a welcome message every time someone would join the farm group. so dedicated lol.

          and then calvin or someone took over sending the welcome message and wrote huehue at the end.

          desu didnt notice it and copy pasted that welcome message. desu and hue hue. so funny. coz it seems so off character

      • Probably not unless people want to deal with needing to register before being able to comment. And needing to sign up and run a password puts a lot of people off commenting.

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