Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Heiten Taisei, The Book of Five Rings and Marie Antionette

Jewel Summon Daemon Analysis: Heiten Taisei, The Book of Five Rings and Marie Antionette

Heiten Taisei

5 ★ Melee Phantasma


Max/MLB Attack: 12500/14916

Max/MLB HP: 8000/9546


Crushing Death (MAX): Deals 5388/6428 DMG to current target, with a high chance of inflicting Stun.

King of Giant Strength (lvl 70): Deals 30% more DMG

Nine-Headed Ox-Demon King (lvl 86): Increases 2% of max HP of Phantasma team members at the start of each wave.


So the Endless Challenge so far has been dominated by Anima daemons thanks to Lady Musk’s boosting of Anima HP team wide. Phantasma now has a daemon with a similar ability.

Heiten Taisei is yet another melee unit with higher attack than HP, allowing for her to receive boosts that hit ‘2 highest attack daemons’ on the team, which tend to be a challenge for classical melee units. She has a single target attack skill with a high chance of stun. This is a fairly common skill, seen on daemons like Platina Elf, Dead Sea Scrolls, Green Dragon Crescent, Nue and Belle Bonsho, to name a few.

Her first ability boosts her damage. For Endless, she would still depend on Siren and Kay Kagen / Grandmaster Shinmen bonds to boost her attack further every wave. Without the Siren / Kay / Grandmaster Shingen / Morin abilities activating on Heiten Taisei, her MLB effective damage output is:

Attack – 14916*0.1*1.3*1.075 = 2084

Skill (with 3 skill bonds 15%) – 6428*1.15*1.3*1.075= 10330

On her own Heiten Taisei’s damage output is good given the stun attached to her skill. It does not compare to the very top tier single target nuker or debuffer like Yoshitsune or Amanojaku [Valentine’s Day]. But players looking to acquire Heiten should not be considering summoning her for her single target ability but for her Phantasma HP boosting ability.

A Phantasma based Endless Challenge team could look like this:

  • Heiten Taisei
  • Siren
  • Kappa /Sutoku / Sutoku [HW2] (choose 2)
  • Second Siren / Heiten Taisei
  • Reserves: Sarayashiki and Morin (for that crit rate boost) or Otakemaru (for more Skill DMG)

Similar with double Lady Musk teams, double Heiten Taisei teams would boost the team’s HP and make it a long way through the Endless Challenge. For me Anima still has the edge on survival and tankiness because the widely used melee unit, Stella: Libra starts with higher base HP along with DMG Reduction passives. With Sola, Lady Musk and Morin, Anima users generally run multiple healers which improve the team’s survival. And of course Sola’s additional 15 levels and 40% crit damage are a set of boosts that is hard to beat. Phantasma Endless teams have better damage output with multiple units with innate per wave damage boosting abilities like Kappa and Emperor Sutoku. Survival comes in the form of Shield healer, Siren, who also provides a per-wave skill damage boost. Sarayashiki provides per-wave crit damage boost. And now Heiten Taisei provides per-wave HP boost. Exactly which Endless team will come out on top – Anima with the endless healing and massive HP, or Phantasma now also with ever increasing HP but likely better damage – remains to be seen.

My gut instinct says that outcome of the Phantasma team could potentially be higher than the Anima, but would be more luck dependent – it would depend on the AI activating Siren’s shield at the correct time, and on Sutoku and Kappa being used correctly also to clear the mobs effectively. Anima teams generally do not use a shield healer (unless one wants to slow down the battle further and bring along Edo Castle), but that is balanced by Stella: Libra’s innate DMG reduction and HP boost.

Any whales with Heiten Taisei and the full Phantasama team available please test and comment below on your experience with Heiten Taisei teams.

Emilio’s Rating: 8.1/10. It’s a solid nuker with survivability and decent damage output, however there are plenty of good nukers out there (and a lot rated between 8 and 9 /10). Heiten’s only advantage is her HP boosting passive for the endless challenge, which for me is meaningless (I see it as pointless when I can just do 1-35 x3 quickly). With Christmas just around the corner I wouldn’t use my invokers getting this to be honest.

The Book of Five Rings

4 ★ Ranged Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 6000/7356


Secret Tech [Earth] (MAX): Increases the Crit Rate of 2 allies with the highest ATK by 54/66% for a limited time.

Dual Wield (lvl 77): Increases 40% of Crit DMG by the 2 allies with the highest ATK.


The Book of Five Rings is a long awaited successor to Katsushika Houkusai. They have the same skill and the same ability, same targeting. Almost identical other than for a small difference in the numbers attached to the skills and abilities.

