Exchange Daemon Analysis: Helmetta Egil

Exchange Daemon Analysis: Helmetta Egil

Helmetta Egil

5 ★ Melee Anima


Max/MLB Attack: 8800/10501

Max/MLB HP: 8900/10620


Heart Stopper (MAX): Deals 1129/1349 DMG to the 3 enemies with the lowest HP. Targets receive 30/36% more DMG for a limited time.

SURPRISE! (lvl 29): Increases ATK speed by 50% at the start of the final wave.

What the Gods Fear (lvl 72): Normal attacks have 10% chance of inflicting Stun.


With the unpopular Cyclops leaving the Mochi Exchange, he has been replaced by yet another faceless daemon for exchange. Unfortunately, Helmetta is not only faceless, but is also drawn in a particularly lewd style. The artist for Helmetta is Nanahime.

Helmetta as a daemon is a triple target debuffer. This puts her in comparison with Beelzebub [Halloween]:


Daemon Helmetta Egil Beelzebub [Halloween]
Attack Max/MLB 8800/10501 10,800/12,887
HP Max/MLB 8900/10620 8,000/9,546
Skill DMG 1129/1349 1,435/1,716
Debuff percentage 30/36% 27/33%
Targeting (3 targets) Lowest HP Lowest HP
Abilities Lv 29: Increases ATK speed by 50% at the start of the final wave.

Lv 72: Normal attacks have 10% chance of inflicting Stun.

Lv 43: Sharply increases ATK speed of all allies at the start of the final wave (20%)

Lv 73: Moderately restores HP to Phantasma team members at the start of each wave (10%)


Other than stats that differ due to their class, both Hemetta and Beelzebub [Halloween] provide modest skill damage and modest debuff percentage. Beelzebub [Halloween] has slightly higher skill damage, while Helmetta has slightly higher debuff percentage. Both Helmetta and Beelzebub [Halloween] hit the 3 lowest HP enemies. 

They both carry speed boost abilities. The major difference in utilities between Beelzebub [Halloween] and Helmetta would have to be their targeting on the speed boost ability. Beelzebub [Halloween] is viable as a reserve daemon, boosting your entire team’s combat speed. Helmetta’s ability provides both a greater and more limited boost – 50% speed boost, but only applicable to herself and on the final wave of the battle. This makes her a massive speed demon, surpassing previous speed record holder Onimaru Kunitsuna’s maximum speed (43% boost). However, Onimaru’s speed boost applies through the entire battle, not just the final wave. Unfortunately, with a weak multi target debuff and skill damage, Helmetta’s position on one’s team is weak; it would hardly be worth bringing her along just for the self speed boost if her skill is not used.

At LB1+, Helmetta is able to inflict stun on the opponent with an auto attack. While Stun is a good crowd control, the low rate of it’s application makes that ability relatively unreliable. It would, on occasion, serve to aid in one’s survival on tower or conquest battles, but if one had a definite need of a CC ability, one that applies on high chance (or better yet, 100%) on the use of a skill would be preferred.

Overall a multi-target debuffer definitely is not going to be as useful as a high percentage single target one. A selfish speed booster is not going to be as useful as a team speed booster. While the stun on auto attacks is nice, it is unlikely to be a priority in team construction. Helmetta is unlikely to serve much use for most mature player’s decks. Beginners are also likely better off saving the mochi for something else.


Emilio: Weak. Had potential as a PVP card if the stats/stun chance was higher but sadly no (10/10 for art though…)

Bani: Pyramid Head will make short work of this skimpy rival.


To see the full uncensored artwork keep scrolling down. NSFW warning.





































Helmetta Egil Uncensored

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