Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

As we bid farewell to 2018, here’s a look back at the year, in brief.


The new year started with the biggest trap of the year, Lucky Quiver. Quiver was released on the stroke of the new year, and promised to be the debuffer that the Anima team needed, the debuffer that would supersede Amanojaku, Azi Dhaka and Titanium Elf. Unfortunately Quiver’s status as top debuffer was extremely short lived, with a game breaking version of Amanojaku released the next month… The new year event was tied to the Chinese Zodiac, welcoming the year of the Dog.


Of course February brought Valentine’s Day, and with that came a Dating themed event and Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day]. She immediately put Lucky Quiver out to pasture and once again became the queen to rule them all.


With late March came the Hinamatsuri event, which was memorable for the Power Rangers theme and introduced the Legendary Defender Dairo as the first Mecha in Otogi. I still wish the developers had programmed Dairo to spontaneously appear on the team once the 5 rangers were assembled, rather than leaving him as just another card.


April’s event was the historical themed Honnoji conquest. But the most memorable daemon of that month would have to be the NSFW Helmetta Egil. Helmetta wins the award for being the most ecchi daemon released in 2018.


In May we finally saw the completion of the 5 Blades Under Heaven, when Mikazuki Munechika was released. Each of the blades have now been released at least once.


June has got to be the month of traps – but in terms of artwork. Early in June (late May actually) Morin Khurr was available through the Limited JS, and then later that month Mara was added to the Jewel Summon pool. These 2 might cause some confusion as to their genders, but they were clearly good daemons to acquire. Also memorable in June was the event featuring Cinderella, which produced the highest conquest rank cut off to date.


July saw the return of 2 previously released daemons, Hikoboshi and Orihime for Tanabata. More significantly though, the first batch of Assist Daemons were introduced: Saigyo, Kay Kagen and Niccolo Paganini. The July/August event was also really good, with Siren and Minamoto no Yoritomo as the conquest boss and ranking reward, both extremely good daemons.

August and September

August and September marked the Second Anniversary of Otogi, with 2 special Anniversary towers. The 3 starters made a re-appearance as event helpers and Echo and Sola were released as their respective ranking rewards. The competition to rank for Sola was insane. The Limited JS was also memorable, with Ninetails Fox bringing back time extension (sorry Chronos and Tanuki), and Minamoto no Yoshitsune (finally) giving Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day] some real competition. The daemon of the entire anniversary extravaganza though, has got to be Sola, who single handedly changed the game’s meta, and caused Emilio to revise all the daemon ratings downwards to accommodate her. The only other time Emilio has had to do a mass downward revision was for Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day].


The game update that month introduced a new feature – the Endless Challenge. See Endless 1, 2, and 3 for an overview of the game mode. Numerous daemons with pro-endless skills like Emperor Sutoku, Sarayashiki and Inaba Tenmoku were introduced around the same time.


In November the Endless fest continued. Libra and Lady Musk combined to make Anima teams incredibly tanky. We also shared the Endless Calculator. Powercreep on the front of Assist Daemons was also significant, with Matsuo Basho surpassing Saigyo as the Assist daemon of choice on your main damage dealer.


The year is brought to a close with the Christmas event, where we see lots of familiar faces again in the forms of Miss Santa, Knecht Ruprecht, Satan and Turkey Lurkey.

And now for end of year awards (just the best this year, I’d like to quickly forget the worst ones):

Best 3 star

It really has got to be a toss up between Hansel and Turkey Lurkey, both great 3 stars that provide an improvement over their JS predecessors Azukiarai and Hanzo’s Cloak. But I’ve got to give the award to Turkey Lurkey for also having the most incredibly detailed art for a 3 star.

Best 4 star (excluding assists)

This year 4 stars outside of assist daemons have been rather unremarkable. The clear winner is the Book of Five Rings for finally toppling Katsushika Houkusai as the most valuable 4 star daemon in the JS pool.

Best 5 star

Sola. All hail the queen and icon of the game. Enough said.

Best Exchange Daemon

Mercury Aurum Elf. Most of the other exchange daemons were alternatives to something else that is already available. And Quiver was such a mistake. Mercury Aurum Elf actually turned out to be a really top tier wave clearer. And she’s so cute too.

Best Guild Conquest Daemon

While Stella: Aquila is a really good assist daemon for Phantasma attack teams, the best GCQ award has to go to Cintamani. Just look at the daemons that players put up as helpers, and with a Tower event ongoing right now, one can easily recognize the value the community places on EXP, which Cintamani provides in loads.

Best Conquest / Tower boss reward

Siren. Easily obtainable, check. Incredible skill and ability and utility. Check. Abilities unlocked at a reasonable level, check. Useful for multiple game modes, check (Extremely useful in Conquest and Endless, and aids in survival if you need a shielder on Tower and World Boss).

Best Ranking Reward


OK that was too obvious, and Sola already has one award so the main competition would have to be for second place. I will have to give that to Cinderella, although Minamoto no Yoritomo comes in a very close third.

Best Assist Daemon

Between Sherlock Holmes, Matsuo Basho and Ninetails Fox it is hard to pick a winner. But I’ve got to hand the award to Ninetails Fox, for bringing back time extension, an ability so rarely seen in the game.

Least Clothing

Well Helmetta was the most ecchi this year, but the least dressed daemon is actually Gungnir. So much so that ‘the artist has requested not to be named’, when I queried Mitama’s Customer Service about the missing artist credit.

Best Art

Without any sort of art qualification, I’ll simply pick my favourite. I really like Atago Tarabo, with her incredibly detailed outfit. Who was your favourite?

Best Animal Costume

Hmmm Tee-Rex vs Giant Panda [Unleashed]. I really can’t decide. Are there other daemons in the running for Best Animal Costume?

Best Legacy Daemon

This award goes to the daemon from 2016/2017 that is still relevant and in-use today. I think it deserves to go to Holy Grail – Grail teams still do near top-tier damage on the World Boss, and a high percentage buffer for both Crit Rate AND Damage on skill has yet to be released. In close second is Gjallarhorn, still with the highest percentage damage boost available in game.

Do you agree or disagree with the 2018 awards? What awards would you give out? And to which daemon?

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