Helper Daemon Analysis: Hymenaios, Torakuma Doji, Gold Ring

Helper Daemon Analysis: Hymenaios, Torakuma Doji, Gold Ring

Mitama has just dropped the 3 helpers for the next event, Hymenaios, Torakuma Doji and Gold Ring! Excited to meet them for the event? Then let’s dive right in with our daemon analysis!


Hymenaios (Healer)

EVENT (Romance of the Demon and Sword): Increase battle time limit by 33%~100%.

MAX ATK: 6500

MAX HP: 6400

Skill (MAX): Restores 1335 HP to all allies and cures them of poison.

Passive (Lv 64): Moderately increases battle reward drop rate.

Hymenaios is the first healer of his (yeah, HIS) kind, curing poison on all of your allies at once. The only other healer to remove status effects is Asclepius, who only targets 2 allies with the lowest HP. The only other daemon to cure status effects on all allies is Philosopher’s Stone, who is a Ranged daemon. For those without these two Jewel Summon 5-stars, Hymenaios has some situational possibilities of use. Poison is a dangerous status effect made famous by the wolf enemies in tower events. Though Hymenaios’ stats are nothing special, he could be the healer of choice in stages with a high threat of Poison for those without access to Asclepius or Philosopher’s Stone.

Hymenaios also has the highest drop rate passive in the game, only matched by He Shi Bi, who is a 4-star only obtainable from Jewel Summon. The qualifier “moderately” implies this passive has a value of at least 10%, far exceeding those of old drop rate booster daemons like Konohana Sakuya (7%) or Kokopelli (4%). He is also the time helper for the Romance of the Demon and Sword event, which is generally considered to be the most useful helper. This combination of factors could make him an attractive purchase during the event, considering you only need 100 mochi to unlock his passive.

For newer players without a healer, do heavily consider trading for 2 or more copies of Hymenaios, as she will help you out a lot during Tower events. Her drop rate passive is also nothing to scoff at.


Torakuma Doji

Torakuma Doji (Melee)

EVENT (Romance of the Demon and Sword): Increase skill damage of all allies by 33%~100%.

MAX ATK: 6500

MAX HP: 7400

Skill (MAX): Deals 3728 DMG to current target.

Passive (Lv 51): Sharply increases skill DMG.

Torakuma Doji is a fairly straightforward daemon. She has a simple single-target damage ability with no additional effects and simple, standard stats for a 4-star melee daemon. Her passive which sharply increases her skill damage makes little difference to her lacklustre appeal, when many single-target daemons abound that are either more easily obtainable, simply stronger or both. Pretty much nothing to see here. She is the damage helper for the Romance of the Demon and Sword event though, which is generally considered to be a fairly useful helper, though most people don’t usually spend mochi on it. Can be safely skipped unless you like her art.

Gold Ring

Gold Ring (Ranged)

EVENT (Romance of the Demon and Sword): Increase event ranking points gained by 33%~100%.

MAX ATK: 7800

MAX HP: 5750

Skill (MAX): Restores 1325 HP to all allies. Targets receive 30% less DMG for a limited time.

Passive (Lv 64): Sharply increases the number of soulstones received from battle. (23%)

Gold Ring is a ranged daemon with a defensive healing skill similar to New Year Games or Luminous Pearl. Her heal is slightly higher than Pearl’s and Mazu’s, though her defensive buff falls short by half. NYG is superior in both aspects. Her stats are also fairly standard for a 4-star daemon, and her status as a ranged daemon means you will have to consume mana to rely on her for healing. Overall, her combat potential is rather low. In most cases, using an actual healer will be more beneficial. Gold Ring could work with a well-built defensive frontline as an alternative to those who do not have healers at all.

The part where Gold Ring’s real strength lies in is her passive. Unlocked at a low LB1, this sharply increases your soulstone gain (test to be 23% 20% or more). This is very useful if you find yourself constantly strapped for soulstones, and even if you don’t. Spending 100 mochi just for her passive soulstone ability would not be outside the considerations of even the most frugal players. She is the points helper, which isn’t too helpful, but she can help you out while ranking and earn you extra soulstones after the event is over. You can be sure several dolphins and whales will use her in tandem with Freyr to farm soulstones during Tower events.

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