DaemonThe Book of Five RingsKatsushika Houkusai
Attack 7500/91956800/8337
% Crit Rate boost54%/66%45%/55%
Skill targeting2 Highest ATK2 Highest ATK
% Crit DMG boost40%30%
Ability targeting2 Highest ATK2 Highest ATK

From the table you will immediately conclude that The Book of Five Rings is a straight out better daemon than Katsushika Houkusai, being superior or identical in all aspects . Despite this, it is well worth noting that Katsushika Houkusai was released on 7th September 2016, with rate up until 14th September 2016. Katsushika Houkusai was immediately the meta card to have especially for Conquest. The other meta daemon at that time was Titanium Elf, and the best way to play Conquest was with a pair of elves boosted by Katushika Houkusai. There were no other Crit Rate boosters until Qilin was introduced in April 2017, and it wasn’t always always practical to make use of 3 stars like Hanzo’s Uniform or Magic Mallet. Being lucky enough to draw a Katsu (and you needed to be very lucky indeed, Katsu having one of the lowest 4 star draw rates based on personal experience) – meant a significant damage increase to your team.

In today’s environment with more cards and crit rate boosters available, while The Book of Five Rings is an improvement over Katsushika Houkusai, her impact on the game is of lower significance, because of the plethora of other Crit Rate boosters that you might already have.

So look at the dates of release of the Crit Rate boosters and consider what their impacts have been on the game.

DaemonDate Released
Hanzo’s Uniform, Magic MalletSince Game Start: July 2016
Katsushika HoukusaiSeptember 2016
QilinApril 2017
Apollo’s HarpMay 2017
Onyudo and Holy GrailSeptember-October 2017
Marsha L. ShrineFebruary 2018
NaphulaApril – May 2018
Morin KhurrMay – June 2018
Minamoto no YoritomoJuly – August 2018
Stella: FelisDecember 2018
The Book of Five RingsDecember 2018

When you consider the order and time in between the release of each crit rate booster, Katsushika Houkusai has had an incredibly long run, and remained practically the only 4 star worth acquiring for actual game use for a very very long time (excluding the original Amanojaku). There have been so many other 4 and even 5 star daemons since his release that have attempted to challenge his crown. The 5 stars Qilin, Grail, Yoritomo and Morin indeed are better, but no other 4 star has had as much impact. (Harp and Naphula were useable but never really took on). He has finally passed his baton on to a newer daemon, who exceeds him in all ways with stat power creep, but is made almost exactly in his image.

‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’ – Charles Caleb Colton.

All Hail King Katsu in this final salute.

Emilio’s Rating: 8.8 / 10. Super good. If this was a 5* it would say it’s the best crit buffer there is, but as a 4* I put Yoritomo as slightly better overall thanks to better survivability (and of course that he can make healers crit too which is pretty useful in world boss). This is just Katsu 2.0, an upgrade on a technically still useable buffer from the games launch. And with 4* orbs available you can probably rejoice on pulling just 1 copy of this.

Marie Antionette

4 ★ Assist Divina


Max/MLB Attack: 7500/9195

Max/MLB HP: 7000/8583

Bond Effects

Base bond effect: Increases Attack

Gate of Trouble (lvl 78): Increases 20% of DMG and Reduces 5% of max HP


Marie Antionette is an assist daemon that would make the daemon she is bonded to into a glass cannon. It can be said she is the exact opposite of Ptolemy, who makes the main daemon a tank but reduces his/her attack. Marie Antionette’s damage boost is decent, at 20%. But wait, didn’t we just see Matsuo Basho released with a 45% damage boost, albeit limited to the final wave?

I guess for the game modes with ‘final waves’ that matter: Conquest, World Boss, PvP – Basho is the clear winner. And for everything else – one could prefer Marie? But for Tower I would always prefer a farming daemon, and farming daemons generally don’t do well in Tower because they tend to be 4 stars and might not have a lot of HP to start with, so Ptolemy is a better daemon to be used on the front lines of your farming team during Tower. 9 tails Fox is another good option, increasing the battle time limit for the farming team to clear. And to climb the leaderboards in the Endless Challenge, survival on later stages dominates, so trading away HP is definitely a bad idea. The ideal assists for Endless Challenge are Kay Kagen / Grandmaster Shinmen anyway.

DaemonMarie AntionettePtolemyMatsuo Basho
Assist effectIncrease 20% DMG Reduce 5% Max HPReduce 10% DMGReduce 25% DMG receivedIncrease 45% DMG / final wave
Level Lock787260
Base bond effect Increase ATKIncrease Skill DMGIncrease Max HP

So where does that leave Marie Antionette? More as a curiosity to collect than for something really functional.

Emilio’s Rating: 7.8 / 10. This probably makes it see decent if it’s almost 8/10, but the problem is what she’s competing against with Basho recently available (9.3 / 10 just for info). 20% damage is a good boost but it needs all 5 copies to unlock sadly. Will likely be left in the dust.

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